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10/30 1:29 am

Indio Sunset (A.Lansing)

Indio Sunset (A.Lansing)

As people continue to trickle into Festival 8, this site is shaping up to be quite the host for a weekend of Phish. Speckled with palm trees and carpeted with soft grass, the lush desert surroundings of California provide a completely different vibe than past Northeast weekends. The Empire Polo Grounds boasts a walk-ability that creates an atmosphere of over-sized intimacy very different from the endless airforce bases of lore. With campgrounds – all named, as expected, for eight remaining albums – within a 10-15 minute walk of the concert grounds, the entire festival feels a bit more within reach.

From The Archives Video Show (A.Lansing)

From The Archives Video Show (A.Lansing)

A relatively thorough search greeted everyone at the gate; but no harm no foul. Getting in and setting up, I was busy watching the Yankees tie the World Series while The Bunny broadcast Phish’s soundcheck. Through word of mouth, the band broke out a few new songs off Party Time, highlighted by a ten-minute jam of “Liquid Time.” Look forward for that one coming up this weekend! The evening was highlighted by video “From the Archives” show at The Overlook, the central part of Festival 8 with multiple bars, food stands, and tented areas. Featuring amazing Halloween footage from all of Phish’s past musical costumes, fans congregated, danced, smoked, and drank while watching the massive video screen. When the video mix broke into an unknown “Tube” followed by a “Tube Reprise” we soon realized we were seeing exclusive footage of 11.2.98. When the “Tube” jam ended, the video spliced into the beginning of Dark Side of the Moon, and proceeded to play highlights from the memorable performance. After the Utah portion ended, it had grown freakin’ cold and I headed back to the RV to listen to Shapiro’s archives show on The Bunny, which so far had unleashed two of my favorite jams ever in re-upped SBD quality – the Cypress “Split” and the Winston-Salem “Bathtub Gin!” That’s all for now, the festival calls.

10/30 11:13 am

Just wakin’ up to a gorgeous Indio day. The sun in shining bright and coffee tastes good as we prepare for day one of the weekend. California’ Dreamin…

2:37 pm

Got the turntables set up, and have been enjoying a daytime Phish set spun by myself and various others. Highlights included the the “Rebas” from The Gorge in ’98 and Laguna Seca ’94, the Barcelona ’98 “Tweezer,” Lemonwheel’s “Ghost” and assorted other summer funk. The vibe here is beyond chill once you are through the gates, and the weather seems to be coming through perfectly. Got a chance to hear “Liquid Time;” definitely carries the sound of a new Trey song, and certainly has a wide open door to psychedelic improvisation. The band really took it out during soundcheck, and we are looking forward to what they will do come gametime. I would expect we’ll be hearing this song in a few hours from the stage. Still no real clue as to the Halloween album. Have given up thinking about it since we arrived and set up camp. Desert mountains, palm trees and Phish. Life is good.

6:01 am 10.31

A phenomenal start to the weekend. A deep-dive into a first-set “Stash” provided the improvisational moment of the set after an explosive beginning of “Party Time,” “Chalk Dust.” The second set offered a high powered festival-sized Phish sequence, highlighted by “Disease > Caspian > Wolfman’s.” The “Wolfman’s” had a distinct point when it moved from groove to Halloween music, summoning the spirits of the night before All-Hallowed’s Eve.

1:11 pm

Exile! They are handing out Phishbills on site. With singer Sharon Jones – let’s see about this one.

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  1. HarryHood Says:

    @ SOAM

    Well said.

  2. Danny B Says:

    They could do amazing things with a lot of Songs on the Yes album.

    It is possible that they could play one song from each album left, which would be cool, and add a lot of diversity to the Halloween set. Although I could see a lot of people bitching about it, then again people on the green board bitch about everything these days.

  3. Mr. Completely Says:

    this is the better of the soundcheck links so far imo


    first of all it’s longer, the one of the downloads cuts in partway thru Undermind

    it’s also a little clearer. still not great but listenable.

    thx for Ardhive link Frankie

  4. Mr. Completely Says:

    no i haven’t read anything yet about what the Coil is like, if that’s the snake thing

    I love the idea of them playing songs from the other “finalists”

    we’ve been talking about the need for them to get new covers into rotation…and while I don’t think mgmt or Yes would be teh mostest awesomez albums for a full cover set, one song from each sounds killer

    also very possible they’ve simply learned one or two “teases” from each album and are going to drop them to fuck with people

  5. HarryHood Says:

    @ Mr. C

    Went through yesterday’s posts this morning. Sorry to hear about your friend. Condolences man.

  6. mrfergie Says:

    @ Mr C – been meaning to thank you for the bluegrass mix for a couple of days now – had been listening to Phish non stop, was nice to bring in a little variety and add to my growing bluegrass collection. Also going to be picking up some of The Coup – loved the youtube links…

    My condolences on your bro, always a tough thing to go through..

  7. Mitch Says:

    what’s a kilometer? Where do you live? Are you up north with Frankie?

  8. Mr. Completely Says:

    thanks guys. my wife went down to the memorial last night, she was closer to him than I, sounds like quite an evening. He had an immense number of close friends and was right at the center of the big Eugene counterculture community, the Oregon Country Fair, all of that. He was a true old school Dead tour guy who settled down and made a great life without changing who he really was at all. I think as we all grow up a little that’s something worth aspiring to. He managed to be responsible – in fact he was *that* guy, the one everyone depends on for everything – without selling out or becoming boring.

    Samhain, the actual very sacred holiday this weekend that Halloween is a cheesy parody of, is all about visiting with your beloved dead, bringing them back close to the world for a night….

    Anyway not trying to be a bummer, quite the opposite – Kevin proved it’s possible to live as a free freak and have your shit together at the same time – that’s good news.


    glad people are digging the bluegrass. Love that stuff and it’s great to think about people listening to it all over the country.

  9. Dbone Says:

    @mitch – what’s wrong, you’re not metricated yet 😉

    i live in Austria – not only do i share the pain of not being at F8 but i also feel my pain in isolation. i don’t really no any other phans around here so i’m just like the one crazy phreak in isolation. the posts about people having to explain to their friends not going out on the weekend cause they have to stay home and listen to the radio got me thinking that my big problem is how to tell the wife that i might need to somehow sit up by myself from 3:00 am to about 9:00 to listen to the radio.

    Let me state for the record: I am a phishaholic

    That said, I really appreciate this site and the fact that we can virtually share the weekend togehter – pretty cool stuff.

  10. Mitch Says:

    That may be the best thing I’ve read that you’ve written on this site. Not your funniest but damn, you perked up my spirits.

    WOO MSG! WOO A FEST TO MISS! WOO ILL BE WARM WHILE THEY ARE COLD (no they wont be, they will be dancing to stay warm)

    fuck it, i’ll be listening live!

    that fat friend of yours knew what he was talking about

  11. Mitch Says:

    weve got it simple, cause weve got a band.

    weve got it simple, cause we have a bunch of phriends to goof off online with all day and all night listening to shows.

  12. mrfergie Says:

    Mr C – FWIW, I’ve always thought that the most important part of grieving was celebrating that someone wandering into your life to begin with and keeping those memories alive.

    It’s funny that you posted the bluegrass mix when you did – my fiance’s grandmother passed away over the weekend and we were preparing to head down to West Virginia from Connecticut, that mix would have been fitting for that trip. Family decided to do a memorial service in the spring instead, so we’ll still make the trip, just with more time to plan it.

  13. Ocelot42 Says:

    I’ll be out of the house all day today. Driving across the state and back for a hockey game. Not only will I be not at 8, but I can’t even commiserate with my PT peeps! I’ll be diving for the setlist when I get home though. Maybe will even be able to catch some of the end on a live stream if the game wraps up in regulation and I drive back fast enough.

  14. Mitch Says:


    good link with the archive for track by track

  15. Dbone Says:

    here’s to goofing off online with a bunch of likeminded phreaks.

    maybe i’ll take my internet radio stream outside in the cold just so i can feel like i’m there.

  16. JP Says:

    proud to be a phishaholic!

    can’t express enough thanks for sirius and the free trial – making the pain of no 8 a lot easier to overcome.

    hope to chime in over the weekend, you guys and phishthoughts rules.

  17. Mr. Completely Says:

    thx for the link Mitch, maybe that soundcheck source is cleaner

  18. beepaphone Says:

    So word on the street is 62,000 at 8.
    Great news, if you ask me, being there was concern that the West Coast location would mean fewer in attendance. Glad so many can be there, and I’m glad that the potential pool of future locations is blown wide open.
    With the good spirits on this board, I am glad, like SOAM said, that we have a festival to miss. However, I don’t think I can ever miss another one again. There’s a lot of beautiful countryside out there, folks, lots of it already perfect for a festival.

    Hoping for a festival in high country Colorado, or Montana, but the next time around, anywhere will do.

  19. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    anyone listening to this phish interview on sirius right now??

  20. Mitch Says:

    official poster

    so today at 2 left coast 5 east coast is the archive

    i read something was happening at 12 but forgot what it was, anyone know?

  21. Mitch Says:

    interviews thats right

  22. JP Says:

    beepaphone – good points on epxpanding the location possibilities. i could see coming back to indio some other year as well though. joshua tree NP is out of this world.

    agree with your CO and MT picks!

    already looking forward to gorge 2010

  23. JP Says:

    listening to coventry interview…yeah fishman!

  24. Mr. Completely Says:

    hm! balloons in the poster…hm!

    soundcheck link on drop.io is the same fileset I linked to – the best yet circulating, but not great

  25. JP Says:

    even average phish is on top of the game – destroys…

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