Weekend Nuggets: Festival 8


11.1.09 Festival 8, Indio, CA < Torrent

11.1.09 Festival 8, Indio, CA < Megaupload

After the Halloween festivities, Phish ripped one of their strongest two-set shows of the year. Much more to come about this one, but both sets contained highlights galore. The night, and weekend, peaked with a second frame filled with thick, festival-sized dance grooves. A write-up will follow next week. The acoustic set – a story all its own – is included in this download.


11.1.09 (Photo: Graham Lucas)

Acoustic Set: Water In The Sky, Back On The Train, Brian and Robert, Invisible, Strange Design, Mountains in the Mist, The Curtain With, Army of One, Sleep Again, My Sweet One, Let Me Lie, Bouncing Around The Room, Train Song, Wilson, McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters E: Driver, Talk, Secret Smile

II: AC/DC Bag, Rift, Gotta Jiboo, Heavy Things, Reba, The Wedge, Guelah Papyrus, Undermind, Sparkle, Split Open & Melt

III: Tweezer > Maze, Free, Sugar Shack, Limb By Limb, Theme From The Bottom, Mike’s Song > 2001 > Light > Slave To The Traffic Light

E: Grind, Esther, Tweezer Reprise

Source: Schoeps CCM4V’S(din) > Lunatec V2  >Benchmark AD2K >
Sound Devices 722 (24/48) (Taper – Z-Man)


Jams of the Weekend: 11.1 Set I





Split Open & Melt




“Torn and Frayed” 10.31.09 II


“Suzy Greenberg” 10.31.09 E


99 Albums In 4:20

Here is the mesmerizing video montage of all 99 albums that was played on Halloween before The Exile Set. Eclectic Method, a trio of video remix artists, created the entertaining mash-up. Attached to this segment was a final Rolling Stones clip that is missing. Check it out!

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348 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: Festival 8”

  1. sumodie Says:


    Damn, y’all are educating me even on a Saturday night

  2. albert walker Says:

    I think it is the first YEM with an actual jam
    not just the organ solo, bass solo, Trey wailing thing

    my fav jam of the weekend
    not blow the doors out YEM but def heading in the right direction

  3. Lycanthropist Says:

    listen to Jump Monk here:

  4. albert walker Says:

    obviously first jam of YEM in 2009 not first ever

  5. Lycanthropist Says:

    yeah that was a true YEM for sure. nothing breathtaking, but a real solid jam nonetheless

  6. Lycanthropist Says:

    re: Stash/Mingus

    I believe Trey simply said he took the chordal movement idea from this song.

    In either case, there is definitely a swing jazz influence to Stash, its what gives it that great movement and adventure sound.

  7. Lycanthropist Says:

    also if you havent seen this version of Stash, do yourself a favor and check it out:

  8. albert walker Says:

    I’m a hack I can read the charts and find them
    but the theory behind stuff like that starts getting a little over my head
    def great to improvise over
    even Trey plays some simple pentatonic stuff that sounds great
    could get real out there over that progression also

  9. beepaphone Says:

    Holy shit this funk mix is off the hook. Thanks, Mr. C! Now just to figure out the album art….

  10. butter Says:

    Thanks Miner for the Video Mashup. It was super psychedelic and totally caught me off guard. The Lucy had kicked in good and seeing/hearing/feeling that really blew my mind while providing mad visual stimulus.

  11. joe Says:

    that stash vid is awesome. I am officially in love

  12. butter Says:

    I went to a fundraiser party/dinner for MPP (marijuana policy project) last night. Its a great organization that is helping to decriminalize and regulate marijuana. They have an annual fundraiser at the Playboy mansion in LA that i hit up this June. Here is their website. They are a great organization to support if you are into people not being criminally prosecuted for marijuana.


  13. joe Says:

    working on saturday night sucks. extra night @msg to be paid for with the overtime money I make tonight helps to ease my mind about being here.

  14. ThePigSong Says:

    I’m looking for an external HD, and figured this would be the place to go for suggestions. I’m looking for at least 500 gigs and my budget tops out around 100 bucks. Suggestions?
    Thanks ahead of time…

  15. Marshall Says:

    Wow Lycan, I am so glad I watched that Youtube video of stash. Only thing missing was CK5s lights. Ann Marie has got mad skills.

  16. butter Says:

    @pig – stretch it and get 1 terabit

  17. Mr.Miner Says:

    Western digital externals have worked well for me

  18. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    western digitals have failed twice for me (terabytes)

  19. Weekapaug Says:

    yeah, I’ve had problems with Western Digitals on my Vista system. You can get a Terabit HD at Staples for 90 bucks right now I think.

    I just can’t stop listening to the Slave from Festival 8. Beautiful beyond words.

  20. Marshall Says:

    My WD MyBook has been a POS since the day I bought it.

  21. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    that sounds about right marshall

    im using a lacie terabyte right now. they work great even though theyre kinda ugly lol

  22. joe Says:

    I’d never seen this interview they did with David Byrne. Hard to believe this was only 11 years ago.


    david byrne seems really amused by fishman.

  23. sumodie Says:

    @PigSong: Yup, 1 terabyte is the way to go (minimum). Because of Miner’s wonderful taste in music, I had to buy my first one a couple months back. Through Amazon I got an iomega desktop 1 TB HD for around $100 -and it’s a bit stylish taboot.

  24. sumodie Says:

    Getting crushed by ween YEM right now…already a week ago now…sigh…

  25. ThePigSong Says:

    Thanks for the suggestions, I was leaning towards 1tb but figured I’d only need 500 for now, I guess you guys confirmed my need for 1tb. I can’t believe I’ve held out for so long, last winter when I found this site I was addicted to the downloads. It was like ’03-’04 when I found out about e.tree. I’ve reigned in my addiction to D/L of the Day in the last few months due almost exclusively to space.

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