The Final 8 ?

WARNING! :: This post contains spoilers about the set-up of Festival 8!

Picture 1As Indio is less than a week away, a leaked copy of an overall schematic for Festival 8 titled “Battle Plan” hit the internet this week, uncovering some potentially revealing details about The Halloween Set. In the festival site, there are eight campgrounds, each named after one of the potential musical costumes. Conventional wisdom would say that these campground names will be the final eight albums left alive. The campground names are:

Exile on Main Street (Rolling Stones)
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (Genesis)
Hunky Dory (David Bowie)
Electric Ladyland (Jimi Hendrix)
Purple Rain (Prince)
Kid A (Radiohead)
Larks’ Tongues In Aspic (King Crimson)
Oracular Spectacular (MGMT, Rumored, not visible on map)

6.6.09 (G.Lucas)

6.6.09 (G.Lucas)

Now there are multiple ways to interpret this information. The first, and most obvious, way to make sense of these campground names is that Phish will play one of these eight albums. In this scenario, all other albums should be “killed off” by the time we head into Indio. Maybe there will be a process of elimination at the festival to get down to the last album alive, maybe we’ll get “Phishbills” as we walk in on the 31st and maybe the band will just get on stage and begin one of these records – who knows?

The second going theory is that there is a secret 100th album that has been “murdering” all the other records in the gallery. In this hypothesis, the entire elimination process has been a decoy, and Phish will solve the “Who Dun It?” mystery by playing the “murdering” suspect – widely conjectured to be The Rolling Stones’ appropriately named “Let It Bleed.” This scenario would certainly fit Phish’s prankster spirit and provide the “Trick” in the holiday’s “Trick or Treat” tradition.

6.4.09 (W.Rogell)

6.4.09 (W.Rogell)

A third way of looking at the leak of these campground names is to call their bluff; this could be all bunk information to mislead us to the very end. Everyone will listen to these eight albums at their campsites to make sure they are familiar with them, and then Phish will come on stage and play “Thriller” or “Ziggy Stardust,” or something different altogether. I certainly wouldn’t put it past the band to have led us on a month-long wild-goose chase while they sat behind the scenes and laughed while rehearsing something else.

phishpumpkin-300x240It’s hard to believe that the band will conclude this album elimination game without any twists or turns – this is Phish after all. With the spirit of Halloween trickery in the air, and with a band known to fuck with their fan base, the only thing to expect is the unexpected. I, personally, believe there is a missing piece that has yet to be revealed.

A bit about the potential Final 8. Noticeably absent from the campground titles is many fans’ favorite, “Ziggy Stardust.” Again, these name may have no predictive value whatsoever, but if they do, the band has opted for “Hunky Dory,” a more mellow, lyrically-based Bowie album that wouldn’t seem to fit for a Halloween blowout. “Larks ‘ Tongues” has awesome potential, though I suspect it would lose the interest of many fans not familiar with King Crimson. Radiohead? MGMT? They just don’t seem to fit, but could push the band in completely different directions. If this really is the final eight, it leads me to think they will play “Exile” “Electric Ladyland” or “Purple Rain.” But, again, who knows?! The questions  and theories will continue to flow until the answer is revealed, and, in the meantime, all we can do is keep guessing!


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Winged music note=====

Jam of the Day:

Mike’s > Weekapaug” 12.7.95 II


The stellar end to a monumental show in Niagara Falls during December ’95.



10.28.94 Galliard Auditorium, Charleston, SC < Torrent

10.28.94 Galliard Auditorium, Charleston, SC < Megaupload

11.29.03 (C.Raig)

11.29.03 (C.Raig)

Back in 1994, the band was on the road leading up to Halloween, and this night this night in South Carolina marked their second-to-last show before they debuted The White Album. Along the path of a momentum-building tour, this show was no exception. The second set sequence of  “2001 > Bowie > Manteca > Bowie” highlights a well-played show. PS : The Audio Archive is well on its way!

I: I Didn’t Know, Llama, Guelah Papyrus, Scent of a Mule, Stash, Glide, Axilla (Part II), All Things Reconsidered, Sample in a Jar, Carolina

II: Also Sprach Zarathustra > David Bowie -> Manteca -> David Bowie, The Lizards, Peaches en Regalia, Rift, Lifeboy, Chalk Dust Torture, The Old Home Place*, Nellie Kane*, Foreplay/Long Time

E: Fee, Highway to Hell


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456 Responses to “The Final 8 ?”

  1. voopa Says:

    It may be the “desert”, but it is pretty suburban with some agriculture thrown in (save the Date). Daytime highs will be around 90. No huge bugs or heatstroke (unless you’re really stupid). About the only thing to worry about will be wind. Bring layers because the wind chill could be nasty at night, maybe as low as 40. It may affect the concert sound too, but I’ve never heard of that being a factor at this site.

  2. SOAM Says:

    I’m looking for the worst seats in the house for Albany and MSG

  3. GuitarPicker420! Says:

    @voopa-thanks! Got hoodies, henleys, thermals, and tees.

  4. SOAM Says:

    ooh-I just Flashed a Windora Bug opener with a guest sit in form Fat Tony and his stool…..

  5. SOAM Says:

    Is that a wind or a bug?

  6. voopa Says:

    World Series or Phish?

    Like that’s even a question? My phone will keep me updated on the game.

  7. BTB Says:

    Looks like VA only has uppers available – I passed…

  8. halcyon Says:

    sumodie….have you seen a show at the war memorial?

    awesome venue….like an old school gym.

  9. sumodie Says:

    @halycon: thanks! And I wasn’t planning on attending the Syracuse show either. But since I can’t make Albany #1 because of T-day, well, maybe I will after all.

  10. Kenny Powers Says:

    @ Neemor,

    you make some very poignant points there, and very true. i guess it’s one of those things where you just have to accept it and try to avoid spoiler situations if that’s how you see it.

    i also was looking forward to rolling into the festi grounds and being awestruck and surprised by the wonders that laid in front of me. So what do i do? I look at that leaked PDF and zoom in, trying to picture everything in my head.

    I guess this is just where we’ve gone as a culture/world. Look on the bright side, there are many upsides to all this information. For peeps who can’t make it to the shows you’ll get to see and hear more and more about the events, which will make up for not being there way moreso than ever before..

  11. Kenny Powers Says:

    ^ also, the “surprise” of finding out what will be there is only a small part IMO. The real deal is the actual experience in the flesh.

  12. GuitarPicker420! Says:

    @Kenny – I’m with you. Surprises are overrated, especially when we’re talking about strong mind-bending substances.

  13. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:


    looking for clues is definitely nothing new here. yes, the internet helps in finding such information but stuff like this has been going on for a loooong time.

    I said this the other day and I think it is true: no matter what I think I know to expect about Phish, they have and will continue to surprise me and to smash my expectations. [Which is why having no expectations when going to see Phish is the best course of action.] To me, this information adds to my sense of awe about the band and helps me to appreciate just how lucky we are to be in on the secret.

    It always amazes me that for as big as the community seems, in the grand scheme of things it is really quite small. I love feeling like I am in on the joke. Trey said it best when explaining the Secret Language way back in 1992 when he said something to the effect of “what we want is for someone to walk in off the street and say ‘maybe I’ll check out this band Phish’ and for all of these things to start happening and for them to look around and have no idea what is going on.”

    That is why I am okay having the veil pulled back a bit to get us ready for all of the things we think we know to expect at *8*. Paraphrasing our friend Plato, “the only thing I know is that I know nothing.”

  14. In Flagrante Delicto Says:

    VA floor and lower level gone as soon as the website stopped being locked up… I’m not flying to Charlottesville for a single show with upper level seats. Not that I don’t want to, just can’t swing the investment for the return. Damn. Fingers crossed for my missing night of Philly tomorrow.

  15. Kenny Powers Says:

    haha, LOL gp420.

    i’m getting more and more tempted to dabble in a little psychedelia for Indio but am kinda freaked out at the prospects too. i have what you’d call a low tolerance for that stuff (both Lucy and boomers), but just the right amount I love. haven’t tripped in 11 years.

  16. BTB Says:

    ^same logic here

  17. fat bastard Says:

    mushrooms are the way to go IMO

  18. beepaphone Says:

    @ KP
    get there, put on your PT tee, close your eyes and stick out your tongue.
    Someone here will take care of ya i’m sure

  19. beepaphone Says:

    prefer lucy, but love the boomers too.

    just sooooo……boomie

  20. Kenny Powers Says:

    @ beep, ha, see that’s what freaks me out! my tolerance is too low for that kind of blind trust. but appreciate the words of encouragement. i’ll be rocking the PT tee no less!

  21. GuitarPicker420! Says:

    I’m thinking of hitting boomers on Friday, lucy on Saturday, and clear the head on Sunday. Got a 2:00 flight out of Santa Ana on Monday, so we have to be up by 9 or so to pack up and get out of there in case there is traffic.

  22. beepaphone Says:

    sometimes it takes a blind leap of faith to cross over to the other side…
    I always get a ton of anxiety in the opening stages.
    When the lights go down and the music starts you know you’ll be alllriiighhht

  23. GuitarPicker420! Says:

    Beep – heads up for you, Gordon at the Vogue got posted to etree yesterday. Its a tad boomy (big surprise) but then you just commented on how you love it boomy.

  24. halcyon Says:

    Definitely go sumodie….you will have a blast there.

  25. Kenny Powers Says:

    another thing about boomers – i’m thinking the stuff in Cali will be super clean and fresh. One of the only times I’ve been to CA was in ’98, i visited my pals in Santa Cruz.

    I stupidly lost my return Greyhound ticket (yes, Greyhound from Boston to S.F., solo. 4 days, yeah.), so to help me raise money for another ticket my friend who was slinging boomers at the time fronted me an ounce to sling myself. we chewed little bits all week, had an amazing time. they were so fresh, like not crumpled up at all. An eighth was like 2 stems, 2 caps. they were frikking huge. or then again maybe that’s not huge and i’m just a total noob when it comes to that stuff.

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