A Post-Hiatus Playlist

7.10.03 (A.Markarian)

Out of the many great Phish jams during the post-hiatus era, here are a couple of top-shelf selections.


A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing” 6.19.04 II SPAC

Evoking the feel of Pink Floyd’s psy-rock, this piece of improv is among my favorite regardless of era. A truly masterful excursion, this song needs to find itself back into rotation come summer.



Scents and Subtle Sounds” 7.30.03 I Camden

Arguably the most impressive version ever played – it would certainly get my vote – this “Scents” highlighted the first set in one of the band’s most impressive post-hiatus’ outing.



7-15-03 - USANA Amphitheatre

7-15-03 - USANA Amphitheatre

Mr. Completely > Low Rider” 7.15.03 II West Valley, Utah

In one of ’03s out-of-the-way and undersold shows, Phish debuted Trey’s longtime TAB classic, “Mr. Completely,” and with it came a furious half-hour of non-stop groove.



Twist” 6.20.04 II SPAC

Another interstellar jam from Phish’s last stand.



Seven Below” 7.13.03 II The Gorge

One of the first psychedelic masterpieces of the summer and  legitimate tour highlight when all was said and done.



7.25.03 - Charlotte, NC (Alex)

Harry Hood” 7.25.03 II Charlotte, NC

A ground-breaking jam for “Harry Hood” illustrating the band’s exploratory spirit that underlines these years. A piece that once you hear you will never forget.




9.18.99 Coors Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, CA < Torrent

9.18.99 Coors Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, CA < Megaupload

An outdoor affair that started in the dark amidst the Southern California desert; this standout show goes out via reader request to Christine!

I: Tweezer > Roses Are Free > Wilson, Maze, Brian and Robert, Tube, Rocky Top

II: Boogie On Reggae Woman, Meatstick, Free, Bouncing Around the Room, Harry Hood, Frankenstein, Cavern

E: Contact, Tweezer Reprise

Source: Schoeps cmc6/mk4v > Apogee AD-1000 @ 48k

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776 Responses to “A Post-Hiatus Playlist”

  1. flarrdogg Says:

    here’s a little something for you Lost nerds:


  2. albert walker Says:

    two weeks till pitchers and catchers

    then the misery begins once again
    can’t wait

    shit creeps up on you

  3. flarrdogg Says:

    AW- cubbies or sox?

  4. Mr. Palmer Says:

    at least you got the Blackhawks AW, Shit, try being an Mets fan and an Islander fan. Depressing

  5. albert walker Says:


  6. albert walker Says:

    yeah pretty indifferent to the Bulls and Bears

    all about the Hawks and Cubs

    hockey well into spring will hopefully ease the pain of the nonsense being put on the field on the north side

  7. jay Says:

    nice cake lycan. Love the crinkles on the cap.

  8. halcyon Says:

    @ KWL. & Chuck D….re: Pizza I am sure you have been to Anthony’s, or Abo’s in Denver, but if you swing through Leadville, be sure to check out High Mountain Pies, or Mountain High Pies. Small place, Excellent pizza. IMO it is the best I have been to in Colorado. It’s not NY style, nor is it that weird BeauJo’s Colorado style pizza. It has a mix of NY style, and mountain living.

  9. Mr. Completely Says:

    The Maple Bacon Bar is one of those things that sounds like a “stunt food.” Like, a funny idea, but not all that cool in reality.

    It isn’t. It’s like a hundred times awesomer than it sounds. Possibly the greatest late night wasted, post-debauchery, pre-more-debauchery snack in the history of human civilization.

    I might be exaggerating, but you can’t be sure, can you?

  10. flarrdogg Says:

    I didn’t see it pop up, so let me try again. Shit is hilarious- probably more hilarious for the “Lost” crowd:


  11. jay Says:

    LivePhish 2/28/03 on lala is sweet. Great first set and a smokin Walls->tweezer->soul shakedown->bowie

  12. Mr. Palmer Says:

    ^^favorite show of the 2.0 era

  13. Chuck D Says:

    Haly, yes Anthony’s in Denver is a staple of the scene, quality pizza, but it is a little commercial. I’ve never gotten into BeauJo’s; its tasty as a novelty pie, but not my go to pizza at all. My favorite is probably Cosmo’s in Boulder, slices are huge and they used to deliver via longboard. I’m all over that spicy-ranch, i sware they put crack in it.

  14. flarrdogg Says:

    They have a burger joint here called ‘Burger Me’ with a specialty burger called the ‘Krispy Kreme Me’. You guessed it- instead of a bun there is a glazed donut to serve as the vessel for your burger. Way worse than it sounds. Definitely no Maple Bacon Bar.

  15. Marshall Says:

    Ok. I went to this bar thinking all of you would be there, only to discover that you aren’t. WTF?

  16. Chuck D Says:

    Anyone who’s been to the Fox in Boulder might have been to Abo’s (across the street) and Cosmo’s is a block down the hill…

  17. joe Says:

    are there ” (insert name of town) House of Pizza’s” in other parts of the country besides Mass? It seems like every town around here has one (outside of Boston itself). The majority of them serve up the greek style pizza and have pictures of gyros on the menu signs.

    I think every good college town should have a great pizza place that whips out all kinds of slices during the day and then just is an assembly line of cheese and pepperonni in the late night drunk times. Antonio’s in Amherst is a friggen goldmine and should be duplicated in any place where there is a decent sized school in a non-urban location.

  18. Chuck D Says:

    “Krispy Kreme Me”


  19. joe Says:

    Houses of Pizza’s



  20. Marshall Says:

    They serve the KKBurger at the Charleston minor league games.

  21. Chuck D Says:

    I miss me some quality deep dish (like Sicilian) here in Colo. Got my fill a little bit in Boston and Hampton this year tho, found some hole in the wall places right near where we were stayin both times…

  22. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    hey, while you’re in Boulder, can you grab me a chicken pesto burrito from Illegal Pete’s? god, I love those things.

  23. albert walker Says:

    yeah when I lived in Summit County

    I just did not eat pizza

    coming from Chicago it was all pretty brutal

  24. Chuck D Says:

    Considering that every third place up here makes pizza, i’d have a hard time avoiding it… Pizza is breckenridge’s version of fast food. No drive thrus allowed due to town code. Its definitely not the best pizza, but it beats spending $10-15 on a burger and fries…

  25. albert walker Says:

    used to live in Frisco D

    I know Breck pretty well

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