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10/30 1:29 am

Indio Sunset (A.Lansing)

Indio Sunset (A.Lansing)

As people continue to trickle into Festival 8, this site is shaping up to be quite the host for a weekend of Phish. Speckled with palm trees and carpeted with soft grass, the lush desert surroundings of California provide a completely different vibe than past Northeast weekends. The Empire Polo Grounds boasts a walk-ability that creates an atmosphere of over-sized intimacy very different from the endless airforce bases of lore. With campgrounds – all named, as expected, for eight remaining albums – within a 10-15 minute walk of the concert grounds, the entire festival feels a bit more within reach.

From The Archives Video Show (A.Lansing)

From The Archives Video Show (A.Lansing)

A relatively thorough search greeted everyone at the gate; but no harm no foul. Getting in and setting up, I was busy watching the Yankees tie the World Series while The Bunny broadcast Phish’s soundcheck. Through word of mouth, the band broke out a few new songs off Party Time, highlighted by a ten-minute jam of “Liquid Time.” Look forward for that one coming up this weekend! The evening was highlighted by video “From the Archives” show at The Overlook, the central part of Festival 8 with multiple bars, food stands, and tented areas. Featuring amazing Halloween footage from all of Phish’s past musical costumes, fans congregated, danced, smoked, and drank while watching the massive video screen. When the video mix broke into an unknown “Tube” followed by a “Tube Reprise” we soon realized we were seeing exclusive footage of 11.2.98. When the “Tube” jam ended, the video spliced into the beginning of Dark Side of the Moon, and proceeded to play highlights from the memorable performance. After the Utah portion ended, it had grown freakin’ cold and I headed back to the RV to listen to Shapiro’s archives show on The Bunny, which so far had unleashed two of my favorite jams ever in re-upped SBD quality – the Cypress “Split” and the Winston-Salem “Bathtub Gin!” That’s all for now, the festival calls.

10/30 11:13 am

Just wakin’ up to a gorgeous Indio day. The sun in shining bright and coffee tastes good as we prepare for day one of the weekend. California’ Dreamin…

2:37 pm

Got the turntables set up, and have been enjoying a daytime Phish set spun by myself and various others. Highlights included the the “Rebas” from The Gorge in ’98 and Laguna Seca ’94, the Barcelona ’98 “Tweezer,” Lemonwheel’s “Ghost” and assorted other summer funk. The vibe here is beyond chill once you are through the gates, and the weather seems to be coming through perfectly. Got a chance to hear “Liquid Time;” definitely carries the sound of a new Trey song, and certainly has a wide open door to psychedelic improvisation. The band really took it out during soundcheck, and we are looking forward to what they will do come gametime. I would expect we’ll be hearing this song in a few hours from the stage. Still no real clue as to the Halloween album. Have given up thinking about it since we arrived and set up camp. Desert mountains, palm trees and Phish. Life is good.

6:01 am 10.31

A phenomenal start to the weekend. A deep-dive into a first-set “Stash” provided the improvisational moment of the set after an explosive beginning of “Party Time,” “Chalk Dust.” The second set offered a high powered festival-sized Phish sequence, highlighted by “Disease > Caspian > Wolfman’s.” The “Wolfman’s” had a distinct point when it moved from groove to Halloween music, summoning the spirits of the night before All-Hallowed’s Eve.

1:11 pm

Exile! They are handing out Phishbills on site. With singer Sharon Jones – let’s see about this one.

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  1. empire01 Says:

    hey how are people on here putting images next to their names?

  2. HarryHood Says:

    I hate to start in on the Coventry disaster, but the level of planning and setting for the Indio fest is really making me incredibly upset that I can’t be there. The setting, weather, and phestivities are making Coventry seem like a bad joke (nightmare). I remember being amazed at how little effort seemed to be put into planning for Coventry with very little “extras” such as the acoustic set. Damn……. Why didn’t I just go to Indio????


  3. MMG781 Says:

    Missing this festival is feeding some unresolved Phish festival issues. I attended IT alone (some buddies bailed last minute), my first festival, and I was kinda overwhelmed by the magnitude of the whole thing. Being totally mentally unprepared, I ended up not enjoying IT like I should have, in fact, I could not wait to get the hell out of Limestone. Shame, isnt’ it? Fast forward a year…I sat in traffic on I-91 in Vermont, 20 miles from the Coventry exit, and turned around to go home when I heard Mike’s announcement on the radio. Now, I did get to four shows this summer, but the whole festival cloud is hanging over my head. Not to mention that Indio is an hour from my in-laws, so the logistics would have been ridiculously easy, but no deal this go-round. So, I’m hoping for an east-coast shindig next year so I can get out and enjoy a Phish fest in proper fashion!

  4. c0wfunk Says:

    harryhood coventry seemed very much a “get the f- outta dodge” kind of event for sure. Add that to record breaking rain levels that year and a huge rainstorm just before we all arrived and it is honestly a wonder we got any show at all. It is cool to see they have rekindled that desire to go the extra step that was always a phish trademark before the downward spiral.

  5. Dbone Says:

    hey, quick question. just listening to the bunny and they were talking with one of the guys who set up the mixing stations. he was saying that they’ll be uploading people’s remixes of some of the summer jams so that everyone can hear them. Does anyone have the link to where that will be – i’d imagine somewhere on the official F8 site.

    Sorry, I know I could take the time to look for it myself but I’m crazy busy at work right now (and totally distracted by an event that’s thousands of kilometers away).

  6. HarryHood Says:

    @ cowfunk

    Agreed completely. That is why this is so hard to miss. I really felt like the excitement and planning was completely left out of Coventry. It seemed like they set up, got f’d up, and said goodbye. With Indio, it seems like they are really amped about it and have gone the extra mile to make it a mind melting experience. Add the incredible surroundings and amazing weather and you’ve got yourself a life changing event. Man am I bummed that I’m not there……. Who’s got my shoulder to cry on?

  7. empire01 Says:

    IT was a disaster going in. By the time we got into the grounds i was extremely beat from being up so many hours. This lingered through the next day and the next. The festies can be pretty rough

  8. empire01 Says:

    I downloaded the SC from that megaupload link but it sounds horrible. anyone have another copy???

  9. bl68300 Says:

    can someone link me to the bunny please (for windows) cant figure it out…

  10. smegma Says:

    @empire: check out the Phish.net forum. there is a post with three different dl’s of the sound check. the second one is from the bunny broadcast and sounds much better.

    New Phish Tonight for all!!!
    No worries about not being there
    see you all on the board tonight – it’s gonna be a weekend of late nights for us east coasters.

  11. PBS Says:

    Bunny Radio:
    http://www.stream101.com/mcp/tunein.php/kajr/playlist dot asx

  12. Dbone Says:

    don’t know if this will come through, others have said they had trouble posting it for some reason but if you go here:
    you should be able find all the streaming options for the bunny. hope it works.

  13. PBS Says:

    Also, Bunny just announced that the next archive show is @ 2pm (pst). Jam_On is doing Festivalology @ noon.

    If you can, get your seat on the bunny, and don’t let it go. I just let it ride all night, still going strong.

    I have it running in Media Player, but using iTunes/browser to listen to other stuff, and muting the Media Player.

    We should have these 500 spots…we deserve them.

  14. PBS Says:

    Either of these URLs will work. The one I posted was the first we saw.

  15. Danny B Says:

    During the Soundcheck from last night, they teased MGMT’s Kids and played part of Yes’s Starship Trooper.

    Seems kind of weird that they would learn many different albums and then play only one. But hey, it will still be pretty awesome I am sure.

  16. SOAM Says:

    Jesus-this site needs a depression psychologist…A couple redeeming factors about missing eight

    1. The shows coming up will be the ones to remember musically-granted the festi is special and there will be some crazy shit and bust outs-but this band tends to peak mid tour-late tour and they are in a way re-starting at Indio-look for Albany-Portland-and especially MSG to be Hartford’s only better-sour grapes-perhaps-but the quality of music as the fall tour gains steam is sure to be the best yet of 3.0–I know it’s conveinant to predict the shows your going to to be the shit but I believe this. The quality of the latter part of Fall tour will be the best yet.

    2. All I heard was Indio will be like the Bahamas-the most gourgeous weather on the face of the earth-very hot, sunny and delightful!! Well-maybe during the day but the cats I’m looking at with winter hats and jackets don’t look like they are sweating…and if I’m correct 60 percent of the music will be played in the evening

    cheer the fuck up-at least there is a festival to miss…”all good things in all good time”-said a fat fucked up friend of mine-dig

    yes-I am pissed I’m not at 8 and this note reeks of jealousy

  17. Little Buddy Says:

    The East Coast festies have always been work. Big Cypress was actually a nightmare getting in too. We sat on snake road for 26 hours, I think. But the reward, ah the reward… That’s just the way it is. It seems like Indio is pretty well planned so the logistics might not be so bad (only about 40k people helps too), but anytime you’re going to a festival you should expect to have to work for your fun. The work is getting there.

  18. Little Buddy Says:

    Right on, SOAM. You gonna be at Syracuse? That’s gonna be a major throwdown, me thinks.

  19. bl68300 Says:

    …wats playin on bunny right now, to know if i did it right…for some reason it was working las nite, but today a no go…so im doin it through itunes, and i got some music…

  20. bl68300 Says:

    nevermind, got it! thanks all!

  21. PBS Says:

    @bl – if you hear music, you’re in. They are all over the map. The djs have been playing some good shit. http://feedthebunny.com/ for tweets of the songs they’re playing…and more.

  22. ColonelJoy Says:

    Yes…it was Starship Trooper….that album would have rocked, really…

  23. PBS Says:

    Thriller got the axe.

  24. Relayer Says:

    @DannyB – this adds to my thought that they’re gonna play one song from each of the other albums. Starship Trooper would be wicked! 😉 Although Perpetual Change has an even more PHishy-style jam at the end that could just go forever, Trooper could turn into another Hood/Slave style buildup jam…

  25. bl68300 Says:

    are yall hearin bout this snake thing???? this sounds ridiculous!!!!!!! soooo jealous!

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