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As of today, there are  25 new shows in the The Phish Thoughts Audio Archive. In addition to adding all of Fall ’09 and Miami ’09 to the archive, with the help of Jon Gollatz, I have added some of post hiatus’ best shows to archive as well. Below are a list of shows that you will now find only a click away. Cheers and happy downloading!


2/14 The Great Western Forum, LA, CA

2/15 & 2/16 Thomas and Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV

2/18 Pepsi Center, Denver, CO

2/20 Allstate Arena, Chicago, IL

2/21 & 2/22 The Crown, Cincinatti, OH

2/28 Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY


6/16 & 6/20 SPAC, Saratoga Springs, NY


Complete Fall Tour and New Year’s Run


Jam of the Day:

Ghost” > Lifeboy 8.2.98 II


Summer ’98, baby; Deer Creek style.



2.28.03 Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY < Megaupload

One of the most memorable nights of the post-hiatus era. (Torrent not available.)

Nassau Coliseum - Uniondale, NY

I: Birds of a Feather, Destiny Unbound, Horn, Bathtub Gin, Sleep, Back on the Train, Bouncing Around the Room, Walls of the Cave

II: Tweezer > Soul Shakedown Party > David Bowie, Round Room, Harry Hood

E: Contact, Mexican Cousin, Tweezer Reprise

Source: Unknown


810 Responses to “Archive Additions”

  1. BrandonKayda Says:

    Syracuse Stash is pretty great if I say so myself. Really nice dissonant build to the peak

  2. Mr. Completely Says:

    corinna one of the highlights of the run imo

  3. BrandonKayda Says:

    I burnt myself out on that Miami run, so I’m laying off of it for a bit.

    As of lately I have been indulging in the 97-99 funk/ambient phase. Very cool stuff

  4. Joe Says:

    to me corinna is about as close as phish can get to the dead sound.

  5. Mr.Miner Says:

    “the 97-99 funk/ambient phase. Very cool stuff”

    ^ understatement of the century 😉

  6. cal Says:

    I have a buddy who LOVED “Friday”…got drilled with it at our first post-hiatus show (Cinci 2) and last pre-breakup set (Alpine 2), both times KILLING the momentum of otherwise good sets. There are a few bust-outs from the era that we didn’t see last year…but I am happy this one hasn’t returned. Ditto “WotC”, and they ditched “Mexican Cousin” in Hampton. I love it when they read my mind.

  7. Mr. Completely Says:

    the century is young, my friend

    we can top it

  8. lycanthropist Says:

    chef made it.
    chili was fire
    havin a good time
    sound checkin
    hell yes

  9. gus Says:


    i’m listening to destiny unbound from fenway. it transports me back to the show. WOW that’s never happened before. this is so weird, it’s like i was just at that show last week or something.

  10. Skyballs Saxscraper Says:

    Anyone else remember the Marshmallow War on the lawn during Seven Below from 6/20/04? So much fun.

  11. ChefBradford Says:

    It’s official: Lycanthropist makes a mean pot of chili, and the Boom Boom Room is very cool

  12. gus Says:

    @Joe – turns out I don’t have an extra to the HOB trey show, i’m truly sorry.

  13. Foul_Domain Says:

    Hey everybody,

    Time to break the cherry…I never really post here, but read every day. In fact, I feel like I know a lot of you, though you don’t know me. I’ve been a Phish fan since ’99, but have no close friends that share my obsession. I am from Ontario, Canada. I go to a lot of shows alone (4 solo jaunts on the fall tour). I dont mind going it alone, but feel like I’m missing out on a little somewthing (or maybe a big something) I just wanted to say to Miner that I really appreciate all of the hard work that you put into this site, and really enjoy reading everyone’s thoughts. Not sure why I never really post here, but for some reason, wanted to change that tonight. Maybe I could even break the solo trend this year and meet up with some of you other phans this summer, who knows? That’s all. Be good and safe!


  14. Mr. Completely Says:

    ~~~~~~ serious eye candy alert ~~~~~~

    sculptures in cut paper – A+ psychedelia in here. click at least a handful to get an idea what she’s doing…

    not sure I could pick a favorite but this one stands out right now

    cool front page on her site too. good use of flash animation (which is rare)

  15. garretc Says:

    Wow, good call on that art Mr. C! Pretty trippy…

  16. butter Says:

    @Mr. C – no haven’t got a chance to listen back yet

    that Jen Stark has some trippy art, she’s never experimented, huh?

  17. Mr. Completely Says:

    the drippy ones are kind of a dead giveaway

  18. Robear Says:

    nice, C. How do u find this stuff?

  19. Robear Says:

    @ Cal. Stop it, re: Alpine. That means I’ve seen it twice, too.

  20. Phish...Yup Says:

    Haven’t been on the boards for awhile (but still hit the miner posts most everyday) and just rocked the exile set and had to log on and tell that. Love for the blackboard and for all you great posters. IT ghost on the speakers now. Respect ya’ll

  21. stitchstash Says:

    @ Robear, I wish I was around to help you earlier. Simon Says is a great interactive game that is popular with K-3 students. Start with, “Simon says, make a bzzzzz sound.” Fun way to lower voices and get their attention. Ohh, What a beautiful Buzzzz! Around the World is an educational game that gets students thinking and moving.

    I love the archive additions. Thanks a bunch Miner. I’m starting with Vegas.

  22. stitchstash Says:

    I would also like to thank Jon Gollatz for the archival updates. Great community here.

  23. ChefBradford Says:

    First couple songs 2nd set—total dance party here! No some space

    great time

  24. ChefBradford Says:

    Sorry, now some space

  25. Marshall Says:

    @ foul_domain – welcome to the blackboard as a poster. nothing wrong with going solo. Also nothing wrong with hooking up with some blackboaders. Its becoming more frequent.

    The Phamily grows.

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