Summer Tour?

Red Rocks (W.Rogell)

While we are still braving the cold of January, rumors of summer Phish have begun to fall from the winter air. After Trey announced a half-year break on New Year’s Eve, nobody thought we’d be hearing any rumblings of rumors and announcements in the first half of January. Without any shows scheduled for the first part of the year, one would expect a full-slate come summertime. While we still have almost five months ahead of us before amphitheatre season officially opens, there is no time like the present to speculate.

Thus far, these are the dates being reported:

  • 6/3-4 Deer Creek
  • 6/5-6 Alpine
  • 6/11-12 SPAC

6.18.09 (M.Stein)

If these dates prove true, we are looking at a cornfield kickoff to summer tour at Deer Creek, a place that has traditionally hosted tour-ending parties. Such an early-season start might suggest another two-leg affair as in 2009, as one would expect Phish to hit most major markets during the summer concert season. With the initial eastward path plotted by these few unconfirmed dates, Phish will likely hit up the Northeastern venues before taking a dip south through the mid-Atlantic. West coast shows might comprise leg two once again, as it seems unlikely the band will criss-cross the country like back in the day. Sure, this is a lot of guess-work based on a couple of rumors, but, hey, it’s January, and things are pretty quiet in the Phish world.

With 2009 behind them, 2010 could represent a musical rebirth of Phish. After logging a solid comeback year, one would imagine that the band will begin to push their music in a new direction. Throughout last year, Phish moved from tighter, rock and roll jams in June to wide-open improv in Miami, reacquainting themselves with their skills along the way. Now it’s time to really open things up, and we’ve only got four and a half months to go…hopefully.


Jam of the Day:

2001 > Antelope” 5.12.94 II


The opening of set II of today’s Download of the Day.



5.12.94 Buena Vista Theatre, Tucson, AZ < Torrent

5.12.94 Buena Vista Theatre, Tucson, AZ < Megaupload

Buena Vista Theatre, Tucson, AZ

Starting off the week with a reader request, this spring ’94 nugget goes out to A. Nelson. Enjoy Monday.

I: Catapult > Rift, Down with Disease, Fee, Maze, Axilla (Part II), Foam, Bathtub Gin > The Lizards, Sample in a Jar

II: Also Sprach Zarathustra > Run Like an Antelope, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Uncle Pen, Fluffhead, Lifeboy, Possum, Hold Your Head UpLove You > Hold Your Head Up, Contact, Big Black Furry Creature from Mars

E: Amazing Grace, Rocky Top

Source: Unknown


678 Responses to “Summer Tour?”

  1. whole tour! Says:

    The first Grateful Dead hour i ever heard back in like 94 or 95 was the “Rain Special.” The opening montage of rain sounds and rain songs stuck in my head all these years. The show had some great rain songs too:

    LL Rain > Terrapin 10-03-87
    Keys to the Rain (robert hunter solo)
    Weather report suite
    and box of rain

    one of my all time fav GD hours episodes. I think they have it to stream oin

  2. Selector J Says:

    nice, wt!

    Good mix in there. Thinking about playing this version of ‘Coming In From The Cold’ off the “Countryman” soundtrack. It’s a alternate take from the Kaya sessions, I think. Sounnds off. But I like it.

    Now playing:
    Have Mercy
    Mighty Diamonds

  3. whole tour! Says:

    Sounding great selector!!!
    love this tune!!!

  4. Mr. Completely Says:

    …and yes, we get some practice on the “rain mix” front here

    also, “Weather Report Suite” is amazing rain music…see the one in the “Just a Dream vol. 1” mix, it is sublime, my favorite…it’s all about the cycle of life driven by the weather, great early 70s pagan rock…

    “Winter rain, now tell me why, Summers fade, and roses die.
    The answer came; the wind and rain.
    Golden hills, now veiled in gray, Summer leaves have blown away
    Now what remains? The wind and rain.”

    I play this version of this song every year when the weather changes….one of my little rituals

  5. Mr. Completely Says:

    Cinci Split is unstoppable, alpha dog Phish for full grown fans only – POW – love it when the band brings that swagger

  6. Mr. Completely Says:

    wow, Countryman

    what a movie!

    haven’t seen that in…wow, far too long

  7. stitchstash Says:

    You didn’t miss much. Make fun of stitchstash and prank call the radio station guy. That’s all.

    It’s okay. I’m laughing too. I’ll just never show up to any of the meet and greets. That way, my wookette identity will be safe.

    I wouldn’t want to end up on the new PT benefit shirt.

  8. BrandonKayda Says:

    I think that the lyrics to Box of Rain are some of the most beautiful lyrics ever.

    That song as a whole is very personal to me

    Beautiful tune

  9. Mr. Completely Says:

    @Brandon, I absolutely agree, Box is one of the very finest, maybe the deepest of all

    do you know the story of that song? how it was written?

    and – this is a related question, and anyone who knows what I’m referring to please don’t spoil it – you should check out the TV series “Freaks and Geeks” on DVD or On Demand or something. really.

  10. Selector J Says:

    Never seen the movie (Countryman). I need to buy it. The soundtrack is an excellent intro to reggae. Lots of Marley, some Toots, Steel Pulse, a Black Ark tune by Jah Lion, …

    good stuff.

  11. ChefBradford Says:

    I know the story behind Box of Rain

    part of it at least

  12. whole tour! Says:

    Box of Rain
    Brokedown Palace

    My 3 favorite “soul cleansing” GD tunes. The flood of emotion i get from those songs is unexplainable.

  13. Mr. Completely Says:

    wow man, you should check it out

    it’s really pretty dope…almost all the cast was real locals…the plot isn’t the point and it’s cheesy here and there but it’s about the music and the local people…

    the guy who was the star actually became known as “Countryman” and he’s in that “Holding onto Jah” documentary that’s either out or up for soon release, I forget…

    let’s put it this way – my dad spent a lot of time in Jamaica in the 70s, with country rastas, and he loves that movie…says it captures the spirit of the place and time

  14. BrandonKayda Says:

    No I do not.

    I think it has something to do with Phil Lesh’s father dying.

    I am right?

  15. whole tour! Says:

    Good show selector!!!
    i enjoyed it!

  16. Mr. Completely Says:

    yep wt! that’s the deadhead trinity for sure

    amazing that he wrote Brokedown, Ripple and To Lay Me Down in one afternoon

  17. BrandonKayda Says:

    There was a point where I listened to nothing but American Beauty last year for a week. That album is just beautiful.

    I love all three of those songs, know the lyrics by heart.

    If my words did glow…

  18. whole tour! Says:

    Time Will Tell – I LOVE this song!!!!
    Got me through some tough personal times. This song is TRUTH!

  19. Mr. Completely Says:

    yes, Phil wrote the music, sang the melody on a cassette, handed it to Hunter

    he was spending time hanging out with his dad who was dying

    Hunter wrote the words in a single sitting and Phil was able to sing and play it for his dad before he passed

    “in and out a window like a moth before a flame”

  20. Mr. Completely Says:

    yeah man check out Freaks and Geeks then

    American Beauty and Box of Rain figure heavily in the final episode, but you have to watch all 13 or however many eps there are to really get it, so no skipping

    some of the best TV ever

    maybe my single favorite series there’s ever been

  21. BrandonKayda Says:


    That’s incredible Mr C

    It still amazes me that Box of Rain was the very last song Jerry sang before his death

    “Such a long, long time to be gone, and a short time to be there”

  22. BrandonKayda Says:

    Thanks for the tip

    I have heard of that show but have never watched it, figured it was just more high school cheese.

    But I will check it out

  23. whole tour! Says:

    Have a goodnight everyone!

    Believe it or not…i’m still recovering from miami! lol

    Everynight when i go to bed i wake up the next day a little bit more patched together. My back finally stopped hurting this week! I did quite a number on it jumping up and down and doing the hardcore noodle dance in miami. Still getting over a little head cold. The price one pays to go to gamehendge and back!

    night folks!

  24. Mr. Completely Says:

    I know, right?

    If you wrote that in a story no one would believe it

  25. Mr. Completely Says:

    Freaks and Geeks is like the opposite of every cheesy HS show there’s ever been

    it’s what life is actually like, or how I remember it, and a lot of people I know feel the same way…

    pretty painful at times…hilarious at others…and just very very true

    it starts good and gets better with just about every episode, and it’s short

    also, you’ll be amazed how many people from the show are famous now

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