A Day of Rest

Festival 8 (J.Florek)

Festival 8 (J.Florek)

Phish Thoughts will be up and running as usual tomorrow. I just made the drive back yesterday and needed the night to relax. I already have plenty of ideas for posts, as the weekend was certainly one for the ages. From the eight sets of music to the laid-back vibe, and from the weather to the psychedelic decor, Festival 8 wins the the “Most Blissful Festi” award going away. Over the next two weeks, we will discuss why in depth.


n34391931761_5053In the meantime, help out Surrender to The Flow with their Fall Tour issue by filling out their Phishy survey about Festival 8, Fall Tour and beyond! Thanks in advance.

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  1. Mitch Says:

    I’d prob have burned out on both Newcastle and fat tire by now if I were still in Indy. Newcastle was 10.99 on sale back home. 12-15 max. I pay 10-12 bucks a six pack here for anything micro or nondomestic.
    Even Brooklyn lager which travels less than an hour from it’s birthplace. Can’t afford to keep it stocked like that all the time. Hmm maybe I just drink too much… Psssshhh

  2. Leo Weaver Says:

    ^”hmm maybe I just drink too much…”
    Yeah, that mostly explains it here…

    later fellas…

  3. Mitch Says:

    I think sour diesel is a lot if hype. People like to say the name. I’d prefer something new than having it over and over.

  4. jdub Says:

    take it easy leo

  5. Mitch Says:

    Later Leo. Later everyone else.

  6. Aquaman Says:


    I love any of the Kalamazoo Brewing beers. Larry Bell is one heck of a guy and a beer celebrity to boot. Two hearted is perhaps the greatest beer ever made. I respectfully disagree with Leo Weaver in my thinking that Two Hearted is the perfect year round beer.

    The difference when it comes to seasonality is that in the summer it needs to be ice cold from the bottle or in a frosty cold mug. In the winter you need to have it from a hand pull at 50 degrees. And if your local bar is the Clark Street ale house in Chicago you can have Two Hearted in bottle, on CO2 draft, on hand pull and on nitrogen tap. Two Hearted four ways. Awesome.

    Now….BTB…..are you still headed to Detroit (the land of my birth) solo? Any chance I could talk you into meeting up at a watering hole prior? I have the goods on a great spot for some heady brews. I am taking Amtrak from Chicago and arrive around 2 PM. My crew will all be working so I will have a few hours to kill, and I might be sporting a slight buzz, gratis the Cafe bar car on Amtrak.

    I have no clue what the protocol is for reaching out to fellow PT board posters is, so any help in that regard from the peanut gallery would be appreciated.

    -Aqua- r.o.b.j.p.i.i.i. at yahoo dot com

  7. jdub Says:

    Aquaman – Facebook seems to be an appropriate and easy way to coordinate meet ups for fall tour.

  8. KWL Says:

    a good beer discussion & I’m too damn exhausted to stay up for it. Shoot.

    @Mitch agree on Fat Tire: its among my favorites when its hard to get. When I’m in Colorado (especially Ft Collins) I rarely if ever drink it. Did enjoy a couple 12 packs at 8 though, since it’s in cans (along with some Dale’s Pale Ale)

    favorite breweries: Southern Tier in Lakewood NY (just about everything they have is high alcohol and highly hopped) and O’Dells in Ft Collins CO. That’s right, New Belgium is decidedly NOT the best brewery in its own city. Dogfish Head gets an honorable mention–great brewpub too.

    @Leo Terrapin’s Rye pale ale is damn tasty

    @BTB Great Lakes is really solid across the board–test of a great brewery to me is that I enjoy their beers in styles I don’t normally like (typically german stuff, hefes, etc). I was shocked that I liked their Dortmunder.

    had Bridgeport IPA for the first time tonight, from Portland (picked it up for that very reason). Solid, I’m impressed w/its bottle conditioning for fermentation. Very cool–almost like cask in a bottle.

    Couldn’t resist chiming in. Night all.

  9. Mitch Says:

    are all those periods for real? Didn’t know if you were trying to beat the spambot or if those are real. That’s just a pain to type.

    27 times now. Fuck.

  10. Aquaman Says:


    So burned out on facebook. Plus without the benefit of knowing names how do you make the “invitation” and stuff. I never as very good at proper facebook etiquette / management.

    Thanks for the tip, jdub.

    uugg….Yanks win.

  11. Aquaman Says:

    yes that is a spam bot thwarting effort.

  12. Mitch Says:

    Fireworks going off outside my place. I will admit it’s kinda badass to win in your new stadium. Even if I do hate them.

  13. KWL Says:

    On seasonality, I find that IPAs are good in the hot sun, and also a cool autumn day. They are especially good in the chilly rain, or in the snowy cold.

    Other than those hard and fast rules, the basic guide is heavier and higher alcohol in cold weather, lighter and a bit less stiff in warm. But always finish the night with the most hops you can procure at that point in time.

  14. jdub Says:

    Robear created a page just for us with invites to the different
    shows so we can see who’s going. Up to us to connect.


    don’t know how to make it a link

  15. NittyGritty Says:

    Re: Kids
    It has personally been a struggle for my wife and I to catch shows like we used to. Our 6 year old son has autism, and attending shows is hopefully something his future holds, but is a little complicated at this stage. Seeing phish live is trumped by 3 things in my life: the joy that my wife, my son, and my daughter bring to my life; moreover, having a family is a beautiful thing and good look to those whos future holds this gift. Festival 8 was the first Phish my wife and I have seen since 2000, and words can not justify my experience from the past weekend. In regards to awesome grandparents:so true! (my in-laws happily took care of the little ones).. Phish is a remarkable thing to be a part of, as is having a family and raising children. I love seeing responsible parents with thier children at Phish and hope for a day that my wife and I can experience it too.

    Sorry for the ramble, ya’lls post just got me to thinkin ya know? I hope everyone has been recovering from the weekend quickly! And best of luck to everyone hitting up shows on the upcoming leg. Peace out

  16. jdub Says:

    Goodnight all, it was nice to finally have a moment to immerse in phishthought conversation

  17. Aquaman Says:


    Worked perfectly. Thanks!

    I am part of the “group” or “page” or whatever it is.

    But so many real names and real faces. It was ll so confusing. Like the first time I saw the Dead at MSG, my second dead show, first time taking lucy indoors. I had a great show and then whoosh, I walk out into the streets of New York all spun up…..reality was weird.

    I had a similar feeling linking over to that page only 1/20th the strength.


  18. purplehumpbackwhale Says:

    obsessed with newcastle.
    goodnight. excited for miner’s thoughts tomorrow.

  19. Summer98 Says:

    Re beers:
    Since moving to Seattle, I’ve fallen in love with Northwest IPAs. I haven’t had one that I don’t like yet. Red Hook IPA (Longhammer) from Seattle: Fantastic. Pyramid IPA (Thunderhead) from No. Cal.: Well…It’s called Thudnerhead. Bridgeport IPA: Spectacular. Hale’s Ales IPA (Mongoose): Any IPA named after an animal has to be good. DesChutes IPA (Inversion): Possibly the best in this list. There have to be a dozen others from the northwest I’ve had and all are great. Do yourself a favor: drink a Northwest IPA.

  20. Aquaman Says:


    Agree about the DesChutes. They are a top notch brewery. My buddy who lives in Portland had his rehearsal dinner for his wedding at the brewery. A dream weekend in Bend to say the least.

    I also think I just saw one of your posts on the facebook page Lycan made.

    Worlds collide!!


  21. Aquaman Says:

    Fuck it…I am going to the fridge right now……..too much ale chat.

  22. Aquaman Says:

    TORPEDO – Extra IPA from Sierra….get ready to meet my belly.

  23. Squirming_nancy Says:

    Re: bringing the kids thread…
    We brought our 2-year old daughter to the Festival, and she had a blast. Our good friend and his wife stayed in our RV. He likes Phish, and she likes kids, which worked our perfectly for us. She did not mind staying with our daughter while we went to the shows. During the day our daughter toured the campsites with us, rode on the Giant Wheel and ate yummy food at the Farmer’s Market. We also took her to the acoustic set on Sunday (with earplugs), and she loved it–danced all over the place in the back of the venue. She enjoyed seeing the “silly kids” in Halloween costumes, especially when she encountered Thing 1 and Thing 2 from the Cat In The Hat. At one point before the Festival, we were worried about her contracting H1N1 from sick/run-down people but that didn’t seem to be an issue at all. Most people were cool with kids, and I felt it was a family friendly event overall (although we didn’t see family camping as an option). I liked that for the most part heavy substance use was hidden or limited to inside the venue.

    All of that said, if they do the Festival in Indio again next year, we probably won’t bring her. A lot of my energy was spent making sure she was eating well and being entertained. I was run down and too tired to dance as hard as I like. I missed some of the Stones set putting her to bed. She woke up a lot at night due to the noise factor. I was checking my phone at the shows to make sure everything was ok. Having her there definitely caused some stress that took away from my experience of the music. It didn’t seem to bother my husband. He felt that she handled the novel situation well, and matured over the course of the weekend.

    On a more negative note, we had RV neighbors from WV, who brought their 6-year old son. They chain smoked pot and cigarettes the entire time with him in the RV. It was very disturbing to witness, and borders on child abuse in my opinion. The kid clearly had a smoker’s cough from all of the 2nd-hand smoke he inhaled. I don’t think it is appropriate to expose kids to unhealthy addictions. I also understand that people have the right to make parenting decisions that are not for me to judge. We don’t drink or use drugs so it wasn’t an issue for us, but if you want to party excessively, it is probably best not to bring your kids.

  24. Summer98 Says:

    Nice post squirming. I think most on this board are in agreement with you. I’m sure that many partake in extracurricular activities but out of sight of their young kids. Hotboxing an RV with a kid inside is definitely wrong no matter what your parenting style. Your thoughts on bringing a kid and it just tiring you out would be my wife’s concern as well.

    Re beer: Love the Deschutes Inversion and they have a great brew pub in Bend, love that place. Really like the extra IPA…some good stuff.

    Other great northwest IPAs:
    Fish Tale certified organic IPA
    Maritime Pacific IPA
    Rogue’s Imperial India Pale Ale
    Elysian’s Immortal IPA
    Bear Republic Racer 5 (Actually No Cal)

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