Weekend Nuggets: Festival 8


11.1.09 Festival 8, Indio, CA < Torrent

11.1.09 Festival 8, Indio, CA < Megaupload

After the Halloween festivities, Phish ripped one of their strongest two-set shows of the year. Much more to come about this one, but both sets contained highlights galore. The night, and weekend, peaked with a second frame filled with thick, festival-sized dance grooves. A write-up will follow next week. The acoustic set – a story all its own – is included in this download.


11.1.09 (Photo: Graham Lucas)

Acoustic Set: Water In The Sky, Back On The Train, Brian and Robert, Invisible, Strange Design, Mountains in the Mist, The Curtain With, Army of One, Sleep Again, My Sweet One, Let Me Lie, Bouncing Around The Room, Train Song, Wilson, McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters E: Driver, Talk, Secret Smile

II: AC/DC Bag, Rift, Gotta Jiboo, Heavy Things, Reba, The Wedge, Guelah Papyrus, Undermind, Sparkle, Split Open & Melt

III: Tweezer > Maze, Free, Sugar Shack, Limb By Limb, Theme From The Bottom, Mike’s Song > 2001 > Light > Slave To The Traffic Light

E: Grind, Esther, Tweezer Reprise

Source: Schoeps CCM4V’S(din) > Lunatec V2  >Benchmark AD2K >
Sound Devices 722 (24/48) (Taper – Z-Man)


Jams of the Weekend: 11.1 Set I





Split Open & Melt




“Torn and Frayed” 10.31.09 II


“Suzy Greenberg” 10.31.09 E


99 Albums In 4:20

Here is the mesmerizing video montage of all 99 albums that was played on Halloween before The Exile Set. Eclectic Method, a trio of video remix artists, created the entertaining mash-up. Attached to this segment was a final Rolling Stones clip that is missing. Check it out!

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348 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: Festival 8”

  1. Mr. Completely Says:

    @albert, that Gin is not getting much love, but I really like it.

    Reminds me of the Stash from the day before. Totally contained, always still very much within the song’s normal space, but very well executed with a nice build and peak. Pretty much the definition of 3.0 Phish first set contained jamming done well IMO.

  2. Robear Says:

    Mr. C, when was the last time you slept in? BK: Before Kids ?

    🙂 , I don’t have mine today, but the schedule is built in by now.

  3. Henry Says:

    i second a retiring of suzy for now. i may never be able to hear that song in the same way

  4. fat bastard Says:

    I must be on crack because, and I said this last night, I don’t really dig the Loving Cup from Halloween. I loved the set, but I thought the repitition of the chorus and the horns took away from how they usually go at that song. I know this is anathema at this point but just an honest opinion.

  5. Leo Weaver Says:

    after listening a few more times, I really think Turd on the Run would be a great one to keep around…feels like it’d be a GREAT raging landing pad after a good long type II jam to close a set. even gives a slight nod to the bluegrass stuff some of us have been missing

  6. Paul Says:

    Suzy with the horns just knocks me out. Love watching Sharon Jones getting down.


  7. Leo Weaver Says:

    yeah fb, I have to respectfully disagree with you there (or agree that you’re on crack)…I was very quick to find myself squarely in the “retire it now” camp sitting here listening Saturday night because it was SOOOO good IMO. Yes, it was a departure from the normal Phish version, BUT I think they played it as close to how it SHOULD be played, by Stones OR Phish (or whoever else cares to cover it). I mean, it was just sooo FULL of sound and energy and so “gospely”, which couldn’t have been done without the horns and backups.

    And just DAMN…this I Just Wanna See His Face is the absolute shit. My mind is r e l a x e d….

  8. fat bastard Says:

    I just noticed that my download of the Halloween show has Shake Your Hips as the 8th track, wtf? On the album it is the 3rd track. Anyone else notice this or did I hit the crack pipe again?

  9. Robear Says:

    Leo, I was in a trance during ‘let this music, relax your mind’. What shows r u hitting this fall?

    My little guy had a great night, too.

  10. fat bastard Says:

    yep its the pipe. Copied it wrong…

  11. sumodie Says:

    one week later and I’m still basking in Exile glow!

  12. Robear Says:

    sumodie, any fall shows? I’ll bring the lighter stuff 😉

  13. Leo Weaver Says:

    @rob…looks like I’ll be in NYC from 12/2-7 to visit my sister…just in time for a 3-night MSG run 🙂 …I love how shit works out sometimes! I’ve got a ticket for wednesday, still looking for a Thursday and Friday single to get me in the door. I’ll swing by the table to say hello for sure…about time for another setlist notebook!

    Everyone go support Waterwheel this fall and say hello to Robear! And lemme know if you’ve got an extra for Thursday or Friday 😉

  14. albert walker Says:

    I am in search of both Mr C
    but I admit I rate them equally

    if they are going to go back to the more 91-93 style jamming the point of 91-93 was how tight it was
    2003-2004 was the wide open let it all hang loose open jamming but all the songs were just rushed through which worked at the time

    I don’t know if 91-93 style playing meshes with the sloppy compositions of 2003-2004

    I love huge 2nd set jamming right off the bat like most nights RR
    so they kind of missed in that aspect for me

    best YEM of 2009 hands down though which I love

    you are right though since I saw minimal shows 2003-2004 I do need it a little more tightened for full enjoyment
    what I look for in live music I guess

  15. KWL Says:

    You all are right that 8 did not feature one of those huge jams a la Gorge Sally… and to be completely honest that is what I live for with Phish (I chase the ‘second’ jam: when the original jam dies out and morphs into completely uncharted territory, a ‘second’ jam completely different than what got it there). Best second jam of 2009 imo: Merriweather 46 Days.

    And yet. I was never let down for a moment at 8. Being there, just grooving and dancing through every set, I was never once disappointed. On tape as we look back and analyze, now that the glow and excitement has died down a bit (only a week later!), undoubtedly we will find things we didn’t like, or things we wished would have happened. But honestly, in the moment it was just perfect. I was never once disappointed. And that’s what it’s all about really…

  16. Robear Says:

    Folks, I’ve got to hit Cobo. Waterwheel is sponsoring ‘Greening of Detroit’. No, not that greening, the other greening. It’s a group that tries to bring food growing, and green space to the City of Detroit. Lord knows there are plenty of vacant places in Detroit. Plus, apparently it’s easier to find alcohol, tobacco and lottery tickets in urban areas than it is to find fresh or healthy food. Who’s in charge of this shit?

  17. Robear Says:

    ^great post, KWL. I tried to touch on that on the first page. You’ve got the pulse of this phan. Nice avatar, too!

  18. fat bastard Says:

    Robear surely your not driving again? Does that mean you’ll also be in Cincy?

  19. Robear Says:

    fb, looking for flights right now. Yeah, I’d have to stay for Cinncy.

  20. KWL Says:

    thanks, Robear, that pic was taken from the oasis!

    Hope you can hit Cobo. Wish I could. With tickets less than $10 on stubhub, it is shaping up to be a big time sleeper and potentially monster tour opener.

  21. halcyon Says:

    Morning Robear. I recently listened to a show talking about urban farming in Detroit and its rise. Here are some links which discusses the movement to grow local. That is great to hear about Waterwheel’s involvement in this issue.


  22. albert walker Says:

    don’t assume I feel differently
    I play music so analyzing is like looking at a sporting teams performance after the fact
    I would not spend thousands of dollars and all my vacation time if I did not have the time of my life at the shows
    I come from the jazz school where discussion and criticism of music and performance is not a negative of thing but enjoyabe

    I’ve said I had one of my most enjoyable Phish weekends ever in Indio.
    Two totally separate things for me too.

  23. albert walker Says:

    It’s kind of like first leg
    had the time of my life, would not trade the experiences for the world

    but I rarely listen to them if I’m just chilling and puffing at the crib

  24. fat bastard Says:

    well Robear see you in cincy I hope in 13 days!

  25. Robear Says:

    si’! I blew it not buying a ticket sooner. Where are the cheap flights in this recession?

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