Red Rocks (Photo: Graham Lucas)

Red Rocks (Photo: Graham Lucas)


Jam of the Day:

Mike’s > Faht > Weekapaug” 8.16.93 II




7.15.94 Jones Beach,Wantagh, NY < Torrent

7.15.94 Jones Beach,Wantagh, NY < Megaupload

Jones Beach, Wantagh, NY

I.Rift, Sample in a Jar, The Divided Sky, Gumbo, Foam, Fee,Split Open and Melt, Golgi Apparatus

II: Letter to Jimmy Page > David Bowie, Bouncing Around the Room, Reba, It’s Ice > Yerushalayim Shel Zahav, Dog Faced Boy > Julius, Hold Your Head Up > Setting Sail* > Hold Your Head Up, Runaway Jim

E: Sleeping Monkey, Rocky Top


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  1. fatbastard Says:

    dont worry i have knee jerk reactions, kicks desk

  2. Marshall Says:

    AW – I agree with you about the RR material. When I listened to that album at home when it was released, it affirmed that feeling that Phish was a thing in my past. For that reason, I didn’t even bother to listen to Undermind until after Hampton.

  3. Neemor Says:

    Another case of mistaken identity.
    Is it my new mustache?

  4. whole tour! Says:

    “Was it literally just Trey’s and Page’s substance over-indulgences?”

    Yes, you pretty much nailed it.

    Just watch that NYC letterman performance. Looked like ole red was about to scratch a hole in his neck if he itched that spot anymore. Very sad to watch. I was heart broken at the time.

    2003 was a great year. 2004 was horrendous for the most part.

  5. fatbastard Says:

    yo AW- friday night at the Cubbie bear a friend of mine’s band is playing…might be good might be a little rough. but its a young band with energy and no possers. cute chicks in wrigleyville on friday nights too

  6. whole tour! Says:

    FWIW – all the undermind tunes they brought back in 2009 were outstanding. Way better than the album versions.

  7. albert walker Says:

    There is a slop present in 2.0 some purposeful some not.

    I think some of it was Trey trying to find the unbridled energy of rock bands like Crazy Horse, Led Zeppelin, Velvet Underground, My Bloody Valentine, MC5 and such

    Kind of developed away from the drum-tight prog roots to a let’s get high and see where this shit takes us rock n roll attitude

    The problem was that a lot of their tunes like YEM, Reba, Bowie, Split have composed sections that just don’t fit into the controlled slop of these great rock bands.

    I mean you can make Carini sound that way but not YEM.

    That is why I think 2.0 is troubled but at times brilliant.

    The band was in a current place that the old material just did not carry over.
    Trey was trying to half ditch it as a result and it made for weird times.

    Kind of stuck in between two eras.

    I think if Trey just abandoned the old Phish sound completely it could have been a more interesting era.
    Instead it just held him back from going full forth into his new direction.

  8. albert walker Says:


    I live down the block from the cubbie
    may have to get out for a drink or two

    tend to be a home body these days but sounds good

  9. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    Afternoon check in:
    Nice puffy clouds rolling across the desert floor today. You know, the kind that cast shadows across the landscape for miles at a time that move slow just enough to seem like they are not but really are moving. Peferct afternoon to call in well and go for a hike or take a scenic vista laiden drive.

    I too did not bother to inspect Undermind until after Hampton.

  10. Little Buddy Says:

    AW –

    Interesting take. I never really thought about 2.0 that way but it makes some sense.

  11. Marshall Says:

    Well, I’m glad that I missed it, then.

  12. BigNasty Says:

    Off topic:

    I saw the movie “MOON” last night. Very cool, sci-fi come psychological thriller movie….highly recommend this one. Sam Rockwell plays Sam Bell (and Sam Bell), a lone man on a moon mining outpost at the end of a 3 yr stint. Sam Rockwell does such an awesome job plus the visuals are stunning. Don’t forget to blaze for this one…

    “My Friend My Friend” and “Its Ice” should have been the intro/outro for the movie…

    Carry on…

  13. Guyute711 Says:

    Well, 3 people were laid off at my company today. Only 4 people left. My workload just doubled so I won’t be on here much during the day anymore. Sweet!

  14. EL Duderino Says:

    AW made some good points on the 2.0 era. I could’t agree more about the half-hearted Trey being held back by the past. I would add that Trey was somewhat unable to move forward in his current state at the time. The loss of the Ross and the fender amps were in vein of those ’70’s rock bands. It was uninspired by everyone IMO. Didn’t see any ’04 shows and was very glad I did. Spring ’03 was more excitement for being a band again. That wore off real quick…

  15. jdub Says:

    Nice synopsis of 2.0 AW. That sounds like it makes a lot of sense. 03 had some all time moments but in retrospect those moments were centered around improvisational themes. They could get get out there in a hurry and didn’t seem content on just nailing songs, in fact they were constantly pushing through the structure to find exploratory space. It did make for some incredible musical moments. Obviously 04 was a car wreck considering how it all ended

  16. whole tour! Says:

    summer 03 was epic….imho
    Just for the jams alone.
    I’ve heard it was a “sober tour”…but i highly doubt that.

  17. garretc Says:

    I don’t think I’ve seen any flaming lips discussions on here, but in a crowd of music fans and recreational drug users I have to imagine that at least a few of you are fans, and, accordingly, I will strongly recommend Fearless Freaks, a documentary about them. It’s on hulu, so it’s free, except for the hour forty five you’ll spend watching it. Pretty damn interesting. Talk about celebrities who haven’t abandoned their roots: wayne coyne man… guy still lives in the rundown OKC neighborhood where he grew up… Also some pretty intense anti-drug shit, going along with the strung-out trey thread… The perils of addiction and such…

    @Guyute, that blows, I guess the bright side is that you’re one of the 4 left? Too much work is better than no work, if you’re still pulling in the paycheck, IMO at least… But still, no good

  18. albert walker Says:

    Bottom line is Trey somehow finally convinced himself he was COOL.

    Happens to the best of us

    Just usually we are in our teens or twenties not early 40’s

    I did support the more dirty, open sloppier sound if it worked.
    I dig a lot of bands that play in this manner.
    I just don’t think for Phish it worked very well.

    Maybe it was because they could not get rid of the anchor that is Junta and Lawn Boy.

  19. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    Depending upon your economic reality Over-Employed>Un-Employed

    I myself am Under-Employed. It still has its merits and demerits though.

    Being under-employed also includes underwhelming earnings, for example.

    I am big on work-life balance so it harmonizes for what works for me.

  20. jdub Says:

    I have never been a Flaming Lips fan, I saw them once at a Berkfest years ago and I couldn’t get past all the flamboyant regalia. They are just not my style, but I certainly appreciate their creativity and personal expression.

  21. jdub Says:

    PB, In your case does under employed mean non stressful job. There is a lot to be said for a low stress, especially if you can afford it and enjoy it.

  22. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    Bottom line is Trey somehow finally convinced himself he was COOL

    if people keep telling you you are the best and that everything you do is awesome, eventually you start to believe it. doesn’t make it true.

  23. ChefBradford Says:

    songwriting in on Round Room is under-appreciated, but the actual recorded aspect of it, not so good. Undermind I got when it came out- also some, until recently, under-appreciated material (by fans; critics loved it)

    So, not only is Joe Flaherty in Freaks and Geeks, but Biff fucking Tannen? Score!

  24. Chuck D Says:

    But, but, but…Trey IS the best and everything he does IS awesome, except, obviously, when it’s not.

  25. whole tour! Says:

    Trey has once again regained the throne of being the best in 2009.

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