And the Answer Is…

exile_on_main_stPhishbills are being handed out on site confirming what many people believed. Sharon Jones will join them on vocals. Let’s see Phish reinvent the Stones…I’m down.

11.2 12:47 am

Tonight was a good as anything since the return. So great…What a weekend! So much to say….

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  1. BrandonKayda Says:

    You think AW is pissed?

  2. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Shine a Light will be epic

  3. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Gordo sings Shake your Hips?

  4. Mr. Completely Says:


    he’s in heaven

    I’m devastated to learn that stylishly monikered Dap Kings guitarist Binky Griptite is NOT on the phishbill…boo

    just FYI

  5. BrandonKayda Says:

    You think they’ll do any jamming on it?

    I kind of wish we would get some new covers though…

  6. Mr. Completely Says:

    ok Moderation is not occuring, I will repost and then stop for now
    ^^^ “Wook Down” t-shirt, spread the news

  7. Mr. Completely Says:

    Shine a Light and Let It Loose are both obvious candidates for jamming, remember that all summer they liked going into jams from uptempo rock tunes

    Torn and Frayed could really go an interesting direction

    Tumbling Dice would make a great addition to the rotation IMO

  8. Mr. Piper Says:

    I Still wouldn’t count out Phish tricking us in some shape or fashion (Ex. playing Let It Bleed instead)

  9. Looking For Owls? Says:

    Classic Costume

  10. RamblinOnMyMind Says:

    Exile has a lot of great songs, but they’re helped immeasurably by the kind of ragged, whiskey-and-heroin feel of the album, very rough and loose. It will be interesting to see how Phish plays it. If you think about the Ocelot from last night, for example, their sound was pretty laid back and open. Not sure how Exile will sound in an open air live setting, but it sure is exciting. Lots of songs…will they jam it out, or go through quickly and stay close to the album?

  11. beepaphone Says:

    Mr. Miner: “Fuck Exile”

    He’ll come around 😉

    I wonder which track makes regular rotation…

  12. Mitch Says: OMG

  13. Mr. Completely Says:

    @owls FTW!

  14. Mr. Completely Says:

    @Ramblin, their choice of an album heavily associated with the darkest depths of drug-fueled debauchery, in the context of post-dope Phish, is maybe the most interesting angle on tonight’s set IMO

    psychologically interesting; tonight is a good night for exorcising demons. think about where Trey was at last Halloween show.

  15. Mitch Says:

    i hope the costume people make it close enough for the band to laugh at them

  16. BrandonKayda Says:

    Torn and Frayed could be pretty open-ended song…but knowing Phish now I doubt they will take it on any huge excursions

  17. BrandonKayda Says:

    That’s a good point Completely.

    Ahhh…I’m debating whether or not I should go out with my friend or stay here to listen to set I… me out here…

  18. Ocelot42 Says:

    The hair on that Page costume is scary accurate.

  19. RamblinOnMyMind Says:

    @Mr. C, yeah, the drug angle was what had me thinking months ago that they wouldn’t go with the Stones, especially Sticky Fingers (how would Trey sing about being in his basement room with a needle and a spoon?) so it should be interesting

  20. BrandonKayda Says:

    I’m calling a Reba and Theme first set

  21. stasbox Says:

    Hey did anyone notice this little addition to the Exile on Main Street wikipedia page? I guess it’s history already… 😛

    “Having covered the individual track “Loving Cup” a total of 86 times to date, the popular jam band Phish chose to perform the album in its entirety for their Halloween “musical costume” on October 31st 2009.”

  22. Beezee Says:

    Mike’s opener.
    Coil to close.

  23. Marmot Says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this choice since the White Album! Soooo many good tunes, and a high energy opening. My sentimental favorite has to be Sweet Virginia, with Torn & Frayed a close second. Happy Halloween!

  24. Mitch Says:

    phish fans = obsessed and good at the interwebs

  25. Beezee Says:

    only 86 times?

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