Happy New Year!

12.29.09 (W.Rogell)

Over the final three nights of 2009, Phish played some of their finest music of the year in a triumphant exclamation point on their comeback. Attacking Miami from all angles, the band dropped some year-defining jams, a plethora of bust-outs, and top-notch versions of nearly every song they played. Boasting an obvious confidence in every part of their game, Phish tore apart their return to American Airlines Arena with incredibly engaging nights of music . We will take a set by set look at the last three shows of the year beginning Monday, with big-picture analysis to follow.

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175 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. neemor Says:

    I heart Pac Man.
    I guess.
    But that 12/31 Ghost>Dentist’s Office is ridonkulous.

  2. neemor Says:

    How about that Lifeboy?
    Wow. These discs will get so much car play, I may burn a cd out by next summer.

  3. neemor Says:

    Nailed yet another Antelope.
    Boogalope is wonderful.

  4. chefbradford Says:

    neemor- as I said earlier, Lifeboy always gets me by the heart-strings…and the Boogalope is magnificent, hilarious, and completely on-point throughout

  5. neemor Says:

    Yeah, chef…
    I’m just skipping song to song and everything I hit is perfect…it’s really silly.

  6. joe Says:

    update on the positive energy I requested…didn’t come through in the way that I’d hoped. Broncos and Eagles are now on my “enemies” list. Did finish in 3rd out of 60’something. Good for about $600. Guess we can’t complain about any kind of free money (although $1800 would have been nicer!)…anyway, listening to the nye right now (just done with disease, into gag) and it seems as though fishman stepped up his game during this run. I know there were some concerns about him being the one holding back the unit, unfounded or not. It definitely seems like he was putting out much more energy in the jams this time to my non-drumming ear.

  7. chefbradford Says:

    Nothing silly about perfection, bud

    If you’re familiar with Smashing Pumpkins at all (I like them, not huge into them), check out my post at the bottom of page 6, tell me what you think. I’m just curious, is all

    The Boogalope is, I think one of those “all-time”ers that’s been thrown about lately

  8. joe Says:

    listening to the “new drummer” reminds me of the last show at Great Woods before coventry when they brought the girl up from the audience to sing smokey robinson.

  9. neemor Says:

    I mentioned the same thing yesterday, any doubters…listen to Fish closely…he’s got it back (if it ever left).

    I’ll check out p6.

  10. neemor Says:

    Phish only covered it once, and it was a dark mood setter, that’s for sure.
    I’ve been wishing they would play it again since hearing them do it….very ominous tune.
    I think it was the summer ’98 Cover Tour, if not mistaken.
    Great stuff.

  11. neemor Says:

    Melts faces, if I recall correctly.

  12. chefbradford Says:

    neemor- if you’re referring to the Rhino I spoke of earlier, yeah, it was August 3rd or thereabouts, 98. Ominous, dark, f’damn sure. But I think now they could play it, and not just jam it, but take it through the darkness and into some sort of redemptive jam, something wholly triumphant

    Not at all saying that they will, just saying it’s something I think they could do, and do well

  13. neemor Says:

    Right now, chef…they can do no wrong.
    Everything they play.
    Swept Away>Steep>Demand….
    My Holy Grail song, and to have Swept>Steep go into it (two others I chase) was like it was for me….
    My life is literally complete after Phish ’09.

  14. chefbradford Says:

    Ah yes…I heard that set for the first time today, very nice, and very happy for you (and all of us really; any surprise like those bodes well for us all)

    Still, an unbound Rhino could be the next Drowned or Roses, no matter how unlikely

    Really I’m just pumping hopes/dreams of next summer, without any real regard for reality


  15. neemor Says:

    Reality is over rated.

  16. chefbradford Says:

    totally agreed, but it must sometimes, unfortunately, be observed

    that’s what I use music, live or otherwise, for, an escape from reality, even if it’s in the confines of my own head. Especially then!

  17. neemor Says:

    The bass groove Mike locks into early in the Ghost is fucking legendary.

    Trying a new avatar of a great shot of Page, if no one else grabs it…

  18. neemor Says:

    I like the band’s reference to “confiscating the nitrous tanks” out side the venue, lust the playing of Nitrous….good shit.
    They want it to disappear as much as the rest of us!

  19. neemor Says:


  20. neemor Says:

    The bass groove Mike locks into early in the Ghost is fucking legendary.

  21. neemor Says:

    Boy, I did pretty well on the calls on 12.31!

    After calling Demand,

    “Disease will be a monster tonight, YEM, too.

    Seven Below. Ghost.”

    The Disease was a NYE insanity catapult, the -7 came from the Demand and the YEM was solid, if not a true monster….and how ’bout that Ghost>NO2?

    I might be Mike.

  22. chefbradford Says:

    neemor- if you’re Mike, well, I’m glad somebody is checking this board

  23. Kenny Powers Says:

    @ Big E (in case you’re reading this thread still),

    The Sanza Fuze (and possibly Clip) is FLAC-compatible w/ a firmware upgrade. There a a couple other too which names escape me…do a Google search for FLAC portable players.

  24. Big E Says:

    Thanks, will check it out.

  25. Jerm Says:

    They opened Deer Creek 98 with Rhinocerous.

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