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10/30 1:29 am

Indio Sunset (A.Lansing)

Indio Sunset (A.Lansing)

As people continue to trickle into Festival 8, this site is shaping up to be quite the host for a weekend of Phish. Speckled with palm trees and carpeted with soft grass, the lush desert surroundings of California provide a completely different vibe than past Northeast weekends. The Empire Polo Grounds boasts a walk-ability that creates an atmosphere of over-sized intimacy very different from the endless airforce bases of lore. With campgrounds – all named, as expected, for eight remaining albums – within a 10-15 minute walk of the concert grounds, the entire festival feels a bit more within reach.

From The Archives Video Show (A.Lansing)

From The Archives Video Show (A.Lansing)

A relatively thorough search greeted everyone at the gate; but no harm no foul. Getting in and setting up, I was busy watching the Yankees tie the World Series while The Bunny broadcast Phish’s soundcheck. Through word of mouth, the band broke out a few new songs off Party Time, highlighted by a ten-minute jam of “Liquid Time.” Look forward for that one coming up this weekend! The evening was highlighted by video “From the Archives” show at The Overlook, the central part of Festival 8 with multiple bars, food stands, and tented areas. Featuring amazing Halloween footage from all of Phish’s past musical costumes, fans congregated, danced, smoked, and drank while watching the massive video screen. When the video mix broke into an unknown “Tube” followed by a “Tube Reprise” we soon realized we were seeing exclusive footage of 11.2.98. When the “Tube” jam ended, the video spliced into the beginning of Dark Side of the Moon, and proceeded to play highlights from the memorable performance. After the Utah portion ended, it had grown freakin’ cold and I headed back to the RV to listen to Shapiro’s archives show on The Bunny, which so far had unleashed two of my favorite jams ever in re-upped SBD quality – the Cypress “Split” and the Winston-Salem “Bathtub Gin!” That’s all for now, the festival calls.

10/30 11:13 am

Just wakin’ up to a gorgeous Indio day. The sun in shining bright and coffee tastes good as we prepare for day one of the weekend. California’ Dreamin…

2:37 pm

Got the turntables set up, and have been enjoying a daytime Phish set spun by myself and various others. Highlights included the the “Rebas” from The Gorge in ’98 and Laguna Seca ’94, the Barcelona ’98 “Tweezer,” Lemonwheel’s “Ghost” and assorted other summer funk. The vibe here is beyond chill once you are through the gates, and the weather seems to be coming through perfectly. Got a chance to hear “Liquid Time;” definitely carries the sound of a new Trey song, and certainly has a wide open door to psychedelic improvisation. The band really took it out during soundcheck, and we are looking forward to what they will do come gametime. I would expect we’ll be hearing this song in a few hours from the stage. Still no real clue as to the Halloween album. Have given up thinking about it since we arrived and set up camp. Desert mountains, palm trees and Phish. Life is good.

6:01 am 10.31

A phenomenal start to the weekend. A deep-dive into a first-set “Stash” provided the improvisational moment of the set after an explosive beginning of “Party Time,” “Chalk Dust.” The second set offered a high powered festival-sized Phish sequence, highlighted by “Disease > Caspian > Wolfman’s.” The “Wolfman’s” had a distinct point when it moved from groove to Halloween music, summoning the spirits of the night before All-Hallowed’s Eve.

1:11 pm

Exile! They are handing out Phishbills on site. With singer Sharon Jones – let’s see about this one.

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  1. Exree Hipp Says:

    Ah… Here’s wishing I were there, and a great weekend to you all. Happy trails.

  2. Dbone Says:

    I’m reposting the link to the soundcheck which was posted on the currently second to last comments page of miners previous post:


    According to the person that posted it (waxmax or something – sorry its early here) the quality isn’t that great. Hopefully a better quality recording comes in.

  3. Jay Says:

    I’m not sure if it is the same link, but there is also a post on the Phish.net forum where the soundcheck from Festival 8 is available from 3 different sources. The quality is good. Just thought I’d share.

  4. Baxter Says:

    Glad you made it there Mr, Miner. I’ll be listening in on Sirius with my free 30 day trial. Looking forward to reading your reviews.

  5. c0wfunk Says:

    anyone know what this song is midway through the soundcheck (30 min mark) .. some of the lyrics.

    all those sleepless nights
    all that pain
    i’m sorry you’re gone
    but you’re gone
    stop bleeding from your head anymore
    the devil has you down
    so turn around

    they may not be in order 😉 .. loving the melody and jam in this song! The soundcheck is on fire, you people assembling out there are very lucky! love the undermind -> devil with a blue dress also..

  6. Beezee Says:

    The Soundcheck on FROM THE ROAD is not quite right. Jam>Undermind>Devil with a blue dress (very short), Starship Trooper, Gone, 7secs of trey trying to get the hook of Kids down, Liquid Time. So, either he doesn’t know how to play Kids, or is effing around. More likely the former. Down goes MGMT. The copy of the soundcheck I got is crystal. Got the link from Phish.net.

  7. Uncle Ebeneezer Says:

    So we’re sitting in the Palm Springs Wal-mart parking lot at 5 am, waiting for beer to go back on sale in an hour…

    Not having seen a show since Gorge 03, it feels like I’m going back to meet an ex-girlfriend who broke my heart all those years ago. And I’m still as much in love today as I was back then. Maybe even more so…

  8. beepaphone Says:

    Git yew sum, uncle

  9. BTB Says:

    Have a great time everyone!!! Hopefully, we can get a link to download the soundcheck for those of us whose vibe meter is reading 0.

  10. AbePhroman Says:

    Wish I was there, but thank god for Sirius.

  11. m00nshake Says:

    very excited to see what happens at Festival 8… i’m upset i can’t be there, but atleast i’ve already received my MSG and Charlottesville tickets… helps to soften the blow of not going

  12. bhizzle Says:

    In the words of Liz Lemon, “I want to go to there”.

    Miner, you’re a better man than I. If I were there I’d find it extremely difficult to find time to blog and post pix and the what not. Thanks. Keep the photos coming. Shake a leg for me.

    Now back to sulking……

    :: lower lip protrudes ::

  13. Rolling Papyrus Says:

    Downloading the soundcheck now… at least I get some fresh Phish this morning. It helps calm the cravings.

  14. Ziggymon Says:

    I think I need to join the support group. I have a problem. I have been so excited for this weekend and it just hit me that I am actually not going to see any music this weekend. I feel like my dog after I have been gone for a weekend only to come, drop my bags and head back out the door. So excited and so dissapointed in a matter of minutes.

    My name is Harry and I am a Phishaholic.

  15. Mitch Says:


    better get it handled before tonight because the bunny only has 500 spots.

    I’ve found the problem to be related to using snow leopard. it runs in 64 bit and sirius hasnt updated their site. Either open in Firefox or click on safari in finder. press command-i for get info. click the checkbox to open in 32 bit mode or deselect 64 bit mode. then it will work.

    YES PHISH TONIGHT! cant stress how bummed i am not being there.

  16. MakisupaSecurity Says:

    Sounds awsome,
    Not going = another big regret in my life.

  17. Mitch Says:

    So I have seen everyone confessing lately and I was trying to hold off. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

    Hello, my name is Mitch and I am a Phishaholic.

    I’ll be here tonight getting mainlining the stream to get my fix and talking to ya’ll in the support group.

  18. punkmug Says:

    Awesome report Miner. So happy for everyone out there.

    This soundcheck is sounding super sweet and I’m only about 10 minutes in.

  19. BTB Says:

    For MAC users

    “figured out how to get @bunnyradio on Mac! In iTunes, Advanced->Open Audio Stream w this url: icy:// ”

    Hi Mitch….
    Hi Ziggymon….

    Downloaded the sound check. How long till Cobo? I’ll post another Support Group Journal entry when i get a chance. Uhhhhhhhh, I’m so depressed.

  20. c0wfunk Says:

    wow that’s a stream straight from the bunny eh? good lookin out

  21. c0wfunk Says:

    is there an archives show scheduled today anyone know?

  22. Mitch Says:

    The bunny was full last night

    do yourselves a favor and just get a free 7 days with sirius so you arent going nuts at game time trying to sign up

    that link wouldnt work during the soundcheck last night cause it was too full then it opened up when it was over.

    youve been warned

  23. msbjivein Says:

    GReat Advice there Mitch. It took me about an hour to get my sirius set up w/ my Macbook last night………………….

  24. ColonelJoy Says:

    Listened to the soundcheck. There is a Undermind>Devilinabluedress>goodgollymissmolly….no Mr. C., Brent did not show up…after this jam, for a few minutes they defiately riffed on a Yes song, but it has been awhile since I listened to much early Yes, but it was Yes for sure…one of the first three albums….

  25. HarryHood Says:

    Reminder to all:

    If you are going to do the Sirius free trial (or full subscription), do yourself a favor and set it up early!!!! It can take up to an hour to get your confirmation e-mail with password, and it also takes a minute or two to get familiar with how to browse channels and such. If you wait until showtime, you are going to be frustrated!

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