Red Rocks (Photo: Graham Lucas)

Red Rocks (Photo: Graham Lucas)


Jam of the Day:

Mike’s > Faht > Weekapaug” 8.16.93 II




7.15.94 Jones Beach,Wantagh, NY < Torrent

7.15.94 Jones Beach,Wantagh, NY < Megaupload

Jones Beach, Wantagh, NY

I.Rift, Sample in a Jar, The Divided Sky, Gumbo, Foam, Fee,Split Open and Melt, Golgi Apparatus

II: Letter to Jimmy Page > David Bowie, Bouncing Around the Room, Reba, It’s Ice > Yerushalayim Shel Zahav, Dog Faced Boy > Julius, Hold Your Head Up > Setting Sail* > Hold Your Head Up, Runaway Jim

E: Sleeping Monkey, Rocky Top


Source: Unknown

491 Responses to “Tuesday”

  1. SillyWilly Says:

    i dont live in SC, so i didnt hear it, but I wanted the DJ to have another email in his inbox in an effort to get him to see just how many people love phish.

  2. Neemor Says:

    Commercial radio is for dicks.
    Just saying.

    JOTD and DOTD both classic moments.
    Well done, Miner.

    Jones Beach great venue. Last time there, ate more L than should be allowed and saw things happen. Great night. It was Phil and Friends with the Duo, Trey and Mike. Never found copies of that nights music, but it should probably just stand alone in time for me. Vortex. Slow motion doves. Joan Osborne epiphany. Pre-show music dancing alone with Santana in the nosebleeds. Moment in time.

    Walk down memory lane this morning.
    Cranked the Hartford Disease into work…had my whole body reacting, well.
    Good stuff.

    Can’t wait to see this band again.

  3. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    many DJs make their name by being argumentative and bashing everything. to respond to it is to feed their fire. they get off on it. now he’s thinking, “hey, that got a reaction! I’m gonna do it more!” best advice is to ignore such idiocy. it’s not like we need validation from the mainstream.

  4. nonoyolker Says:

    Just write back:

    Joe Franks,

    Your medium is dead. I guess its back to digging ditches.


  5. Marshall Says:

    Phish doesn’t need radio. Never have. So, it really doesn’t matter. People get turned on to Phish the old-fashioned way: word-of-mouth – the best source of music ever.

  6. SillyWilly Says:

    you guys are all right. i probably shouldnt have ever emailed him. i was feeling quarrelsome last night.

    i meant my email to be relatively harmless. it was only three sentences.

  7. Marshall Says:

    I remember calling 99X in Atlanta repeatedly back in 1996 trying to get them to pump “Free” more. I think they played it the minimum number of times to satisfy whatever label promises they made. I did win front-row tickets to Halloween at The Omni from the morning show though, so my Phish radio experience will always be a good one.

  8. BTB Says:

    Doniac Schvice…

  9. nonoyolker Says:

    That’s funny – the family guy where Stewie and Brian run the radio show was on last night. Brian tries to run a serious show, Stewie turns it into ‘Dingo and the Baby’ and Gore Vidal walks in for a scheduled interview while they are shooting hot dogs at a topless woman in a contest to win a boob job.

    Shock jocks are lame. Phish doesn’t need radio play. Don’t feed their egos by writing in.

  10. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    the other part of it is that (not knowing anything about the station) he was obviously appealing to his normal fanbase who were all nodding in agreement in their cars.

    like breeds like.
    stupid likes stupid.
    dumb is dumb.

  11. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    “from the tongue to the schvice…”

  12. nonoyolker Says:

    Front row Hallween ’96 tix?!?! Damn, go radio!

  13. marcoesq Says:

    Yeah, the reaction definitely warrants his actions, in his book

    “Shock Jocks”

  14. Mitch Says:

    Good morning everyone,
    the move went well. we still have a bunch of small things like dishes and knick-knacks at the other place but all the big stuff is done and we slept in the new place last night. sooooo glad thats over.
    place should be looking good in another week or two and then i can start having people over. who’s coming to trey in nyc??

  15. marcoesq Says:

    Ha, nono, was watching the same one

    “Papa Tom gonna come see me today??”


  16. nonoyolker Says:

    @ marco – the round table discussion with Al Michaels, Harold Ramis, Ray Romano, and Kermit the Frog – awesome

  17. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    what is everybody listening to today?

    I think I need something big today. lots of spreadsheeting and powerpointing to do today. anyone have a great rec? (I listened to this DOTD recently, so not that one!)

  18. marcoesq Says:

    ^ I think I might spin the LP from 10/31/96 after Marshall brought it up

  19. nonoyolker Says:

    @ Type III – I am about to start in on 1999.10.02 from MN. I’ve been in a great ’99 mood these days and this show is solid. Nice Tweezer, Piper, and they destroy a first set Quinn. Rocked 1999.09.29 set 2 yesterday. Forgot what fun that set was.

  20. marcoesq Says:


    hook it up

  21. marcoesq Says:

    they aud’s?

  22. Marshall Says:

    Here’s how the front-row tix thing went …

    I was the “nth” caller and answered some question correct (don’t remember the question). They were going to give me tickets to some concert. Once I was “off-air” when they were going to take my information, I asked to speak to Leslie Fram, one of the morning show hosts, and also the music director. I told her I appreciated the tickets they were going to give me, but knew that they had been giving away tickets to the upcoming Phish show, and I would much rather have those instead. She said “sure, we can do that; no problem.” I’d already secured Phish-tickets-by-mail for the show, but figured I could always use extras. It wasn’t until i went down to the station to pick up the tickets that I found out they were front-row.

    Loved the idea of front row. Loved being up close (right in front of Fishman), but learned that front row is really too close. Best seats are about 10 rows back in the center. Maybe 20, so you can experience the music and the lights.

    It was pretty weird during the last couple of songs from Remain in Light.

  23. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    oh, I like that call, nono…

    done and done. thanks!

  24. nonoyolker Says:

    @ marco – yeah man, just auds. likely from phishows. this was another i repped on cd around ’00. i checked miner’s archive and he has it here: http://phishthoughts.com/audio-archive/1999/10-02-target-center.html prolly a better source than phishows.

  25. Marshall Says:

    99X had Phish do an “in-studio” performance (at Cat’s Cradle I think) in 1994, before I moved there. By 1996, when I won the tickets, I think they were just stroking Electra’s back; the station didn’t really support Phish genuinely.

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