Weekend Nuggets: Festival 8


11.1.09 Festival 8, Indio, CA < Torrent

11.1.09 Festival 8, Indio, CA < Megaupload

After the Halloween festivities, Phish ripped one of their strongest two-set shows of the year. Much more to come about this one, but both sets contained highlights galore. The night, and weekend, peaked with a second frame filled with thick, festival-sized dance grooves. A write-up will follow next week. The acoustic set – a story all its own – is included in this download.


11.1.09 (Photo: Graham Lucas)

Acoustic Set: Water In The Sky, Back On The Train, Brian and Robert, Invisible, Strange Design, Mountains in the Mist, The Curtain With, Army of One, Sleep Again, My Sweet One, Let Me Lie, Bouncing Around The Room, Train Song, Wilson, McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters E: Driver, Talk, Secret Smile

II: AC/DC Bag, Rift, Gotta Jiboo, Heavy Things, Reba, The Wedge, Guelah Papyrus, Undermind, Sparkle, Split Open & Melt

III: Tweezer > Maze, Free, Sugar Shack, Limb By Limb, Theme From The Bottom, Mike’s Song > 2001 > Light > Slave To The Traffic Light

E: Grind, Esther, Tweezer Reprise

Source: Schoeps CCM4V’S(din) > Lunatec V2Β  >Benchmark AD2K >
Sound Devices 722 (24/48) (Taper – Z-Man)


Jams of the Weekend: 11.1 Set I





Split Open & Melt




“Torn and Frayed” 10.31.09 II


“Suzy Greenberg” 10.31.09 E


99 Albums In 4:20

Here is the mesmerizing video montage of all 99 albums that was played on Halloween before The Exile Set. Eclectic Method, a trio of video remix artists, created the entertaining mash-up. Attached to this segment was a final Rolling Stones clip that is missing. Check it out!

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348 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: Festival 8”

  1. GuitarPicker420! Says:

    Summer ’09 Leg 1 on shuffle produces this setlist to start off:
    Divided Sky
    The Horse>
    I Didn’t Know
    Character Zero

    Not a bad way to listen to something “new”

  2. Robear Says:

    gp, Cinncy is 50/50. I’m going to get a plane ticket and hope for the best.

    Getting through the final set at Feight, and man does it stand up. Highlights include everything from the beginning to the ‘Light’, which is where I’m currently listening.

  3. albert wakler Says:


    I just found out I’m going to Costa Rica for a few weeks over new years so Miami is out.

    Kind of leaning towards doing MSG and maybe even Cinci.
    listening to too much golden era Phish (94-97) going in and unfair festival expectations made me fail to realize this is 2009 and a work in progress.

    The band sounded confidenet and alive in Indio and still progressing forward.
    Listening to Hampton and some first leg really put into perspective how far they have come and how great Indio sounded.
    Indio was great 2009 Phish. Some of the best they’ve played since coming back.

    From the beginning I’ve said as long as this keeps getting better I’m along for the ride. I probably would not be happy if a year from now they are still playing at this level but being part of them getting better and not worse has been enjoyable.

    I really think fall could be when the jamming really starts to click.
    So yes further listening has def got me more excited about fall tour.

  4. Pencilneck Says:

    Thanx for the heads up Ebeneezer! I’m doing some tutorials here at home, and just been poking around the board here and there. I could def. use some funk mix to help get a groove on.

    I agree with you AW, it has been quite a journey seeing the lads grow from hampton to indio. Huge leaps and bounds! Been so much fun to watch and listen. And to be a part of.

    Anyhoo, back to tutorialing!

  5. fromthetub Says:

    If any of you end up needing a Cincy ticket for 11/20, I have an extra mail order for face (or even lower) that I’d like to find a home for. πŸ™‚

  6. flarrdogg Says:

    I Just Want To See His Face is a revelation. The highlight of the Exile set for me. Epic.

  7. KRIVRAQ Says:

    I’ve mentioned this stuff here before, but it just keeps happening. I love hearing PHISH tunes out in the real world (anywhere outside the confines of a show). A couple times now this season MSG has played Tweezer Reprise at Ranger games and the other night in Vancouver they played Suzy Greenberg at the Rangers/Canucks game. Love it!!

  8. Leo Weaver Says:

    @KRI…I about fell over when I heard it blaring during the local forecast on the weather channel a couple of years ago. they seemed to like fluffhead, divided sky, and YEM a lot

  9. Leo Weaver Says:

    @flarr…yes. the whole Turd>ventilator>Face section is without equal…one of the phinest 17 minutes of phish evah!

  10. Marshall Says:

    Leo – I heard either Reba or Gin on the Weather Channel years ago. I guess a head works at TWC. Also heard WSP but that didn’t excite me.

  11. flarrdogg Says:

    Leo- turd and ventilator are choice also- totally agreed. I’ve been having a hard time NOT listening to the Exile set the last few days- really since I acquired the sbds. Probably have a solid 5-6 listens under my belt. I need to put it away for a while for fear of wearing it out. Special occasions kinda thing maybe.

  12. Leo Weaver Says:

    yeah Marshall, I think I recall reba too…always had the same thought, “hey, somebody cool works at TWC!”

    @flarr, my wife is tired of me talking about both exile and acoustic sets. I’ve forced most of the exile set on her (she’s not a phish fan but digs the stones) and she enjoyed it, even commented on how much better than normal their vox sounded. those two sets will get a LOT of playback in the future. I’m gonna have to move onto a few more listens of the other sets now…damn it’s gonna be tough!

  13. KRIVRAQ Says:

    @LEO Yeah, I did the same back then too with TWC. I still give an extra listen when I hear some instrumentals during the local forecast. No luck though. Last season at MSG the live organist was jamming his own version of Bathtub Gin during a commercial break. I thought he and I were the only two people in the building who knew what was going on.

  14. Mr. Completely Says:

    @GP420 – I do the same thing with collecting now, a big part of it is forced by the (IMO) stupid dynamic torrenting forces on us, where you have to jump on things now or who knows when they will circulate again…so I am grabbing the 1974 project and filing it away, as I did with the 1970 project and the JGB ’78 project as well.

    IMO there needs to be a tracker where membership is maintained not by keeping a certain share ratio, but by adopting some number of filesets permanently, more or less “curating” those shows by guaranteeing that you will keep them seeded for [some percent of the time, X hours per week, or something] as long as your membership lasts.

    IF you had enough people doing that, instead of 300 seeders on the thing that just came out and 1 on the thing from 2 weeks ago, there could be 5-10 seeders on everything all the time. And that’s really all you need.

    I think that’s really the next step but of course who has time to organize such a thing? not me

  15. gus Says:

    @flarr – i’ve been having such a hard time too not listening to the Exile set. when I first discovered how beautiful and amazing Shine A Light was, I probably listened to it 15 times, not exaggerating. i’ve tried to play it less, but it just keeps creeping back on me.

  16. Leo Weaver Says:

    KRI…that’s cool hearing phish tunes at sporting events. depending who the teams are, that may be the best action in the building πŸ˜‰

  17. Leo Weaver Says:

    GREAT idea Mr. C…lemme know when you find the time to get it set up πŸ˜‰

  18. jay Says:

    IMO there needs to be a tracker where membership is maintained not by keeping a certain share ratio, but by adopting some number of filesets permanently, more or less β€œcurating” those shows by guaranteeing that you will keep them seeded for [some percent of the time, X hours per week, or something] as long as your membership lasts.

    Excellent idea! It would give me a major sense of pride to act as a curator. Almost resume worthy πŸ™‚

  19. Mr. Completely Says:

    I do think it would work. But it would require a unique tracker setup. If there’s anyone out there with experience as a tracker admin who is interested in developing the back end, speak up, and we could try to make it real.

    the high points of exile are still blowing my mind on a regular basis. for me, Want To See His Face is the highest moment of all. there sure are a lot of highlights, though.

  20. jay Says:

    Exile and the acoustic set are in heavy rotation right now. Just burned the whole weekend to CDs for my daily commute to work. It is going to take me a couple weeks to completely digest all this yummyness. Torn and Frayed just breaks my heart.

  21. randomreader Says:

    there’s a radio station in philly (88.5 WXPN) that plays First Tube as background music behind most of their pre-recorded announcements, like upcoming concerts and such

  22. Weekapaug Says:

    Hey guys, I made a 35 minute audio mix with highlights from the shows last weekend. Have a listen and let me know what you think… http://www.mediafire.com/file/mjotgjy3knr/Phish Festival 8 Highlights.mp3

  23. Weekapaug Says:

    or try this link http://www.mediafire.com/?mjotgjy3knr

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