Opening Day?

Wrigley's Iconic Sign

After kicking off Summer ’09 at Fenway Park, rumors swirl about Phish taking on another national baseball shrine this summer in Chicago’s Wrigley Field. Potentially starting an opening day tradition of their own, Phish may play Wrigley before Deer Creek’s rumored tour-opening stand of summer. With a capacity of 41,118, around the same as Fenway, Wrigley would provide a larger than life start to Phish 2010. Distinctly understated with an intimate, old-school vibe, more likening a minor league park than more modern superstructures, Wrigley would be a fabulous place to throw out summer’s opening pitch.

The only drawback of these stadium spectacles is the urgency of a field ticket. Designed for watching home runs and double-plays, not listening to music, the actual stands don’t necessarily provide the concert experience one might be looking for. At Fenway last May, many fans complained that between the distance and the wind, the music couldn’t truly be enjoyed from many spots in the park. Yet, on the field, the sound boomed far louder and dance space was easy to cop in front of the Green Monster. At Wrigley, the iconic brick and ivy would provide a historic backdrop for an sure-to-be entertaining show.

The Ivy of Wrigley Field

As Phish continues to consider unique stages for their tour docket, fans continue to enjoy the variety of venues. Despite some of the sound issues at Fenway, one would be hard pressed to find anybody who didn’t have a great time in Boston, and the situation would no doubt repeat itself at the little ballpark on Addison. If the band adopts the home field of the Cubs, perhaps Phish could infuse some of greatness into the the 2010 season for the north sides lovable losers. (Though that didn’t work out so well for the Red Sox last year.)

Before too long, pitchers and catchers will report for spring training, kicking off the 2010 season. And with baseball comes summer, and with summer, comes Phish tour; two of Americas indelible institutions. And with the band moving forward again, these two summer pastimes will run parallel for yet another summer this year. And its all only five short months away!

Wrigley Field


Jam of the Day:

AC/DC Bag > Ghost” 11.7.98 II


Perhaps the most outstanding improv of a steallar three-night UIC stand.



9.22.00 Allstate Arena, Chicago, IL < Torrent

9.22.00 Allstate Arena, Chicago, IL < Megaupload

This reader request fits with today’s Chicago theme, and goes out to Brien K! This one is a great two-set affair from the Fall of 2000 – Enjoy!

I: Down with Disease, Meat* > Poor Heart,Wilson, Slave to the Traffic Light, Dogs Stole Things, Bathtub Gin, Heavy Things, You Enjoy Myself

II: Tube, Reba, Ghost > The Wedge, When the Circus Comes, Meatstick, Run Like an Antelope

E: Bold As Love


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688 Responses to “Opening Day?”

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  1. garretc Says:

    Yeah, when I said earlier “I’ll check back in with the night crew”, I guess I really meant night… Good morning east coast early risers!

    As far as baseball stadiums go, I’ve had a pipe dream since hearing of fenway: phish at pac bell park. (currently AT&T park, I believe… I stopped counting at pac bell…) playing from center field, the bay on the right, the bay bridge and the lights of the Oakland hills on the left… Never happen, of course, but I’d like to dream…

  2. garretc Says:

    Listening to yesterdays zapp dotd, with my mind absolutely blown that they opened with a DWD this amazing! I can’t even imagine being at this show… They open with something like this you know they’re in the zone…

  3. My name is Mike's Song Says:

    Sweet! I thought my friend’s rumor text was well, just that. Maybe still just a rumor. I’m a born and raised Chicagoan and living back here after several years away. I went to Toyota Park this summer(and Cincy this fall for a total of 3 2009 shows) and Wrigley has got to be better than that behemoth for an outdoor Chicago stop, though the sound was massive from our stoop in the back. I hope this doesn’t get too overblown and media freaky here. What happened in Boston? Discontent fans from both “teams”? I can safely say Phish and Cubs baseball are two of my favorite things in life. This merging seems weird but I’m hoping, in the end, magical. I was at both those shows posted above, great all around post today. Before Toyota Park this summer, I had not seen Phish since 9/22/00. Needless to say, I wept like a baby when they came out. Cheers.

  4. garretc Says:

    Aha, I did, upon further review, say zapp, instead of zepp…

    Freudal slip revealing my life’s musical migration away from led zeppelin towards frank zappa, quite plainly visible in the evolution of my music tastes in general?

    Or typo caused by typing of post on iphone while walking home at 1:52 am?

    I report, you decide…

  5. garretc Says:

    And then to come right back with a Piper that’s THAT far off the deep end? Gawdamn! I know this is a day late, but man, they’re killing it up there…

  6. garretc Says:

    And then that Guyute to close out a FIVE song 1st set?!? Not even fair…

  7. beepaphone Says:

    I’m kinda hoping it isn’t the tour opener to be honest. Of course that would make a great new tradition, but it’ll make people have to go up to Chi, down to IND, and right back up past Chi again the next day. Putting it b/t DC and AV or after AV would make for the smoother operation.

    Perhaps its not even going to be leg 1. Maybe it will be like this year’s new and improved Toyota Park…a pit stop from coast to coast.

  8. Stir it with a Ladle Says:

    This woul be a dream come true, growing up around the corner from wrigley, I have always dreamed this would happen and hopefully it becomes my reality…!!

  9. Dr. Pronoia Says:

    Thanks Miner for posting that Allstate show. Really can’t wait to hear it again. And to come on a day with a write up on phish at Wrigley, it doesn’t get much better than that…

  10. Henry Says:

    I love the Reba from today’s DotD.

  11. SillyWilly Says:

    Dr. Pro,

    You may have to take a week off from work to swing Wringley, Deer Creek, and Alpine Valley.

    I know I’ll be doing everything in my power to make that happen for me, but I guess I can get back to work from Chicago on a week night.

  12. wilson8or Says:

    Wow, Dr. P. You can’t get something more personalized than that! That’s bad ass. As for Wrigley, I’ll do really really bad things to get that ticket. Really bad things. I AM Wilson, afterall

  13. Dr. Pronoia Says:

    @ Silly: It’s gonna be a 5 month persuasion campaign with wifey if that’s the way it ends up. So many great times in the DC-Alpine combos over the years, and to tack Wrigley on too – being a lifelong cubbies fan….ah, that thought will get me though work today.

    And Goddamn! this Allstate show: DWD, Gin, Slave, and YEM in set 1??

  14. wilson8or Says:

    @Dr.: It’s time you start thinking about which wedding you’re going to ditch!

  15. RunawayJim Says:

    I really hope they don’t continue this tradition. While it’s cool for the spectacle, it makes for a really shitty show. I was in Boston and the sound just plain sucked, to the point where we couldn’t hear much of what was being played. While I’m sure a lot of that was due to the nasty wind that day, even when the wind stopped, the sound just never seemed to make it to us. Heck, we couldn’t hear anything being said by the announcer at the beginning of the show and couldn’t even hear the national anthem. And of course, Phish didn’t include the announcer on the official SBDs, which was just plain stupid on their part.

    Baseball stadiums, at least the old ones, were not designed for music. Let’s keep it that way. If they want to do stadiums, play a newer one that was designed with more than just sports in mind.

    Phish doesn’t need the spectacle of a stadium to kick off a great tour. It was fun the first time, but that was more because of the awesome tweetup we had than the show itself.

  16. Brimley Says:

    Miner- Thank you for all that you do once again! I’ve requested this particular show for awhile, and knew it was just a matter of time before you posted it!! As an Illinois resident and lifelong Dubs fan, we need Phish to bring some positive karma our way since Hendry did nothing this Winter except dump the cancer known as Bradley and his contract…Here’s to Phish coming back to Allstate Fall/Winter 2010 as I have the hookup on a suite …Gotta love brother-in-laws…

  17. marcoesq Says:


    great idea, pac bell park would be amazing. right on the water, amazing views of the bay

  18. marcoesq Says:

    Thanks for the DOTD, miner. love this show/tour

  19. Brimley Says:

    Also, I could see some Phishy antics with Page on the much revered Wrigley organ…

  20. marcoesq Says:

    I was on the field for Fenway, right in fron of the stage, so the sound was great for us. eventually

    For the first song or two it just sounded like we were at a party and someone had phish playing in the background

    Being an east coast guy, I would not make the trek to wrigley. If I’m travelling to the midwest I’d much rather return to DC or somewhere cool where they’ll actually have a good show too

  21. Dr. Pronoia Says:

    @ Brimley – where you living in IL? Wilson and I are from Rockford originally…

  22. BTB Says:

    I have the same concern as Beepa on this one. Maybe they are trying to shake people though. One thing is for sure, the Cubs don’t play at Wrigley the first 10 days of June so the scheduling works.

    I think they’d do:

    Wrigley……. Tuesday
    Deer Creek..TH-FRI
    Alpine ………Sat-Sun

  23. SillyWilly Says:

    @dr. pro

    I hear ya on that. I just figured it’s been a while since I made the “come to Madison” pitch to you.

  24. SillyWilly Says:


    I hope thats what they do. I could swing that whole run which would be the best possible way to start my summer.

  25. marcoesq Says:

    This Ghost melts my face!! and “only” 11min, too!

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