Weekend Nuggets: Memories of Miami


“Swept Away > Steep > jam” 12.31 I (HD)


“Tela” 12.30 I (HD)


“Ocelot” jam 12.29 I (HD)


“Reba” jam 12.29 I


“The Curtain (With)” jam 12.30 II

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656 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: Memories of Miami”

  1. joe Says:

    cool Kenny 🙂

  2. nonoyolker Says:

    Happy Sunday everyone! One last day for the common man to put up his dogs, crack a cold domestic, and ‘lax before returning to the tedious banality of the weekly grind. So get your sloth on, Italian spagetti, and enjoy your day.

    Marco – best of luck to your squad, but my Pats got the dirty bird’s number. Going to be a battle though. GAME ON, GO PATS!!!

  3. Kenny Powers Says:

    llfa cub. nah but i don’t blame anyone for being anti-Pats. Belichick has proven to be quite the horse’s ass, genius or not.

    but i’m still rooting for them.

  4. joe Says:

    Unfortunately my tedious banality of the weekly grind begins at 3pm today. Too cold to go to the game today anyway. I’m getting really soft in my old(er) age.

  5. gratefulcub Says:

    I just did the Ray Lewis dance in my living room.

    My wife said “You shouldn’t do that. And, if you do, please wear some clothes next time.”

  6. joe Says:

    Technical question that I posted in the wrong section the other day. Is there an easy was to convert FLAC to mp3?

  7. gratefulcub Says:

    That is little ray ray folks

  8. Kenny Powers Says:

    @ joe if you have a PC i know Trader’s Little Helper does that. If you have a Mac, I know Mitch created a nifty tool to do that, just click on his name i think (?)

  9. joe Says:


  10. nonoyolker Says:

    LLFA!! – cub is heating up (in NBA Jam announcer voice)

  11. nonoyolker Says:

    Fuck, AWFUL start to the game…

  12. Robear Says:

    Starting today’s listening with

    ‘Waves’ from IT in ’03.

    Nice little groove before kick-off. Letting the game get ahead on the DVR. Sucks to pay for TV, and have to sit through commercials. Whose in charge of that shit?

  13. gratefulcub Says:

    I just realized that ‘little ray ray’ could have two meanings. For the record, I was talking about Ray Rice. Although, the other is much funnier.

  14. Andrew Says:

    That was NOT what I wanted to see after first puff today.


    Rice/McGahee – the best tandem in the playoffs.

  15. gratefulcub Says:

    I always tell people, and NFL game is only about 30 minutes. Once you take out the commercials, and you can skip ahead while they huddle, there is not that much left.

    I hate it when someone ruins my tivo game by telling me what happened, so I will stay away from comments about the game until Robear tells he is caught up.

  16. joe Says:

    guess I’m glad I have to go to work later and didn’t plan my day around watching this game.

  17. gratefulcub Says:

    Thats a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for hurting Tom’s feelings.

  18. gratefulcub Says:


    As soon as the wife leaves, I am going silent football with a Miner’s Picks: Laid Back 98 Funk soundtrack.

  19. joe Says:

    sports are much better with the sound off and the music up.

  20. Lycanthropist Says:

    good afternoon everyone!

    @nono – wondering how far you got with CF

  21. nonoyolker Says:

    @ Robear – Waves from IT is sweet. That jam gets deep. My go to is the SPAC ’04 version.

    This game got painful quick. Bout to turn off the announcers myself and hope that the Pats can summon the power of the Miami Ghost through my TV set…

  22. Lycanthropist Says:

    the Dead Kenny Gs delivered once more last night.

    Some new tricks up their sleeves since the last time I saw them.

    M Dillon had a new electric drum pad that made for some great skull fucking sounds.

    They also sang, which is new to me since the last time I saw em. The singing worked sometimes and other times I wanted em to shut up.

    Overall though, they continue to melt faces. Great great show

  23. nonoyolker Says:

    @ Lycan – haven’t had a chance to relisten since thurdsday (??). Went on a solo Wu kick for the weekend. All Ironman, 4 Cuban Linx, Tical, and Liquid Swords for this guy. I’ll spin again at the start of the week. Really dug the song Crepes and Bananas (i think thats the name)

  24. Lycanthropist Says:



  25. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    Protip: Do not mistakenly ax yourself in the ankle with a hatchet a week before you are supposed to run a 1/2 marathon.

    Only a a flesh wound but the bone is still tender. I ran 11 on it yesterday post incident, so I know I am fine. Man, I do do some dumbass shit sometimes in the morning.

    Robear re: NYE Bisco u got mail.

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