Ambient Evolution – An Audio Post

The Fox - 6.16 (B.Kisida)

The Fox - 6.16 (B.Kisida)

In an effort to switch things up, I decided to go with an “audio post” today. I often write about Phish’s ambient styles, and ever-evolving use of sound and layered psychedelia, so today I put together a mix that brings you on an audio tour through 1998, 1999, and 2000. Instead of focusing on songs or jams, I put a lens on ambient improv, creating an 80-minute “Trip Through the Late ’90s.” The jams evolve from a section of ’98, to a section of ’99, and concludes with a section of music from 2000. I will post a setlist once I figure it out, as I made the mix on the fly and it’s getting late out here. See if you notice an evolution through the years, or just kick back and space out. Enjoy! (As usual, click the orange track title to download the mix.)

A Trip Through the Late ’90s


Winged music note=====

Jam of the Day:

David Bowie” 10.12.94 II


The first serious Fall ’94 “Bowie.” There would be many more.



10.12.94 The Orpheum Theatre, Memphis, TN < Torrent

10.12.94 The Orpheum Theatre, Memphis, TN < Megaupload

phish-palumbo-94-miniThis show – Phish’s most recent October 12 offering – celebrates its fifteenth anniversary today. In only the fifth show of a 40+ gig tour, Phish boasted well-polished chops and masterful communication. A soaring second-song “Reba” led into this focused night of music that centered on the second set jams of “David Bowie” and “YEM,” and ” Harry Hood,” with “Bowie” taking the cake.

I: My Friend, My Friend, Reba, The Sloth, Poor Heart, Split Open and Melt, The Lizards, Guelah Papyrus, Julius, Sweet Adeline

II: Peaches en Regalia, David Bowie, Bouncing Around the Room, Scent of a Mule, You Enjoy Myself, Nellie Kane*, Foreplay/Long Time, Harry Hood, Sample in a Jar

E: Good Times Bad Times


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225 Responses to “Ambient Evolution – An Audio Post”

  1. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    Mike is such the freak. He just changed it too. I called it earlier this am. I have a KPI around phone calls for my job, so it gets dialed daily.

    In AZ, we get flooded by the merch from Mexico though being located between CO and CA makes it easy access for the goodz and the movement here is that we get there in the next legislative go-around. Gotta love a well worded referrendum vote. Having industry insiders locally on your roladex doesn’t hurt either. I just forked over my last set of white widow from A’dam. Two popped so we have our fingers crossed.

    Señor C- nice story about the kiddo and the extended family’s musical dichotomy.

  2. BTB Says:

    @AW – although I like the knee high platform boots, I’m predicting Gordo rocks a chicken suit for Halloween set, followed by Golf Cart / Segway scooter ride through parking lot

    * Back at the Chicken Shack teases throughout set

  3. beepaphone Says:

    All you guys going to Indio are going to have such an amazing time. I hope their next year’s festy lives up to what I believe 8 will be. Can’t go, but I hope they fuck all your faces.

  4. fat bastard Says:

    you have to understand, he’s a soul food man!

  5. Mr. Completely Says:

    another super dope African band…Tuareg nomads from southern Sahara…straight badasses IMO, check out these fucking band member bios:

    “Unlike Ibrahim and Hassan, who come from Tessalit, Abdallah is a from a clan of marabouts or holymen who live in nomad camps in the Tamesna, a vast arid desert east of Kidal. Abdallah joined Tinariwen in the late 1980s, when they were living in the military camp near Tripoli in Libya. He fought the Touareg rebellion of 1990-1 alongside Ibrahim, Hassan, Kheddou and Japonias. ”

    “Mohammed AG ITLALE aka ‘Japonais’
    One of the most respected and revered poets in northeastern Mali, but too wild to be part of the touring party, ”

    “Sounds Like: As if… Keith Richards, Santana, John Lee Hooker, various members of Primal Scream and the Grateful Dead had got lost in the Sahara for a decade and then returned as a fully-fledged desert band. “

  6. albert walker Says:

    Believe me Mr. C, that work is not easy

    Besides the stress, and doing fronted business with friends (which usually ends badly) the actual work involved, especially in a large scale outdoor project is insane.

    That was my biz in my 20’s and retiring for Babylon was one of the easiest decisions I ever made.
    Anyone that thinks it is EASY money is very mistaken.

    Like to get some personal going again as a hobby, but business scale stresses me out just thinking about it

  7. morecowbell (aka jay) Says:

    pretty cool shit mrC. “lost in the Sahara for a decade and then returned as a fully-fledged desert band” aums it up nicely. Desert Band. Love it. A a way of life.

  8. Mr. Completely Says:

    believe me I know albert, I was an indoor man myself back in the day (statute long expired so can be discussed)

    before that spent some time in the transport arm – I grew up with west coast family connections so started early importing to the east coast, travelling under cover of Dead tour, selling just enough shirts and jewelry to make my cash income semi plausible….

    doing business with friends is the worst – until we finally made some rules – NO fronting and ALWAYS count cash right up front – if those rules are in effect for everyone, no one gets their feelings hurt, keeps it all above board.

    Agreed, getting completely out of the business was one of the best and easiest decisions I ever made.

    @Phamily – good luck with the vote – it makes a huge difference

  9. HarryHood Says:

    I want someone to explain to me how Stubhub can be offering tickets for sale already for shows that haven’t gone onsale yet. With tickets as hard to get as they are for actual fans, I want to know how Stubhub can offer guarunteed seats for sale BEFORE they actually go onsale and how it’s legal to do so.

  10. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    I was into the outdoor/guerilla arena back in high school. Unless you got a good early maturing variety the season goes til nearly Dec this far south and with the ample light and warmth all we needed was water. Talk about trees. Went indoors in college. All was for personal thoguht the outdoor yields lead to some commercial gain.

    These days I outsource with strict security requirements. I am about balanced risk.

    Weekly Music Options:

    Should I see BLK JKS or Toubab Krewe? Both are relativly unknown but I did hear somethign on BLK JKS on NPR last week and thought could ne neat. Anybody share your $0.02. Both are out for budgetary reasons one or the other.

  11. TJ Says:

    Sweet ambient jams! Anyway you could make this into a download?

  12. morecowbell (aka jay) Says:

    all the major ticket brokers have agreements with ticketbastard and LN for a set number of tickets in advance for pretty much all major events. brokers and tickets sellers, and promoters, and venue management are all in bed together.

  13. Mr.Miner Says:

    ^ Click the orange title link 😉

  14. Ocelot42 Says:

    Well, you guys talked me into it, I’m in the lotto for Cobo and have my fingers crossed.

  15. Mr. Completely Says:

    @phamily – I have some live Blk Jks in my share:

    Lycan saw them last weekend and was floored. I’m going next Monday…

    I have yet to see Toubab, but what I have heard, I like – but I think it sounds like Blk Jks rock much harder FWIW

    This new-release Tinariwen album is great

  16. Mr.Miner Says:

    ^ Are Blk Jks on tour? Bay Area?

  17. HarryHood Says:

    I guess that I’m still at a loss as to how this is legal. Now I’m not that naive that I don’t realize that they are all in bed together, but I’m talking legalities. If you or I stood outside a venue and tried to re-sell a $50 ticket for $300, we would be arrested if the right people saw us. Yet, StubHub is currently posting $50 tickets online for as much as $1200 and it’s completely legal. I just don’t get it.

  18. TJ Says:

    Duh! Thanks, Mr. Minor.

  19. morecowbell (aka jay) Says:

    If you or I stood outside a venue and tried to re-sell a $50 ticket for $300, we would be arrested if the right people saw us

    Scalping is legal in many (if not most) states.

  20. morecowbell (aka jay) Says:

    it is definitely legal in the states they are incorporated in. And, they can legally scalp tickets to events in states where ticket scalping is still illegal.

  21. HarryHood Says:

    New lot shirt idea. Just bold typed “SCALPING SUCKS” across the front.

  22. HarryHood Says:

    Probably should specify ticket scalping…. Dont want to offend anyone.

  23. lot rat Says:

    Just heard on sirius that trey is doing a 4 part series on their past festivals. Interviews, commentary, and tunes leading up to 8. Anyone know the specifics…

    weather is SF is nasty today, the gusts coming off the ocean are strong as hell.

    Miner-decent topic for another day, weather & concerts. You mentioned a while back about the bonner springs 00 show. i swore by the second set it was in the 40’s and dipping, it was cold night to campout. On the opposite end fuckin oswego, sweating just thinkin about it. Deer Creek this summer, that anitoch. tn show….couldmake for interesting tales.

    cant wait for feight…everyone is gonna lose their skull.

    The Album:

    One from the Vault

  24. voopa Says:

    according to jambase:

    10/17/09 Sat
    San Francisco, CA

    Dan Deacon
    Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
    Future Islands
    Nuclear Power Pants
    Teeth Mountain
    Bob Mould

  25. MakisupaSecurity Says:

    The XM/Sirius Phish Fest shows will air on thursdays at 9pm hosted by Trey each week starting with this thursday leading up to Festie 8. He tells little behind the scenes stories and personal feelings/memories about past festivals, then they play some crispy cuts from the personal unreleased archives. There will be replays at later times/dates.

    not too much info on the website

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