Halloween Music – An Audio Post

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When considering Phish’s darkest, most demonic improv, few eras – if any – can compare to Summer ’95. Waging psychedelic jihad nightly, Phish made no bones about jumping off the deep end many times per show, churning out some of the most engaging music of their career. When thinking of what type of Phish best fit the essence of Halloween, I didn’t have to think very long. Whether you are going to Indio or not, this “Halloween Music” will make for some haunted late-night listening over the holiday weekend. All selections are excerpts of much larger jams. Enjoy. I’m packing.


Halloween Music – Summer ’95


Lossless version < Link

Tweezer 6.8 > Bowie 6.13 > Mike’s 6.20 > Free 6.26 > Runaway Jim 6.16 > Bowie 6.29 > Bowie 7.3 > Tweezer 6.14 > Tweezer 6.28 > Tweezer 6.14 >  Mike’s 6.9 > Bowie 6.24 > Mike’s 6.30


Phish Thoughts During Festival 8

phish-festival8-ticketGiven the 24-hour nature of Phish festivals and the one of a kind atmosphere that we are about to encounter, my posts over the festival may be a bit more informal, and less than full-blown show reviews. I will definitely post something each day – possibly more than once a day if the wireless is legit – and will keep you abreast of the essentials. But I will most likely leave comprehensive show analysis for after Indio, as there is just too much to do at a Phish festival to be strapped to a computer for periods of time. Who knows what will happen, but disclaimer made. Thanks for understanding.


No Spoilers – Indio

No Spoilers” is a go for this weekend! We will try to get the links up the night of, but given the festival atmosphere, they could go up that night or by the next afternoon. While we have a plan in place, and will try get them up asap, we may be depending on the first source posted and that’s out of our control. Worst case scenario we are looking at the following morning / early afternoon. In summary, No Spoilers – Indio is 100% go; but if its not up a few hours after the show, don’t stay up hitting refresh all night. Ya dig? Stay tuned to phishthoughts.com/nopoilers all weekend long – it’s the next best thing to being there!


Check out HeadCount’s “Reality Check” Game Show at Festival 8

headcountIf you are a maestro of Phish trivia, or an expert on current events, you’ll have a chance to prove it at Festival 8. Headcount, fresh off announcing superb stastisical results from last year’s voter registration campaign, will host the “Reality Check” music and political trivia game at Festival 8. The grand prize winner will walk away will receive an uncut sheet of four Pollock Halloween masks, available at the Water Wheel table throughout Festival 8. To make the prize one-of-a-kind, Jim is doing a special illustration on one uncut sheet – meaning the winner goes home with a true Pollock original.

“Reality Check” will pit you head-to-head with another competitor as a host quizzes you on Phish history, classic albums, the news and government. Plus, there will also be a Family Feud-style “Survey Says!” question. If you win three straight times, you can advance to the Tournament of Champions, held before Phish’s final set of the weekend on Sunday, Nov. 1.


Jam of the Day: Festival Week

Sabotage > 2001” 8.16.98 III


The ballistic beginning to Lemonwheel’s final set.



7.2.95 Sugarbush Summerstage, North Fayston, VT < Torrent

7.2.95 Sugarbush Summerstage, North Fayston, VT < Megaupload

Sugarbush '95

Sugarbush '95 (J.M.Richter)

My wife’s pick from the analog era, this end-of-tour party at Sugarbush represented the precursor to The Clifford Ball in 1996. Playing to a populated side of a ski slope at the end of a musically ludicrous, Phish inched ever closer to their first-ever full-blown festival. The second set jams “Runaway Jim” and “Tweezer” provided the improvisational meat of the second set, while “Reba” and “Slave” stood out as well.

I: Sample in a Jar, The Divided Sky, Gumbo, The Curtain > Julius, Camel Walk, Reba, I Didn’t Know, Rift, While My Guitar Gently Weeps

II: Runaway Jim > Makisupa Policeman, Scent of a Mule, Tweezer > Ha Ha Ha, Sleeping Monkey, Acoustic Army, Slave to the Traffic Light

E: Halley’s Comet > Tweezer Reprise

Source: B&K4011’s

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398 Responses to “Halloween Music – An Audio Post”

  1. NittyGritty Says:

    Very cool Lycan. Madison Central? I went to Murrah High school. Back in the day it wasn’t as dark if ya know what i mean. You in school at Southern right now?

  2. quazi motto Says:

    i believe there is a Runaway jim jam in miners halloween mix from walnut creek raleigh, nc (called jims travels.) i remember that show well. i was losing my mind on the top of the hill. little doggie……..

  3. GuitarPicker420! Says:

    @nitty – I think a Colts-Saints SuperBowl would be excellent. I can dig on not having a title, the Dolts played in Indy for a long, long time. Like I said, as Purdue grad, Brees is my boy. He will definitely give Peyton a run for the MVP.

    Just talked to my dad and at the end of our conversation he told me not to get arrested out in California. Good advice.

  4. Lycanthropist Says:

    @ nitty –

    yeah Madison.. I had a friend that went to Murrah.

    No not in school anymore. Playing music with my band mostly, working as a kitchen manager during the day.

    My folks life in Olive Branch, we should get together for a beer the next time I am in that area.

  5. NittyGritty Says:

    Well said phriend..
    Haha “Dont get arrested”. classic

  6. GuitarPicker420! Says:

    @butter – they don’t make this anymore, but I’m sure there is still something comparable.


  7. NittyGritty Says:

    Small world, glad to know there is some southern blood on this page. That would be cool.. Hopefully you hit these parts on a weekend I don’t have to be a responsible husband/father (only kidding). Have you been to any Dome games this year, being so close an all..

  8. Lycanthropist Says:

    no i havent this year…

    been watchin em for sure.

  9. GuitarPicker420! Says:

    So, surely they are going to incorporate the album game into the weekend. I am assuming that they kill a few off on Friday, and then who knows what before and after the 1st set on Saturday. Maybe something on screens, maybe something theatrical? The possibilities are endless. This is going to be some fun. Work tomorrow is going to suffer.

  10. Kenny Powers Says:

    @ fat bastard,

    i hear you – let’s all pimp our PT tees on Friday! strength in numbers, like a gang of otters fending off a crock. what?

  11. butter Says:

    and the sexy superbowl pick in OCTOBER is Saints vs Colts. boy that is neat and tidy, did i mention is October

  12. butter Says:

    GP420- thanks again for the receiver link, so then you just need to run speaker wire to the other zones?

  13. BrandonKayda Says:

    FESTIVAL 8 IS 3 DAYS AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is absolutely insane. Phish is going to throw-down!!!!!

    These next 3 days of school are going to suck.

  14. GuitarPicker420! Says:

    @butter – you can do that. If you are building the den, I would run the wires from the main AV center to the back wall where the flat screen will be mounted. Conversely, you can go completely wireless with powered speakers. For outdoor setups, I think this is ideal, although I dig the “rock” speakers. Polk makes some real nifty sounding ones for less than $200 each. Are you planning a full home theater setup in the den, or just a pair of mains, or something less obtrusive like an in ceiling job?

  15. butter Says:

    @gp420 – i’m at the deciding stage of what i want to do , a home theatre is tempting as the walls are just now being built and it can be clean…clean…clean. You sound knowledgeable about home stereo, please bounce ideas off of me.

  16. joe Says:

    anyone listening to part 4 of the festivalography right now? the ac/dc bag is still pretty good to my ears. and Mike’s apparently. Trey and Fishman talk about it being kind of a disaster on stage (did Fishman have problems too?). Mike liked the jams. Page is missing from this one.

  17. Marshall Says:

    @ butter – I own a home theater design/installation company. I quit my job as a lawyer to do what I love for a living.

    Hit me at marshall dot crutcher at gmail dot com if you have specific questions. I can give you lots of tips offline.

    For receivers, Denon is always a good choice. With Pioneer, there’s Elite and then regular brand, Pioneer. Then there’s Integra/Onkyo, which are great too. There are so many good products out there. Don’t waste your time and money with Bose. They aren’t bad. They just aren’t great. In terms of speakers, I promise you that you actually miss much of the audible frequencies range because the Bose satellites simply cannot reproduce the frequencies.

    Can’t wait for Indio. Leaving Thursday morning.

  18. joe Says:

    **coventry that is.

  19. Marshall Says:

    You can “stream” music to your “tv room” where you have your stereo or theater speakers set up many, many ways today. You can do it with a PS3, you can do it with a TiVo, you can do it with a DirecTV HD DVR, you can do it with Apple TV, you can do it by connecting your computer directly (hardwired) via coaxial or optical audio, etc, etc, etc.

    I stopped listening to live phish on CD a long time ago and it’s been great. Complete Sets are the only way to go! I listen to what’s on my hard drive at home, and what’s on my iPod in the car. CD’s are stored in four large CD wallets (about 500 total) and I recycled all the jewel cases years ago. Saved tons of space. Who need optical media these days? no one.

  20. GuitarPicker420! Says:

    @Marshall – you are the guy to talk to. I have the main home theater dialed like a mo fo, and have some of my cd collection digital. I am thinking of just getting a 1TB drive and an AirPort express and doing it that way. The AirPort has an optical port, so I figure on using that into my receiver (Integra 7.8). Its neat and tidy and I can leave the laptop on the desk and just hit play. Get up every 3 hours to switch shows 😉 Does AirPort handle video too? I would love to dump my DVD’s and Blu-Ray onto a drive too.

  21. fat bastard Says:

    I don’t write the setlists but this part should be dubed “Marshall bose solo”

  22. bearito Says:

    @ nitty – glad to have another fellow Saints fan around – not that I’m trying to form a “click” or anything (wink, wink) 🙂

    Have to work a frickin’ double tomorrow…that’s gonna suck due to the excitement and what not.

    Biggie>pac but not by much imo!

    No mention of Tribe Called Quest & Digable Planets? C’mon y’all?

    Once again, flying into ONT @ 3 pm if anyone needs a lift to the polo grounds.

  23. butter Says:

    @Marshall , thanks and you’ve got mail.

  24. sumodie Says:

    I hear ya, Marshall, though there’s something to be said for having a tactile library at one’s finger tips. Right now I’m balancing the two (CDs and digital), since I still have space to display my CDs. I’m so glad that I’m not into vinyl.

    That said, I learned some good stuff here today and look forward to modifying my stereo set up accordingly. I think I have most of the right hardware already, just need to get the right wireless set-up installed. But Indio calls…

  25. fat bastard Says:

    my computer speakers suck and my stereo speakers from college and my car speaks from 113K miles ago still rock, why cant you find decent cheap computer speaks?

    man so psyched drinkin 8 beers a night just so i can go to bed. whoa

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