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10/30 1:29 am

Indio Sunset (A.Lansing)

Indio Sunset (A.Lansing)

As people continue to trickle into Festival 8, this site is shaping up to be quite the host for a weekend of Phish. Speckled with palm trees and carpeted with soft grass, the lush desert surroundings of California provide a completely different vibe than past Northeast weekends. The Empire Polo Grounds boasts a walk-ability that creates an atmosphere of over-sized intimacy very different from the endless airforce bases of lore. With campgrounds – all named, as expected, for eight remaining albums – within a 10-15 minute walk of the concert grounds, the entire festival feels a bit more within reach.

From The Archives Video Show (A.Lansing)

From The Archives Video Show (A.Lansing)

A relatively thorough search greeted everyone at the gate; but no harm no foul. Getting in and setting up, I was busy watching the Yankees tie the World Series while The Bunny broadcast Phish’s soundcheck. Through word of mouth, the band broke out a few new songs off Party Time, highlighted by a ten-minute jam of “Liquid Time.” Look forward for that one coming up this weekend! The evening was highlighted by video “From the Archives” show at The Overlook, the central part of Festival 8 with multiple bars, food stands, and tented areas. Featuring amazing Halloween footage from all of Phish’s past musical costumes, fans congregated, danced, smoked, and drank while watching the massive video screen. When the video mix broke into an unknown “Tube” followed by a “Tube Reprise” we soon realized we were seeing exclusive footage of 11.2.98. When the “Tube” jam ended, the video spliced into the beginning of Dark Side of the Moon, and proceeded to play highlights from the memorable performance. After the Utah portion ended, it had grown freakin’ cold and I headed back to the RV to listen to Shapiro’s archives show on The Bunny, which so far had unleashed two of my favorite jams ever in re-upped SBD quality – the Cypress “Split” and the Winston-Salem “Bathtub Gin!” That’s all for now, the festival calls.

10/30 11:13 am

Just wakin’ up to a gorgeous Indio day. The sun in shining bright and coffee tastes good as we prepare for day one of the weekend. California’ Dreamin…

2:37 pm

Got the turntables set up, and have been enjoying a daytime Phish set spun by myself and various others. Highlights included the the “Rebas” from The Gorge in ’98 and Laguna Seca ’94, the Barcelona ’98 “Tweezer,” Lemonwheel’s “Ghost” and assorted other summer funk. The vibe here is beyond chill once you are through the gates, and the weather seems to be coming through perfectly. Got a chance to hear “Liquid Time;” definitely carries the sound of a new Trey song, and certainly has a wide open door to psychedelic improvisation. The band really took it out during soundcheck, and we are looking forward to what they will do come gametime. I would expect we’ll be hearing this song in a few hours from the stage. Still no real clue as to the Halloween album. Have given up thinking about it since we arrived and set up camp. Desert mountains, palm trees and Phish. Life is good.

6:01 am 10.31

A phenomenal start to the weekend. A deep-dive into a first-set “Stash” provided the improvisational moment of the set after an explosive beginning of “Party Time,” “Chalk Dust.” The second set offered a high powered festival-sized Phish sequence, highlighted by “Disease > Caspian > Wolfman’s.” The “Wolfman’s” had a distinct point when it moved from groove to Halloween music, summoning the spirits of the night before All-Hallowed’s Eve.

1:11 pm

Exile! They are handing out Phishbills on site. With singer Sharon Jones – let’s see about this one.

2,037 Responses to “Quite the Site”

  1. HarryHood Says:

    ^ Sorry, some of you beat me to the punch

  2. HarryHood Says:

    Everyone got their Snuggies, Oreo’s, and bongs ready for later????

  3. Stupendous Says:

    Snow leopard seems to be the new Vista – been pissing me off!
    Anyway – My name is Billy and Im one really depressed phishaholic.

  4. Frankie Says:

    How about that new Mike pedal? Great effect, sounds spooky as hell…

    You stay up late at night to download the soundcheck of your favorite band so that you’ll be able to hear ANY new music they put out: You’re a Phishaholic.

    GUILTY here! 🙂

    I believe that song is called Gone and was played by Trey on his last solo tour… could be on Party Time too, i don’t know…

  5. Danny B Says:

    It already stings………the pain of missing Phish!!!!

    It is a bittersweet pain, since I have MSG tickets, but after looking at my friends pictures of the campsite online, it is truly painful not to be there.

    I just have to keep telling myself that no matter how awesome this weekend is, they will do another festival next summer. And no matter how good the jamming/song selection is, they will keep up the momentum throughout fall tour.

    My name is Dan, and I have a problem, I am a phishaholic.

    I am depressed about 8, and I think I might relapse ( Relapse= leaving work, buying plane ticket, flying to Indio, spending money I don’t have, not paying rent, girlfriend being very angry, but quite possibly having the best time of my life)

  6. Mitch Says:

    Calling all NYCers

    My buddy and I are gonna try and get sweet afton (awesome bar in astoria) to stream the concert tonight while were at the bar.

    could be the next best thing to being there!

  7. Frankie Says:

    Here is last night’s From The Archives show for the support group…

    BIG CYPRESS SPLIT!! WHOO HOO!!! One of my favorite jams of all time…

  8. Mitch Says:

    way to go frank!

  9. Ziggymon Says:

    What are the twelve steps to recovery from being a Phishaholic

  10. BTB Says:

    Admit you have a problem

    @ HarryHood – Bong rips and oreo’s bitches!!!!!!!!

  11. Little Buddy Says:

    ^ Just set up the sirius free trial on my office/work Mac in about 2 minutes. Must be a good time of day to do it. I hope it works this easy at home on my older powerbook G4.

  12. BTB Says:

    @LB – this sucks doesn’t it? We should be with our people!!!!

    @Mitch – the bar idea sounds fantastic, that could actually be a lot fun.

  13. HarryHood Says:

    You know you have a problem when:

    You tell all of your friends that you can’t go out tonight because you have to listen to something on the radio.

  14. SillyWilly Says:

    I woke up this morning with a feeling of numbness. Its raining today in Madison. I have 17.48$ in my bank account. I have to work.

    and festival 8 starts tonight.

    without me.
    I thought there was no way fate would fuck me like this, but I was wrong.
    Im sending all my best vibes to Indio! Ill be listening to Sirius. Everything Ive read so far is giving me goosebumps.

    You enjoy youselves.

  15. SillyWilly Says:

    oh and @ Harry Hood

    I told my friends the same thing. bummer.

  16. Little Buddy Says:

    BTB – Yeah. My wife is really taking it hard. Halloween with the little man will keep us a little busy, and thank freaking god for the sirius streams. I just can’t believe how beautiful it looks there. I’m not used to missing these kind of events. It hurts, but at least we have our support group.

    Hi, I’m Little Buddy and I’m a Phishaholic.

  17. empire01 Says:

    yeah it is depressing knowing that you are missing out. Ive gotten used to the feeling already. Hey at least i got to see them in Knoxville and Im really hoping that Miami NYE comes through, because i have made the choice of not going anywhere till Im done with my probation. which is not really a choice.
    That first doob is going to be the BEST!!
    what sucks is that tomorrow i will be going to some lame halloween party and thinking wow Im missing out on the best party in the world right now.

    I just got my ass chewed out by a client. god i wish i was in Indio.

  18. Alumni Blues Says:

    What channel on Sirius?

  19. bl68300 Says:

    I’m ben…and I am phreakin phiending and wishin more than anything i was @ 8…still need my fri MSG and then all wont seem so bad…a potential 5 nights of phish also keeps me at ease for the moment.

  20. Mitch Says:

    I was wondering why the search was so hard in a supposed laid back state like california.

    Then I remembered the taser guy from coachella and I bet they have heard bad things about Phish and their fans so they are preparing for the worst. We are a pretty good group, minus the nitrous mafia and we bring tons of cash to the areas we visit. Id think they’d lighten up on bud. ESP in cali. weird.

    haha, i cant go out guys, im listening to the radio. like my coworkers dont mock me enough, now im staying in to stream concerts.

  21. Mitch Says:

    the next doob is the best doob!

  22. purplehumpbackwhale Says:

    damn! if anyone knows a link where to dl the bunny show… theres nothing that would make me happier than a remixed cypress split!!!

  23. empire01 Says:

    @ mitch yeah its going to be one hell of a doob, its almost been a year without a puff. cant wait till 2010 rolls around. lights come down, phish steps out on stage, spliff gets lit!!!

  24. T. Leo Says:

    Anyone Else listen to the soundcheck for Festival 8?

    Potential Spoiler Alert: somewhere around 34 minutes in, Trey played the opening riff to Kids from mgmt’s oracular spectacular

    Don’t know if that means they will play that album, but it does mean that they may have been practicing it. Trey said the other day that they have learned a few albums and kept bouncing back and forth between the which one they will play on Halloween.

    Personally, I think it is a great choice, it is a great album beginning to end and it has a lot of energy and some great dance tunes. If you haven’t given it a listen, I recommend it.

  25. msbjivein Says:

    Hi, Billy ……..
    Hi, Ben………

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