Happy New Year!

12.29.09 (W.Rogell)

Over the final three nights of 2009, Phish played some of their finest music of the year in a triumphant exclamation point on their comeback. Attacking Miami from all angles, the band dropped some year-defining jams, a plethora of bust-outs, and top-notch versions of nearly every song they played. Boasting an obvious confidence in every part of their game, Phish tore apart their return to American Airlines Arena with incredibly engaging nights of music . We will take a set by set look at the last three shows of the year beginning Monday, with big-picture analysis to follow.

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  1. Mr. Palmer Says:

    great post Big E! Welcome aboard

  2. BingosBrother Says:

    What up E? Great to have ya!

  3. Weekapaug Says:

    Wow, I’m loving this second set from NYE. Started reading the Phish Biography today. Author writes about Coventry “the only thing worse than being there was not being there” lol

  4. jdub Says:

    Nice Big E

    it’s stories like yours that make me feel better about my phish obsession while my wife tells me to grow up. This website and community have enabled me to dive into phish like I never had before.

    In 09 phish replaced sports as my hobby. It has been a blast following the rebirth of phish through the eyes of Miner and all you posters. I found the website shortly before the band announced the comeback. The site has evolved much the same the band has, each tour bringing about a higher level of participation and community. Miner has become the Dan Patrick of the phish world, phishthoughts being my daily sportscenter.

    I like phish more than my sports teams now because it’s more fun to follow winners and phish wins all the time. Miami was the world cup and phish ran away with cup, they even closed the run with a nod to the loving cup that they worked hard all year to win. They succeded in winning over even the most critical fans (nothing wrong with being critical, just shows how big the win was)

    rant done, enjoy the rest of your sunday.

  5. joe Says:

    ok, this is a selfish post by me but I could use some collective positive energy this afternoon. need a few breaks to win my football pool for the year for around $1800. car needs major work and this would really help me to make 2010 a good year…I know it is not really how positive energy should work but I’m desperate

  6. BTB Says:

    Cool beans Big E. I’ll keep an eye out for the F-350

  7. BrandonKayda Says:

    I really love Trey’s thank you speech (Blue Moon).

    This thing that they have here in Phish 3.0 is sacred, and we can’t ever take it for granted

  8. BTB Says:

    “he confiscates your nitrous tanks”

  9. butter Says:

    safely aboard the jamcruise

    about to sail into the caribbean sea

    i need a nap

  10. voopa Says:


    Miner used the palm trees & seagulls line in an Indio post:

  11. fromthetub Says:

    @jdub – how’s it going? Even though I’m not a big sports fan, this is exactly how I feel “it’s more fun to follow winners and phish wins all the time”. πŸ™‚

  12. Robear Says:

    Just listening to the ‘paddelmike’ pull from 12/30/09

    Serious ‘Soul Shakedown’

    Pretty clear we were in for IT. Cactus loving the effects peddle. I think the ‘Undermind’ from Portland helped lay the foundation for some serious bass bending.

    Sitting on this plane with a big shit eatin’ grin re: ‘Jesus Just Left Chicago’ Scorching. Awesome vocals by he who should sing more.

    Time to check the booth. No wait, Mike’s singing. What the heck is this? ‘Dixie Cannonball’. Slick: Reggae, Jim Jam, Blues now Bluegrass πŸ™‚ I like this band.

    More blues! My son’s song, ‘Got a blank space where his mind should be’. geez, no time to check the booth yet. Oh well, I was up at 9 a.m. for the mock show. How many Clif Bar and Sobe Green Tea meals have I had? Too many to count. Unreal, these cats are going from zero to the pocket on every tune…..

    What’s Trey singing, OMFG!!! ‘Corinna, Corinna’, church is in session. Uplifting. The booth will have to wait…….again. Only thing more fun that seeing that live was hearing Cities sing along to the soundboards in the hotel on the 31st. Home girl has a voice! More piano solos in ’09 than I ever remember. The orchestral training is rubbing off, in a goooooood way. I think they’ve been practicing. Not a speck of rust. Can you get tossed off a plane for spontaneous arm waving and facial bliss?

    Playing to the crowd, ‘THis is for you back there, buddy’ Whoa, intense. What is this? Know I’ve heard it before, wtF! Is the Arena being invaded by Aliens? They can jam this all night, if they want to, if they want to.

    Is this really happening? The jewel of Wilson’s foul domain. Where have you been. I tap these two overly cute southern belle’s on the shoulder and say, this one’s for you two!

    pause, time. Denver airport.

  13. pfapfap Says:

    Miner, your site has been invaluable to me, starting with the nospoilers of Hampton. You’re a fan who can love the band with a critical ear, a breath of fresh air among sux/roolz conversations, and I shall continue to enjoy your insightful perspectives.

    As a loooong-time Phish fan myself, I’m having a hard time convincing myself this wasn’t one of their best years ever, with the added bonus of being on an upward trajectory, with a sense of purpose and perspective that’s been lacking for almost two decades.

    The fearless creativity of their teenage years may be gone, but their musicianship cannot be compared, not even to their younger selves. It’s a glorious time to be a fan.

  14. Big E Says:

    Yeah, It’s kind of funny. My wife and I pulled into the hotel at UVA with this big ass crew cab truck and some obvious heads were standing outside and someone said Hey, he’s got the original tag”, and immediately I am thinking, these kids think I am an old Phish head, from 25 years ago and (he must have seen 400-500 shows over the years, since I do not look 30 years old). 40 maybe on a good day. Nobody really said anything to me about the tags except “hey nice tags”, but I had a chuckle about that just wondering what they were thinking when they saw this “old guy” with Phish tags on this tank of a truck.

    But what is cool is I could probably pull off the notion that I have seen them since inception, because of the clear descriptions I have read from those who have been there. That is the beauty of this site and others, in that I can actually “feel” what was happening at a particular show just from the descriptive analysis given by people who were there. That and reading the bio, which I am halfway through already. But the pure passion that is evident here and other places is addictive if you like music like I do. I had that same passion for Led Zep back in the mid late 70’s in high school so I do understand the “life changing” moments some speak about when describing certain songs, shows or events. Hell, Stairway to Heaven was the theme for my senior prom, and it had just come out that year. The guitar solo from Jimmy at the end of that song used to cause transendental moments back in the day, much like what happens now with Trey. I love comparing certain Phish songs with stuff I listened to then. even the Puterbaugh bio makes mention of the influence of these early bands on Trey and I swear there are times when I hear Genesis all over again in one song in particular, the name of course escapes me at the moment. I will think of it later, senior moment.

    I hope no one is offended that an old geezer likes Phish. Sometimes things are hard to understand, but when you feel it, you feel it.

  15. fromthetub Says:

    I’m just getting settled in back in CA, collecting my thoughts and am remembering some random funny events from the week.

    So on the 30th we were on the floor and ended up walking out right behind “Rich” and the vac (He was holding onto it for dear life, but yes I got to touch it, ha.). They routed you out through a maze of hallways essentially under the venue with separate security, etc. As we are walking out the exit, this is what went down:

    Security Lady 1: Now how did he sneak THAT in here?

    Security Lady 2: I think he stole it. Where did he take it from?

    Me: The band gave it to him.

    Security Lady 1+2: Ahhhhh… (surprisingly not shocked at all.)

  16. whole tour! Says:

    Did anyone in Miami meet that guy who was wearing the track suit w/ the glowsticks on it? The neon man! I actually was in his section up top for a while. You could see him no matter where you were in the arena.

  17. albert walker Says:

    safe travels Butter
    have some fun for us kids back in babylon come Monday

    been spinning 12/31 all day in the car
    the piper and the ghost are just beautiful

    16 minutes of rocked out DWD

    what a night

    every time I doubt this band they come with something I would never expect.

    played on a higher plane than I ever expected during several jams and gave us a perfect soundtrack to ring in the new year.

    I hear yeah Robear.
    nothing like a spliff and a soul shakedown to get a show going.
    nothing like it

  18. colonel forbin Says:

    Treys speech during bluemoon really proves how much better things are now than they were and how happy all of them are. The best part for us is that it really shining through in their music. This News Years Run should silence any doubters who were still around after this summers Red Rcoks and Gorge shows and this falls Tour plus 8. they realy brought the fuckin heat to miami and i dont think anyone could be happier. The last two nights have been on pretty much constantly since i got home from florida. cant wait for summer tour ’10

  19. fromthetub Says:

    @Big E – great story. A lot of us are on the “older” side now (my first shows were in ’92) and there are also some younger phans here as well. A great mix of like-minded folks. You said it best: “when you feel it, you feel it.” Welcome! πŸ™‚

    @Robear – I mentioned this yesterday but I think you were gone for the night… I tried to stop by the Waterwheel table on the 31st, Page side sec. 120, but couldn’t find it! Ha! I looked and looked. Maybe next year! Anyway, happy new year to you and yours.

  20. SDub Says:

    Top 5 songs you’d love to see jammed out unusually long (a la Miami GBOTT) in ’10?
    1.The Wedge
    4.Heavy Things (almost happened!)

  21. Robear Says:

    @ Fromthetub, we closed down Waterwheel at the start of set II on the 31st. Thanks for trying!

    The new camera worked?

    Great Posts Big E-z!

    Muzak. Love it.

    Did my colonel Forbin scale up to AW and Butter’s club level seats. It was over the top comfort, luxury, view, and sound.

  22. Robear Says:

    lmfao @ Harryhood’s no spoiler experience! Don’t feel bad, at the end of ‘Fluffhead’, half the kids in our club box were still confused.

    “She’s only been playing for 6 months?”

  23. Weekapaug Says:

    If anyone is interested, here is a link to the Furthur NYE Countdown>Golden Road.

    Here they are playing Time (Pink Floyd). Who would of thought!

    Still buzzing from this incredible show

  24. fromthetub Says:

    @Robear, yes, that is exactly when I tried to find it. We were on the floor sets 2+3 on NYE but only by using mind-tricks so I only left once. New camera is wonderful! Travel safe.

  25. SillyWilly Says:

    Good evening, every one!

    Ive been away from the board for a few days, but I am back at my parents home in Iowa. (Its -5 here) I had a great time listening to the hoodstream re-streams in the mornings after the shows and chatting with everyone.

    A little computer advice?

    I got a new macbook for Christmas and Im wondering about a good flac converter. I used to use Winamp with my PC, should I go back to Winamp or is there a better one?

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