Summer Tour?

Red Rocks (W.Rogell)

While we are still braving the cold of January, rumors of summer Phish have begun to fall from the winter air. After Trey announced a half-year break on New Year’s Eve, nobody thought we’d be hearing any rumblings of rumors and announcements in the first half of January. Without any shows scheduled for the first part of the year, one would expect a full-slate come summertime. While we still have almost five months ahead of us before amphitheatre season officially opens, there is no time like the present to speculate.

Thus far, these are the dates being reported:

  • 6/3-4 Deer Creek
  • 6/5-6 Alpine
  • 6/11-12 SPAC

6.18.09 (M.Stein)

If these dates prove true, we are looking at a cornfield kickoff to summer tour at Deer Creek, a place that has traditionally hosted tour-ending parties. Such an early-season start might suggest another two-leg affair as in 2009, as one would expect Phish to hit most major markets during the summer concert season. With the initial eastward path plotted by these few unconfirmed dates, Phish will likely hit up the Northeastern venues before taking a dip south through the mid-Atlantic. West coast shows might comprise leg two once again, as it seems unlikely the band will criss-cross the country like back in the day. Sure, this is a lot of guess-work based on a couple of rumors, but, hey, it’s January, and things are pretty quiet in the Phish world.

With 2009 behind them, 2010 could represent a musical rebirth of Phish. After logging a solid comeback year, one would imagine that the band will begin to push their music in a new direction. Throughout last year, Phish moved from tighter, rock and roll jams in June to wide-open improv in Miami, reacquainting themselves with their skills along the way. Now it’s time to really open things up, and we’ve only got four and a half months to go…hopefully.


Jam of the Day:

2001 > Antelope” 5.12.94 II


The opening of set II of today’s Download of the Day.



5.12.94 Buena Vista Theatre, Tucson, AZ < Torrent

5.12.94 Buena Vista Theatre, Tucson, AZ < Megaupload

Buena Vista Theatre, Tucson, AZ

Starting off the week with a reader request, this spring ’94 nugget goes out to A. Nelson. Enjoy Monday.

I: Catapult > Rift, Down with Disease, Fee, Maze, Axilla (Part II), Foam, Bathtub Gin > The Lizards, Sample in a Jar

II: Also Sprach Zarathustra > Run Like an Antelope, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Uncle Pen, Fluffhead, Lifeboy, Possum, Hold Your Head UpLove You > Hold Your Head Up, Contact, Big Black Furry Creature from Mars

E: Amazing Grace, Rocky Top

Source: Unknown


678 Responses to “Summer Tour?”

  1. nonoyolker Says:

    @ Hood – I work for a small (though global) consulting group that deals mainly with PROs, some market access work, etc. Hit me up on email if you want to chat it up (nonoyolker at hotmail dot com). Curious to see who you worked for as well, but maybe its better for a side conversation.

    @ Neemor – thought you would dig that. “I’m not afraid to get sand on my tuxedo…” – great pick up line

  2. Neemor Says:

    I guess this puts things in perspective for me.

    I basically did nothing since Phish came back, slacked off to the point where I had a sit-down with every boss I have here.
    And they all decided to keep me.
    ‘Course, a trained aardvark could do my job, but….
    Makes me feel like a bit of a scumbag.

    That’s it….from this day forth….I will be known at work as….(wait for it)

    The Golden Boy.
    I will do no wrong from here on out.
    Once I get my shit straight.
    And only really up until Phish Tour this summer.
    Cuz then, let’s face it…all bets are off.

  3. Neemor Says:

    So, what….is everyone getting ready to go home for the day or is there something big happening on the news?
    Where’d everyone go?

  4. beepaphone Says:

    6/3 Deer Creek would be a hometown/tour-opener/birthday trifecta for me. I hope this one is true.

    Go Colts!

  5. Neemor Says:

    Listening to the boys attack this Fluff from ’94, it’s almost a different song than today.
    But boy, they certainly had their flubs back then.

    I’ll take a tight ’09 version over the rampant ’94 on most days.

  6. Lycanthropist Says:


    definitely putting the screws on my crew to finish up so we can get out of here! LOL..

    I can’t be expected to do ALL their work..

  7. nonoyolker Says:

    I think everyone is worried about their jobs now… time to look productive!

    good to hear Back to the Future holds up, though i am really dissapointed in the lack of advancements in hover board technology. Come on science, quit dragging your feet!

  8. Neemor Says:

    Listen to the *man* cracking the whip!
    Well, excuse me…I’ll just step aside and do whatever the hell it is I get paid to do.

  9. Dr. Pronoia Says:

    Since the topic has been on jobs, and job loss (sorry HH, that blows), do folks out there have drug-testing stories to share?

    Luckily haven’t been burned yet, but the fear of random does up the paranoia factor A LOT…

    Any thoughts? On evasion maybe?

  10. Neemor Says:

    Non: no hoverboard, no…
    However, the trip Doc takes back from 30 yrs ahead (now-ish) uses trash like banana peels and beer with beer can to run the engine…so ….not far off there with biodiesel.

  11. Neemor Says:

    Have it at all times.

  12. BrandonKayda Says:


    Miami GBOTT>>>>>>>>>>Nassau GBOTT


  13. HarryHood Says:

    I love burning one and watching Back to the Future. Actually, my BluRay player up-converts my DVD’s to HD, so it’s an even better viewing experience now…….. Last thing I did before finding out that I wasn’t going to be able to puff for a while. Wednesday night, Puff and watch Back to the Future III. Thursday, no jobby. No more puffin till I figure out the work situation. Who’s got my Yay-o? Oh yea, can’t afford that either……. Sucks to be me.

  14. Dr. Pronoia Says:

    @ Neemor – I heard Goldenseal is a old wives tale… I would be happy to be wrong tho.

    Just thought I’d bring it up bc a lot of you sound like you’ve got the type of jobs (health care, education, finance) with at least initial hire if not random tests. And that just doesn’t jibe with the Phishy lifestyle

  15. Neemor Says:

    Goldenseal worked for this guy who smoked 24 hours before a test.
    Just saying.

  16. nonoyolker Says:

    @ Pronoia – i’ve never had a job that drug tested, but i’ve heard that if you drink a gallon of gasoline every day for a week before your test, you should be straight. But seriously, jobs that randomly drug test, you probably wouldn’t want to work for anyway. Screw them and their precious soberiety…

    @ Neemor – you obviously missed the point of my post: hover boards are awesome. science makes hover boards. i want a hover board. science, you let me down.

    @ Kayda – Miami BOTT is def > that Nassau, though Nassau is pretty good and was a marvel at the time.

  17. Neemor Says:

    Holy Moly, segues lovers.
    The gentle Fluffhead>Lifeboy is one for the Kleenex.

  18. Dr. Pronoia Says:

    @ HH – I know it’s not much consolation, but I’ve read a few very persuasive articles about the 30 days to clean out being wildly overstated and based on old, bad research. Most people clean out much, much faster depending on metabolism and fitness.

  19. Dr. Pronoia Says:

    Ah, its the gasoline + goldenseal combo that does it!

  20. marcoesq Says:

    So I just ran across the street from my office to grab a green tea from 7-11

    I come back and one of my coworkers was sitting at my desk, listening to THE Denver ’97 Ghost and from what I can tell, reading some posts here

    Now understand, she is not a head-listens to big band, but her husband is. He loves Phish and the whole “jam scene,” I even caught a WSP show with him in October

    She starts in about how she loves “this song” but how it was keeping her awake last night and she couldn’t wait to get in and ask me

    I ask her if it was a Phish tune, and she says no, but a band that one of the guys from Phish is in…

    “Traysustaso??” She asks
    “Trey Anastasio?”
    “Yeah, that’s it”

    “Well what song is it?” I ask, thinking she is mistaken and thinking of another band

    Then she starts singing some jumbled lyrics but basically was Last Tube…


  21. BrandonKayda Says:

    Oh no doubt Nono, but all I’m saying is the Miami GBOTT goes far further out there than the Nassau GBOTT, which stays in its rock mold.

  22. Neemor Says:

    Last Tube is a random one to get stuck in the ol’ cranium.
    I could see Drifting, sure… maybe even Let Me Lie…
    There’s no accounting for some people’s taste.

    Denver ’97 is good, btw.

  23. jay Says:

    sorry to hear about your troubles HH. Sucks.

  24. HarryHood Says:

    Off to the gym……. If I’ve got no dough to offer the ladies, at least I can try to win them over with my massive pecs…… Now that’s a joke!

  25. Neemor Says:

    Get Back On The Train
    It will always be GBOTT to me.
    Acronym lovers unite. (ALU!)

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