Miner’s Picks – Fall ’09

Madison Square Garden (Brian Ferguson)

As we turn the page from Fall Tour and begin to look towards Miami, I have compiled the latest installment in the Miner’s Picks series – “Fall ’09.” This time around, you’ll find some repeats throughout the eight-hour highlight reel due to Phish’s proclivity for using similar vehicles throughout the run. The band chose their weapons for  this tour and slayed them each time out, playing some of the most engaging jams from similar launchpads. Providing a legitimate summary of the past tour, “Miner’s Picks: Fall ’09” arrives just in time for the holidays to spice up any dinner or cocktail party. Enjoy the psychedelia with your holiday cheer, and get ready for a Miami New Year!

MINER’S PICK’S: FALL ’09 (ALL) < Torrent

MINER’S PICK’S: FALL ’09 Pt.I < Megaupload

MINER’S PICK’S: FALL ’09 Pt.II < Megaupload

1-4. “Tweezer > Light > Train > Possum” 11.20 II

5. “46 Days” 11.18 I

6. “Undermind 11.29 I

7. “Reba” 12.4 I

8-10. “Rock and Roll > Ghost > If I Could” 11.21 II

11,12. “Disease > Twenty Years Later” 11.24.II

13,14. “Piper > Tomorrow’s Song” 11.27 II

15. “Split” 11.21 I

16,17. “Seven Below > Twist” 12.4. II

18.19. “Light > Slave” 12.2 II

20. “Harry Hood” 12.5 II

21,22. “My Friend > Golden Age” 11.27.II

23,24. “2001 > Bowie” 12.3 II

25-28. “Mike’s > Simple > Slave > Weekapaug” 11.24 II

29. “YEM” 11.20 II

30-32. “Disease > Piper > Fluffhead” 12.3 II

33. “Bathtub Gin” 11.24 I

34. “Birds of a Feather” 11.25 II

35,36. “Seven Below > Ghost” 11.28 II

37. “Stash” 11.22 I

38. “Antelope” 12.5 II

39-42. “Tweezer > Light > Piper > Free” 12.5 II


Jam of the Day:

“Carini > Wolfman’s” 12.28.98 II


On the darkest day of the year, here is some Phish to accompany the mood.



11.25.09 Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA < Torrent

11.25.09 Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA < Megaupload

Philly (B.Ferguson)

I: Kill Devil Falls, 46 Days, Sugar Shack, Halley’s Comet > The Divided Sky, Sleep Again, Ocelot, Train Song, Wilson, Run Like an Antelope

II: Birds of a Feather, Farmhouse, Tweezer, You Enjoy Myself, Esther, Time Turns Elastic, Tweezer Reprise

E: Oh! Sweet Nuthin’

Source: Sennheiser MD441U > Edirol R4Pro ( Oade preamp mod ) @ 24/88.2

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626 Responses to “Miner’s Picks – Fall ’09”

  1. beepaphone Says:

    Army of One, Waste, Secret Smile, Prince Caspian, Wading, Friday, Thunderhead, Bouncin, Mexican Cousin, Mountains, etc.

    Pick 2 or 3 that you like. You are required to hate the rest. I didn’t make the rules.

  2. albert walker Says:

    I would agree
    if an old fan wanted to see what 2009 had to offer

    MSG Light, Maine Undermind, Cinci Split

    these would be the 3 that show the tightness and crative direction that 2009 has been heading

    Albany II is great but more of an excursion for those of us that have been listening to 2009 from the start

  3. Mr.Miner Says:

    wading, caspian, thunderhead, mist me likes

    waste, army of one, friday me no like

    mexi cuz, bouncin = indifferent

  4. gratefulcub Says:

    Waste & Caspian, but I have a hard time working up a good hate for any phish tune.

  5. beepaphone Says:

    Miner likes thunderhead…Finally I get a second.

  6. Mitch Says:

    I’m getting caught up reading and I’m noticing the trend of ’03 bashing on here. Maybe in the new year when you get some time you should do some ’03 love to school all these nay-sayers. I am a huge advocate of ’03 and think there are PLENTY of gems to share. I know you’ve already written a lot, and I’ve read it all; but as your site grows, I don’t think everyone has gone back and read all of your past posts.

    Also, I’ve been listening to both MSG and Philly Rebas lately and am still partial to the Philly. I’ll listen to them today if I can and see what stands out.

  7. HarryHood Says:

    Man, that Jennifer Dances is a great tune…….. 😉

  8. albert walker Says:

    just because there are parts of 03 I find unsettling it is far from bashing

    a lot of kids got off in 03 and we did have our reasons
    not just blindly hating

    I think we have all stated that their were waves of insane brilliance in most 2003 perfomances

  9. Mr.Miner Says:

    @ Mitch
    MSG Reba just packs a much tighter, well-phrased punch to me….Reminds me of the glory days, when Philly reminds me of a great current Reba

    03 def doesn’t get its due, i could sit here and rattle off a list of SICK jams that would dwarf a list of great jams in 09…just saying….

  10. Mr.Miner Says:

    fwiw, i may be one of a handful of fans that really likes Jennifer Dances….never really understood why THAT one was singled out by people….if given the space to grow, the jam could be a “Slave-esque” build…been saying it for years…hate of you want, just saying….

  11. albert walker Says:

    have to clean up the base first
    had to be done

    the foundation was crumbling beneath them
    rebuilding from ground up was def needed especially after 5 more years off

    it as if the jams were running from the ground that was crumbling beneath them

    but yes on a jam by jam basis 03 would blow away 09 for insanely heady jams

  12. butter Says:

    Wow – good morning – cuban neckties, secret smiles

    Happy Winter Solstice All

  13. albert walker Says:

    great 1st set today so far huh butter

  14. Corey Says:

    My wife was in an accident as has turned her passenger seat into the driver’s ed. chair, as if there were another set of brakes on the floor.

    She doesn’t want to drive. I try, to no avail. She also has that learned in Europe thing ta boot. It is a bit different, if you grew up over there. Drivers are nuts everywhere you go.

  15. Corey Says:


    Cincinnati’s was: patient, repetitive, cohesive in its simplicity.
    They also carried that simple repetitive section into their vocal section, and worked it a bit. To me that gets extra points. Their vocal work was more creative here, humorous. And they gave us kisses at the end. How nice was that?

    New York’s was: faster paced, driven more with Trey’s solo work. But I didn’t really think his playing was that intense or creative here. And the vocal jam seemed to end abruptly.

    That said, Albany was better than both.
    SCREAMING CATS, man, screaming cats.

  16. albert walker Says:

    although it feels like a long shot

    I think Mike’s may be the next song that get kicks into the next gear in Miami

    I still want a Runaway Jim in the 2nd that goes type II

  17. Corey Says:

    And for those of you whining about encores, Albany was it.
    No complaints there. Not one mean face the whole way out of the Crown.

  18. jay Says:

    jiboo from 12/28/03 absolutely smokes!!!! Chills man.

  19. albert walker Says:

    Glide, Camel Walk, Alumni Blues, Tweeprise = 7/24/99

    the encore of encores
    the encore that just kept giving

  20. jay Says:

    jiboo is the perfect song for 2003. Killer launching pad, groove oriented, no real complicated transitions. Just take it to the stratosphere.

  21. flarrdogg Says:

    I’ve never understood the bad rap for Caspian, or Wading. Personally, I’ve (secretly/shamefully!) always liked those songs. Mexican Cousin, Army of One, and Thunderhead could disappear forever and I’d be totally okay with that.

  22. gratefulcub Says:

    I won’t apologize for my love of Caspian:)

  23. jay Says:

    @flardogg – see beepaphone’s rules. Will clear it all up.

  24. jay Says:

    Velvet Sea can die a horrible death and I will not shed a tear.

  25. cal Says:

    Hell yeah, aw. I always defend that show, as ugly as it was at times, and not just because of the encore, but COME ON, that was ridiculous.

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