Weekend Nuggets: Memories of Miami


“Swept Away > Steep > jam” 12.31 I (HD)


“Tela” 12.30 I (HD)


“Ocelot” jam 12.29 I (HD)


“Reba” jam 12.29 I


“The Curtain (With)” jam 12.30 II

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656 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: Memories of Miami”

  1. Lycanthropist Says:

    #Mr. P


  2. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Lycan- TAB covered the Radiohead song “Knives Out” in ’05 in Richmond ,VA FYI

  3. Mitch Says:

    Hey speaking of tix to Indy. Any Indy locals doing the 500? I think my girl and I are gonna go this year.

  4. Robear Says:

    IT festival was chock full of good jams. Listening to ‘R n R’ right now. Groovy

  5. Andrew Says:

    The Ravens deserved to win this game, they played with unmatched intensity and clearly enjoyed playing at this time of year more than the Pats. Kind of disgusted right now as a fan of NE, not enough grit or fierceness came out today, almost too smug. At least our band shows up to play hard every night 🙂

  6. Mr.Miner Says:

    IT was peak of post hiatus, with a SPAC reprise

  7. beepaphone Says:

    @ Mitch I’m thinking of doing the 500 this year…usually go every 2-3 years or so.

  8. Mr.Miner Says:

    Tower jam = some of the best shit ever

  9. sumodie Says:

    tower jam is probably the most unique piece of performance art ive ever seen. phish at its best! sat in a chair about 150 ft away -so few fans around.

  10. Lycanthropist Says:

    yeah big fan of the Tower Jam

  11. Lycanthropist Says:

    @Mr P

    the guy sitting on the ground during that song (Everything in its Right Place?), is the one manipulating the vocals at the end. The thing I like about Radiohead’s dabbles into electronics is that it is very Floydian in method and ideology.

    They do use a lot of technology and effects, but nothing is pre programmed. They do all the music live. By which I mean, they dont just hit a button to make a loop go on, they are actually hands on manipulating the sound organically.

    To me the same thing can be said about Floyd and their uses of synths and sound effects, and electronics. Its musical, not mathematical.

  12. pagesidehighschool Says:

    I love top ten lists! How about top ten phish shows you’ve seen this decade?

  13. Marshall Says:

    Top 10 Phish Songs:

    In increasing order:
    10. Harry Hood
    9. Divided Sky
    8. Bathtub Gin
    7. Reba
    6. David Bowie
    5. Ghost
    4. Fluffhead
    3. Mikes Groove
    2. Tweezer & Tweeprize
    1. YEM

  14. Marshall Says:

    I realize the ridiculouslness of the above post, but I’ve never actually tried to make that list and figured what they hay. It’s infinitely harder if you assign performances to the list. Almost impossible.

  15. Lycanthropist Says:

    My top ten Phish Songs:

    1. Split Open and Melt
    2. Stash (the old school 93-95 ones particularly)
    3. Run Like an Antelope
    4. Ghost
    5. Reba
    6. YEM
    7. Birds of a Feather
    8. Guyute
    9. Tweezer
    10. Wolfman’s Brother

  16. Lycanthropist Says:

    first time i have tried to go past top 5

  17. Marshall Says:

    12. Harry Hood
    11. Divided Sky
    10. Split Open and Melt
    9. Bathtub Gin
    8. Reba
    7. Run Like an Antelope
    6. David Bowie
    5. Ghost
    4. Fluffhead
    3. Mikes Groove
    2. Tweezer & Tweeprize
    1. YEM

  18. Lycanthropist Says:

    fuck i forgot about maze

    damn lists!

  19. Marshall Says:

    20. Chalkdust Torture
    19. The Curtain With
    18. Backwards Down the Number Line
    17. Suzy Greenberg
    16. Runaway Jim
    15. Harry Hood
    14. Down With Disease
    13. Punch You In The Eye
    12. Piper
    11. Divided Sky
    10. Split Open and Melt
    9. Bathtub Gin
    8. Reba
    7. Run Like an Antelope
    6. David Bowie
    5. Ghost
    4. Fluffhead
    3. Mikes Groove
    2. Tweezer & Tweeprize
    1. YEM

    Still UTTERLY ridiculous.

  20. Marshall Says:

    Maybe I’ll have to make it a Top 50 list. This may really require more thought. Those lists above are NOT in proper order. I’d probably end up with a whole bunch of ties if I were totally honest.

  21. pagesidehighschool Says:

    1. 01/1/2000 Big Cypress: Nuff Said
    2. 07/11/2000 Deer Creek Music Center: Moby Dick!
    3. 08/02/2003 IT: First day was Smokin’
    4. 08/14/2009 Hartford, CT: Something phishy in the air that night!
    5. 02/29/2003 American Airlines Arena: 2nd set was amazing!
    6. 07/07/2000 Star Lake Amphitheatre: Called the Boogie-Bitch during divided break
    7. 09/11/2000, 09/12/2000 Great Woods: Home turf, always a blast
    8. 06/23/2004 Deer Creek: SOLID!
    9. 06/26/2004 Alpine Valley: One of my favorite Ghosts
    10. 08/12/2004 Tweeter Center at the Waterfront, Camden, NJ: First back stage “Clinic” pass, could have called it quits after that night

    It tough to do this without diving into pre-cypress shows

  22. Marshall Says:

    Lists suck almost as much as pockets.

  23. Mr. Palmer Says:

    1. 2-28-03

    nothing else i saw came close this decade. There was magic in the air that night. Don’t sleep on this nights GBOTT either.

  24. gus Says:

    ok I posted this on Musings in a New Year, and i meant to post it here: is there something messed up in my recording of 12/13/97 or do they actually play every song slower? the vocals do sound a little lower, so maybe someone took the recording and just slowed down the tempo

  25. Mr. Palmer Says:

    ’97- welcome to cowfunk. Without getting all technical (leave that to the experts), things were certainly brought down a degree then.

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