Ten Things For 2010

10.30.09 (Photo:G. Lucas)

Now that we are a year into Phish’s third term, and looking into the future, here are ten things, in no particular order, that would be great to see in the upcoming year of Phish.

10. Get “A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing” into rotation! One of the band’s most potent songs has lay in waiting for most all of ’09. Despite one standard version and one standout version, it is time to hear more from this brewing psychedelic tsunami.

9. Pull “Time Turns Elastic” out of the rock concert! In all seriousness, “Time Turns Elastic” is a beautiful piece of music – with an orchestra! When performed properly, the piece possesses a certain power and emotional quality, no doubt. But when translated into Phish, it has proven to be a set- killing bust. Some fans have rationalized a late first-set placement; I say ditch it all together.

8. Return to Indio! How could they not? After the sunniest, most hassle-free festival in Phish history, the band and their management should make sure to stage a sequel. While Limestone was certainly the hallmark of the weekends past, Indio should be the future of Phish festivals. But with its Southern California locale, far away from Phish’s home turf, we shall see what develops. My guess is that we shall meet on the Polo Fields again before the year is out.

7. Develop “Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan.” After an entire year of waiting for this song to explode, the time is ripe for some bombastic exploration. Ever since its debut at Jones Beach, this growling tiger cub has begged to be let out of its cage, but it has yet to see the light of the jungle. Well, it’s about time to come out and play.

The Fox (B.Kisida)

6. Continue playing interesting venues. The diverse locales for Phish shows last year proved to be one of  2009’s most enticing qualities. From Fenway Park, to Asheville Civic Center, and The Fox, to Red Rocks, The Gorge, and Indio, Phish played more than a few unique gigs in ’09. Always welcome to break up the monotony of the amphitheatre circuit, here’s to hoping the band schedules some more special shows in 2010.

5. How ’bout jamming “Halley’s Comet or “Tube?” Enough with the four minute versions, let’s hear some improv! Sure, Phish played one extended “Halley’s” at The Fox during the linear jamming phase of June, but come on now. These are two of the staples that ballooned during the groove era of the late ’90s; have we seen permanent returns to their earlier forms? Let’s hope not.

2.17.97 (Unknown)

4. Lose the blazer, Trey! Since the start of Phish’s “mature” phase of their career, Trey has acquired a black show blazer that he sports quite often. While it is always funny to look up at Red in a sport coat as opposed to Martin the Martian or Pepe Le Pew, when the show heats up, more often than not, the blazer comes off. Why don’t we just start with the T-shit, potentially churning up some first set jamming!

3. Blow up “Mike’s” already! Come now, fellas! This one-time, gargantuan jam vehicle has morphed into a standard eight-minute climax every time out. My harsh reaction to this development stems from my undying love for the sinister pastures of “Mike’s Song,” fields we haven’t grazed in the modern era. All versions of the song remained similar throughout the year, with even the most aggressive outings falling far short of the depths the song once plunged.

"Exile" Phishbill

2. Continue the “Exile” covers! “Shine a Light” seems to have found a spot in the band’s updated rotation, and but after Cincinnati’s “Torn and Frayed,” we are still waiting its return as a jam vehicle with huge potential. Along with “Loving Cup,” it would be great to see Phish infuse “Let It Loose,” among others into sets as well. With one post-Halloween appearance of “Sweet Virginia, the band’s phenomenal Halloween set still contains plenty of songs that would be great to hear.

1.Turn “Golden Age” into a permanent piece of the rotation. Out of  nowhere, Phish covered TV on the Radio’s pop-tronica single during the first night of Albany. Going over incredibly well, with a Phish jam seamlessly woven into the song, this performance seemed like the debut of a song we’d certainly hear again. But no dice. Hard to believe that the band would learn and arrange such a tune for a one-time performance, I think we’ll hear some developed renditions this summer.


Jam of the Day:

AC/DC Bag > Sparkle” 8.9.98 II


One of the memorable jams from a stellar summer of ’98.



8.7.98 Walnut Creek Amp, Raleigh, NC < Torrent

8.7.98 Walnut Creek Amp, Raleigh, NC < Megaupload

I: Water in the Sky, Drowned, Frankie Says, Stash, Brian and Robert, Foam, Bittersweet Motel, Ghost, Colonel Forbin’s Ascent > Fly Famous Mockingbird

II: Chalk Dust Torture > Mike’s Song > Simple > Albuquerque, Limb By Limb, Wading in the Velvet Sea, Weekapaug Groove

E: Funky Bitch

Source: Unknown


803 Responses to “Ten Things For 2010”

  1. Squirming_Nancy Says:

    i got on this thread late since i can only check at night when the kid is asleep. i like miner’s list and totally agree with most of it. INDIO should DEFINITELY be the festival destination. California knows how to party the right way. It’s interesting to hear so variance on TTE. I don’t like to hear it at a Phish show but could enjoy it at a TAB show or as an orchestra piece. i just saw on phish.net that it was voted least favorite song by phans.

    what about Kill Devil Falls? they played it so well in Miami. i was also surprised no one has mentioned putting Pebs and Marbs back in rotation. LIZARDS anyone??? Birds of a Feather? Would love to hear them more regularly. i get tired of Chalkdust and YEM because i have seen them a zillion times.

    re: the thread about girlfriends/wives, i don’t think i could be with someone who wasn’t into phish. i know there are a lot more guys out there into phish but there are plenty of really cool girls too. my husband and i got together partially through phish and similar musical interests. he was kind enough to let me go to miami and stay home with the kid. i think he was jealous every night when he saw the setlists but he got to see more of the indio shows while i stayed in the RV putting her to bed. phish has been such a big party if my life for so long, i don’t see how it would work with someone who doesn’t understand it and isn’t into it.

    just listening to this boogie like an antelope again from 12/30…so fine!

    miami 12/29 = bets heavy things ever!

  2. Squirming_Nancy Says:

    oops i meant big PART of my life not big PARTY. freudian slip there. we are both actually sober now. i had party time back in the day (i feel so old in my late 30s). it sure was fun hanging with the twenty-something crowd in miami. now they can party………….

  3. TJ Says:

    Tons of comments here. I haven’t read a single one.

    RE: TTE It occurred to me the other day that Terrapin Station is similar to TTE in that it’s highly compsed, slightly cheesy, and doesn’t really go well in a live setting in that it’s sprawling and doesn’t command the energy or fire up the crowd. Also, it’s an astonishing piece of music that is beautiful and complex.

    I usually hate to compare the Dead and Phish, but in this case I think it’s relevant because it is really the only analog we have to the current situtation: ie a new very long super composed song without a lot of jamming or high-energy cloggin up the setlists that used to have arrow fests, and open ended, edge of your seat jamming.

    When Terrapin debuted live in 1978 (I think in February) were Deadheads having a similar reaction? Or were they just too peace-loving to do so? Was anyone on here around during that time?

    I agree with Mr. Miner to a large extent that it should be shelved. Then in five years when they bust it out, everyone will love it and think it is so cool(see My Soul)

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