Step Into The Freezer

Rosemont 2000 (Unk)

Rosemont 2000 (Unk)

Nine years ago today we were in Chicago – the Rosemont Horizon turned Allstate Arena, to be exact – for the conclusion of a two-night stand in Chicago. Fall tour started in Albany back on September 8th and wove its way around the east for the first ten shows. This beginning stretch of tour contained some of the best playing of the entire fall, but there was one thing missing. We were almost halfway through what we thought could be the last tour ever, and the band  hadn’t dropped a ‘Tweezer.” Phish created impressive jams from many other vehicles – but with the absence of those crunching “Tweezer” grooves, there was a certain Phishiness that was missing.

As shows passed, we continued to believe that each subsequent night would certainly contain the all-of-a-sudden elusive throwdown. Great Woods, Darien, Hershey, Merriweather, Cleveland…no “Tweezer.” Once we got to the Windy City, we expected that over the two nights, the band would unshelve their epic. But a blistering first night never flirted with the song, and when the second set of the second night opened with “Birds,” we wondered if we were wrong.

Fall 2000 (M.Mitchell)

Vegas -Fall 2000 (M.Mitchell)

Then- as the closing hits of “Birds” bounced off the concrete surroundings – out roared “Tweezer.” You can hear the pent up enthusiasm of the crowd on the recordings as the band dropped their exploratory piece for the first time all tour. As the freezer door opened, the band dove into a driving beat, taking command of the ride without allowing time to settle. Moving through beefy but straight-forward “Tweezer” territory, Phish used the guitar-led build to get the crowd jacked before reaching more engaging improv.

Phish settled the initial music into a less-forceful groove in which Trey unleashed dissonant growls, drawing the band further and further outwards. Both Mike and Page responded with spacey , and stage two of the jam took off. While exploring this murkier texture, Mike took the lead with a strapping bass line that Trey locked onto instantly. Moving into an effect-laden, yet, percussive canvas, the band created some engaging music through this section. Phish eventually slid back together into their original “Tweezer” groove once their musical trek finished.

Albany - Fall 2000 (Unk)

Albany - Fall 2000 (Unk)

Was it a show highlight- definitely. Was it a musical masterpiece to be remembered for the ages- definitely not; but sometimes that just doesn’t matter. When I am living each note – one by one – fully immersed in a jam, it’s the experience that I remember.  That feeling of utter joy, oneness with the universe, raging the Phish in a hyper-aware dream state. When we think back on our Phish careers, our memories are made of feelings more than anything else. Sure, we then listen back, analyze, and have fun with it all- but it’s those feelings that Phish is all about. I wouldn’t be writing this article and you wouldn’t be reading if it were not for those feelings that blossom inside us during Phish jams. And on this night, my enduring memory is the shot of psychedelic adrenaline that flooded my mind throughout the first “Tweezer” of Fall. And no recording, re-listen, or analysis can ever re-create that or take it away.  But, hey, it’s always fun to listen back – just click play.


Winged music note=====

Jam of the Day:

Split > Catapult” 12.31.99 I


The clear highlight of the afternoon set, the Cypress “Split” should need no introduction.



8.14.96 Hershey Park, PA < Torrent

8.14.96 Hershey Park, PA < Megaupload

1996 Summer Tour T-Shirt (Pollock)

1996 Summer Tour T-Shirt (Pollock)

Here we have an underrated show from an underrated summer tour.  Squeezed between the higher key escapades of Deer Creek and The Clifford Ball, this Hershey show often gets glossed over as unworthy. I beg to differ. From the opening “Wilson” jam which morphed into “Disease,” through the dark-horse “Tweezer” deep in set two, this show has quite a bit to offer. Great times in Chocolate City!

I: Wilson > Down With Disease, Fee,  Poor Heart, Reba, The Mango Song, Gumbo, Stash, Hello My Baby

II: Runaway Jim, You Enjoy Myself, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Cars Trucks Buses, Tweezer > Theme From the Bottom, HYHU > Cracklin’ Rosie > HYHU, Sample In a Jar,  Tweezer Reprise

E: Julius

Source: Schoeps CMC6/mk4 > Sonosax > D10 Pro II > DAP1 (m)

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203 Responses to “Step Into The Freezer”

  1. SOAM Says:

    That would be incredibly shitty to have no fall tour because Indio did not sell well.- We are a week away from Oct 1-I guess they can wait as long as they want because the tickets for Philly-Albany and MSG are guaranteed sell outs but can you imagine them waiting until after Indio to announce it-is that possible, to wait that long?

  2. SOAM Says:

    Always ask for work related favors on FRIDAYS—FOLKS ARE IN A BETTER MOOD BECAUSE THE WEEK IS OVER-Tuesday is too early and people are still miserable-wait until friday for days off request dude

  3. SOAM Says:

    Mitch – does it sting or “stain”

  4. Mitch Says:

    SOAM, you just love that cumstein joke dont ya. I have been enjoying your jokes today, keep up the good work.

  5. llamalee Says:

    i’ll see you in indio mr. soam

  6. SOAM Says:

    llama taboot, taboot

  7. pence Says:


    theres my chippy

  8. Mr. Completely Says:

    booo I saved JotD for this afternoon and now we’re having bandwidth issues….

    oh wait I have like a dozen phish downloads from this site I haven’t to yet sitting on the HD, lol


  9. GuitarPicker420! Says:

    Anybody been to a Gordon show recently without an opener? What time did he start?

  10. SOAM Says:

    I actually like Alaska-I like Ocelot-I like Number line and I love 20 years later-but I just heard Alaska from Red Rocks and it was pretty cool-they write songs now-not just music with a verse here and there-my 2 cents

  11. whole tour! Says:

    10pm here

  12. Chuck D Says:

    music > songs

    (“greater than”, not “in to”)

  13. Mr. Completely Says:

    or both. both is good.

  14. dyda Says:

    bring back friday


  15. Chuck D Says:

    or there’s FZ take it on: Music is the Best

  16. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    That was Mary fromt he bus.

  17. halcyon Says:

    rRegarding Festival 8 and Fall Tour, what is this article that people speak of?

  18. neemor Says:

    Anyone planning on doing any of the Bisco New York five night run up to New Years?
    I know Bisco gets some shit on here, but for my money…if I want to dance and sweat, no better place to do it.
    For me, the Biscuits crowd is a little under-aged and extremely shady. It’s almost like all the kids that have sold me bunk acid on Phish tour hand out on Bisco tour.
    They Jones Beach show I dropped at, I heard this kid mention it under his breath, chased him down and offered him beer and Camels for some.
    He gave me the Breath Assure bottle, I squeezed some on my tongue but wasn’t sure how much, couldn’t feel how much I squirted.
    I asked the dude, how much did I do, he couldn’t tell.
    So he squeezed it for me, four more drops.
    Probably worked out to about 9 or so total.
    That was quite a night.
    I remember walking in very early, saying to the ticket taker,”If I was to give you this ticket, where would you send me?” in my best Hunter S. Thompson impersonation. It was staring to hit, right on time. I walked up to the middle of the amphitheater, way up to the top and was getting down to the pre-show music all by myself. These cute little usher chicks were getting a kick out of that.
    I think Phil and Friends played that show also. I fell in love with joan Osborne that night during Reuben and Cherise.
    What a show.
    Thanks for letting me ramble. Talk to y’all soon.

  19. Mitch Says:

    beers are in order soon. i’ve got the time, if you’ve got the inclination.

  20. ThePigSong Says:

    I’m looking into printing a Flag to fly for 8, anyone have a good site or vendor for custom flags?

  21. Mr. Completely Says:

    @neemor – not coming out east, no

    the silo was a long time ago now. a sad story though. Leonard was an important fellow. see if you don’t know the story.

    we shouldn’t talk about fluff’s origins or travels online. quick rule of thumb, anyone who says anything about it online doesn’t actually know anything; people who actually know will never say.

    I truly do know nothing but urge anyone who does not to say so.

  22. Mr. Completely Says:

    “careful what you carry – for the man is wise – you are still an outlaw in his eyes”

  23. albert walker Says:

    finally home
    rough day of trading to say the least
    first puff finally

    nothing like coming home to a fresh torrent of this Hershey show
    I really do love revisiting shows from the past
    I have no idea what to expect
    like being there for the first time

    summer 96 being so short and a transition persiod to 97 it often gets overlooked, but there is some serious shit at these shows

    Allstate write up pretty funny too.
    That was during my dark era. No memory whatsoever except that tweezer. Don’t know why.
    could only imagine what my punk ass was up to at that one.

  24. Mr. Completely Says:

    albert, a page or 2 ago I posted a link to a previous Miner article about how 96 is overlooked – it included 2 Miners Picks mixes for summer and fall – a good read

  25. albert walker Says:

    need to check it out
    Kind of ironic though I took a break after 96 also

    There was an energy that kind of left the building after 95 that’s hard to explain unless you were there

    It was more like a flattening out then a move down (sounds like a stock)
    but the upward projection we were used to 92-95 kind of leveled out

    looking back obviously though it raged no doubt.
    I listen to that summer and laugh at how stupid I was, still a child searching for some epic setlist that did not exist.

    Had to lose all my misconceptions of seeing a Phish show and come back 13 years later to find that place from 92-95.
    Was not really the music but my weird additude all along.

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