Red Rocks - 7.31 (Photo: Wendy Rogell)


Jam of the Day:

Hood > Izabella” 7.9.98 II


A unique ending to the middle, and most adventurous, show of Barcelona’s three-night, tour-ending stand of Europe ’98.



5.16.94 Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA < Torrent

5.16.94 Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA < Megaupload

The Wiltern - Los Angeles, CA

A smoking “Antelope” highlights this Big Black Furry Set from Mars of this Spring ’94 west coast offering.

I: Buried Alive,  Poor Heart, Sample in a Jar, The Divided Sky, Axilla (Part II), Rift, Down with Disease, Bouncing Around the Room, Stash, Sweet Adeline*

II: Also Sprach Zarathustra > Run Like an Antelope > Big Black Furry Creature from Mars > Run Like an Antelope, Sparkle, It’s Ice, Julius, You Enjoy Myself, Big Black Furry Creature from Mars, Amazing Grace*, Big Black Furry Creature from Mars

E: Fee, Rocky Top

*without microphones

Source: (FOB) Schoeps MK4/CMC5 > Sony D10 Pro

836 Responses to “Thursday…”

  1. Mitch Says:

    when is opposite day so i dont miss out? tho i’ll pick up if I tune in, I wanna be there from the get go.

  2. neemor Says:

    Chef, you’ve heard enough Phish.
    When the signal happens, you know what to do….
    I have faith.

    I hate it when Trey shreds.
    He plays a bad guitar.

  3. Mitch Says:

    i wont be like the n00b who doesnt fall down. just would like to appreciate it all.

    i felt bummed about no antelope at d.c. that would have been the cherry that i expected. reminded me to not have expectations. they sure made it up to me too.

  4. HarryHood Says:

    This Neemsbane is pretty decent

    Slighty bitter yet still smooth.

  5. butter Says:

    @Leo – noticed earlier today you trying to decide between spac and dc

    this is really a no brainer. deer creek is so much more fun. the campgrounds rage and are so close. even if you don’t camp i say dc

    probably the best lawn of any ampitheatre (levelish, great sound)

    i’ll be pavilion, but will go smoke a fatty on the lawn during lawn boy

  6. Mitch Says:

    trey: you know i play a bad guitar!

    neem: whooooooooooo!!!!!

    llfa. .

  7. neemor Says:

    Asshole Day is this Friday.
    Oh shit, that’s tomorrow.
    Hope you got your shoveling shoes close….

  8. Mitch Says:

    from now on, i’m calling all pot neemsbane. there i said it. i have enough clout that i can make any name cool. here i go!

    bout to smoke some neemsbane!

  9. Mitch Says:

    butter! for sure re: fatty at d.c. lovely lawn

  10. neemor Says:

    Butter is right.
    I liked the Creek lawn.
    Then the landscaper in the sky decided it was a good time to turn on the sprinklers.

  11. HarryHood Says:

    lol Neemor, that has got to make you feel slightly better. One night without weed and all of a sudden all the pot in the world is named after you!

  12. Marshall Says:

    Deer Creek is my favorite shed style venue. I just wish development hadn’t encroached. I didn’t camp last year but GloWood was a party in ’96 and ’97.

  13. Mitch Says:

    and his electroshock therapy

  14. neemor Says:

    Neemsbane is highly toxic.
    Huuh. ‘Neemsbane’ is coming up as a ‘mis-spelled’ word.
    We just created it, how can it be coming up on my spellchecker?

  15. ChefBradford Says:

    “landscaper in the sky…Deuchebag”

    neemor, you just made me laugh, for real

  16. neemor Says:

    That storm was legendary.
    Then there was the Hartford shooting star.
    ’09 was perfect.

  17. neemor Says:

    A real honest- to- goodness ell oh ell.
    Spit take.

  18. Mitch Says:

    ’09 was perfect.

  19. neemor Says:

    My life is so surreal right now.
    I live in a 7000 sq ft house in CT rent free.
    Good friends. Parties on the horizon.
    Ski trips, rock concerts….
    My karma meter is running hot.
    This can’t last forever.

  20. KWL Says:

    guess cub had a rough time with his pills and neemsbane.

  21. ChefBradford Says:

    I’m not a big fan of on-line acronyms

  22. Marshall Says:

    Kwl – u c pg21?

  23. neemor Says:

    I guess when your reality looks like mine, there’s really no need to augment with anything chemical or natural.
    And yet…..
    I pine.

  24. HarryHood Says:

    Now if only you had some Neemsbane…….

  25. neemor Says:

    Hey KWL.
    CT stand for Connecticut, chef.

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