Weekend Nuggets: December ’93


Phish Circa '93 (Unk)

Phish Circa '93 (Unk)

Without a fall tour in 1993, fans were ready and waiting for December’s New Year’s Run.  Salivating since a scintillating summer circuit, everyone filled with joy for the holiday season with. The epic shows on the 30th and 31st have been posted on this site, but these are the two gigs that led up to the climactic end of the year. Hitting up Washington, DC and New Haven, CT before heading north, Phish was still in the days of four-city Holiday Runs. Enjoy the relics.  (Due to being away from home, torrents won’t be available until I get back on Monday.)

12.28.93 Bender Arena, Washington, DC < Megaupload

I: Peaches en Regalia, Poor Heart, Split Open and Melt, Esther, Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Suzy Greenberg, Ya Mar, It’s Ice, Fee, Possum

II: Sample in a Jar, You Enjoy Myself, My Friend My Friend, Lizards, The Sloth, Fast Enough for You, Uncle Pen, Harry Hood, Highway to Hell

E: Memories, Golgi Apparatus


12.29.93 New Haven Coliseum, New Haven, CT < Megaupload

phish93I: Runaway Jim, Peaches en Regalia, Foam, Glide, The Divided Sky, Wilson, Sparkle, Stash, The Squirming Coil

II: Maze, Bouncing Around the Room, Fluffhead, Run Like an Antelope, Contact, Big Black Furry Creature From Mars > Walk Away > Big Ball Jam > HYHU > If I Only Had a Brain > HYHU, Sweet Adeline, Chalk Dust Torture

E: Nellie Cane, Cavern

In Case you missed em:

12.30.93 Portland, ME < Megaupload

12.31.93 Boston, MA < Megaupload

Winged music note=====

Jam of the Weekend:

Yamar” 7.25.98 I


One of the occasional beasts to rise from “Yamar,” this played to the sunset in Austin during the summer of’98.



“Stash” jam Red Rocks, 7.30 I

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102 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: December ’93”

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  1. Baxter Says:

    Thanx 4 the tunes, I luv this place 🙂 -CB

  2. sumodie Says:

    love the pic of the boys & marley in front of mt. rushmore! will have to dl those 93 holiday shows when i get back home (am about to go whitewater rafting on the kennebec river in maine -but had to read miner over coffee!) thanks again!

  3. Mitch Says:

    Have fun sumodie! Don’t fall in. I bet the water has ice cubes in it right now.

  4. Aquaman Says:


    Love the intent. But your Yamar is actually streaming When The Circus Comes to Town.

    Either way, I win! ‘Cause I love them both.


  5. Neemor Says:

    Nostalgia setting in.
    New Haven was where it all began for me.
    Runaway Jim will always hold a special place in my heart.
    Happy weekend, all.

  6. MOONSHAKE Says:

    I wholeheartedly agree. New Haven 93 was my second show, and I drove through a snow storm from my haven in NC to ger there (I was just 16 at the time) the stage was set up like a big aquarium with seashells and seaweed and it all looked quite flourescent and colorful. I think it was the only time I’ve seen a BBFCFM and a Big Ball Jam. And to echo Neemor’s sentiment, Runaway Jim will always hold a special place in my heart as well.

  7. BrandonKayda Says:

    Oh man, I am getting so excited for Festival 8. My mind is racing with possibilities. Hood/Groove opener?! Gamehenge for Halloween? This is going to be fantastic

  8. wkgrvee Says:

    Worcester NYE 93 and all other Worcester shows are special, bring back the Thanksgiving Runs….the Possum 12/31/93 is an overlooked rocker

  9. EL Duderino Says:

    Morning Folks! 😉

  10. thelot Says:

    did you do this run, miner? such a magical time to be a fan.

  11. jay Says:

    Thank you Miner for more ’93 love. I was alone in my love for this band from 1990 -> 1993. I finally managed to meet and/or turn on some old school friends to this band in 1993. 1993 will always have a very warm spot in my heart.

  12. jay Says:

    Hey Miner, would love to see the following show for DOTD:
    02-18-93 Electric Ballroom, Knoxville, TN

    1: Chalk Dust Torture, Guelah Papyrus, Poor Heart, Tweezer-> Foam, Sparkle, Cavern, Reba, Lawn Boy, Run Like an Antelope

    2: Rift, Stash, Lizards, Punch You in the Eye, Mike’s Song-> I Am Hydrogen-> Weekapaug Groove*, Mound**, Amazing Grace, Memories, Sweet Adeline, Rocky Top

    *Sound board shorts out. **Trey and Mike electric through monitors, Page acoustic, Fish on trombone.

  13. Absher Says:

    This Bender Arena show was the first boot I ever had. I listened to it over and over again and my life was never the same. The Fast Enough is still one of my favorites. Thank you Mr. Minor

  14. jay Says:

    or this one:
    07-29-93 Tennessee Theater, Knoxville, TN

    1: Funky Bitch, The Divided Sky, Weigh, Rift, The Landlady-> Fast Enough For You, My Mind’s Got a Mind of its Own, Colonel Forbin’s Ascent-> Famous Mockingbird, Possum

    2: Maze, Bouncing Around the Room, It’s Ice, Lifeboy, Sparkle, You Enjoy Myself, Purple Rain-> HYHU, Daniel, Good Times Bad Times

    E: Rocky Top, Freebird

  15. Mr.Miner Says:

    Yamar is fixed

  16. Mitch Says:

    I found the Mike show at bt.etree.org last night. Just had to search Mike Gordon and its the only source.

    El Duderino,
    Can you email me today? tickets at facemelt dot net

  17. Mitch Says:

    P.s. I just learned hot to use Automator for mac today. I’m going to make an Automator script to take flac files, add to xact, convert to mp3 and then add to iTunes so that all you have to do is select the source files. If anyone is interested or intrigued by this, I’ll post it online. I’m gonna make it tomorrow when I’m not working. I’ll let you all know when its done.

    I hope to someday make a script to organize all the Phish shows I get from this site so I dont have to take the time. You can set them up to rename files and organize and everything. That way its all taken care of. This thing can save hours of time. Pretty sweet.

  18. Mr.Miner Says:

    ^ epic.

  19. Robear Says:

    Happy Saturday ya’ll!


    If you haven’t seen that link, go and vote for ‘The Waterwheel Foundation’
    Help the band help local communities!

    AW, if you’re out there. Big thanks on the recommendation for Definitive Technology speakers.

    I got a set of the ‘PowerMonitor 500’. If you have a small space, I HIGHLY recommend them. Two bookshelf speakers, each with an 8″ powered sub, a mid and a tweeter. They sound awesome for the size. High’s, lows and mids. They’re not light, over 25 lbs. a piece, but pretty small, 12x14x6 or so. I found them on eBay.

    What a huge year 1993 was for the counter-culture and jam bands. Any astrologists? What was in the stars that year? How many folks got turned on to Phish and or the Dead in 1993?

  20. Neemor Says:

    I’m supremely disturbed that the Carnegie Hall Video had to be removed.
    Eff their “claim”, he’s OUR Lieutenant.

    Besides Mike Bassing everyone’s face, I wonder what the hell is going on within the Company that dates haven’t been posted. I guess I understand the idea that Indio ticket sales might affect the timing, but I’m not so sure it should have an effect at all. At this point, the fan base has decided wether they’re going or not, and if they’re on the fence, those tickets would be purchased at the gate.

    Seems very odd. Especially since I’m sure the band/management can hear the grumblings for dates to be announced. Maybe they’re using this time to get PTBM “kinks” worked out! One can only dream. Nice shows, Miner.

  21. fat bastard Says:

    Miner- GOT BASSED last night! It was sweet. They played 2 sets, similar song list as the one you put up here. I felt like I had the cliff notes! Gordon was bringing it and having a great time. Park West was a great venue. I was 10 feet from Gordon and 10 feet from the beer. Perfect!!!

  22. fat bastard Says:

    There couldn’t have been 1000 people there. the dance floor was like 20feet by 75. and you still had room

  23. EL Duderino Says:

    @ Mitch

    e-mail sent.

  24. fat bastard Says:

    HIghlight for me was “he’s a soul food man”

  25. Robear Says:

    ^fb, is the crowd mostly ‘phish heads’ or is it a mix of fans, from what you can tell, at the ‘Gordo’ shows?

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