A Post-Hiatus Playlist

7.10.03 (A.Markarian)

Out of the many great Phish jams during the post-hiatus era, here are a couple of top-shelf selections.


A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing” 6.19.04 II SPAC

Evoking the feel of Pink Floyd’s psy-rock, this piece of improv is among my favorite regardless of era. A truly masterful excursion, this song needs to find itself back into rotation come summer.



Scents and Subtle Sounds” 7.30.03 I Camden

Arguably the most impressive version ever played – it would certainly get my vote – this “Scents” highlighted the first set in one of the band’s most impressive post-hiatus’ outing.



7-15-03 - USANA Amphitheatre

7-15-03 - USANA Amphitheatre

Mr. Completely > Low Rider” 7.15.03 II West Valley, Utah

In one of ’03s out-of-the-way and undersold shows, Phish debuted Trey’s longtime TAB classic, “Mr. Completely,” and with it came a furious half-hour of non-stop groove.



Twist” 6.20.04 II SPAC

Another interstellar jam from Phish’s last stand.



Seven Below” 7.13.03 II The Gorge

One of the first psychedelic masterpieces of the summer and  legitimate tour highlight when all was said and done.



7.25.03 - Charlotte, NC (Alex)

Harry Hood” 7.25.03 II Charlotte, NC

A ground-breaking jam for “Harry Hood” illustrating the band’s exploratory spirit that underlines these years. A piece that once you hear you will never forget.




9.18.99 Coors Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, CA < Torrent

9.18.99 Coors Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, CA < Megaupload

An outdoor affair that started in the dark amidst the Southern California desert; this standout show goes out via reader request to Christine!

I: Tweezer > Roses Are Free > Wilson, Maze, Brian and Robert, Tube, Rocky Top

II: Boogie On Reggae Woman, Meatstick, Free, Bouncing Around the Room, Harry Hood, Frankenstein, Cavern

E: Contact, Tweezer Reprise

Source: Schoeps cmc6/mk4v > Apogee AD-1000 @ 48k

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  1. whole tour! Says:

    speaking of burgers…

    5 guys burgers and fries

    the bomb

  2. halcyon Says:

    Moutain Lyon Cafe in silverthorne is great for cheap eats.

  3. Shafty Says:

    For those in Colorado check out Marco’s Coal fired pizza in Denver. Tasty stuff.

  4. flarrdogg Says:

    I was just in Frisco this fall for my girl’s family reunion. Weird to be that close to RR and not seeing a show.

  5. Willowed Says:

    OK Boys,

    I know some of you are getting ready for you big evening with your favorite TV show “LOST”. I truly hope this last season is great for all of you. I wish you success in this endeavor. I truly mean that.

    Let me leave you with this though:

    Jack Bauer once stared at a woman for 30 seconds and got her pregnant

    Jack Bauer won the Tour de France on a unicycle to prove to Lance Armstrong it wasn’t a big deal. He thinks yellow wristbands are gay.

    Jack Bauer is 100% energy efficient that’s why he never uses the toilet

    I think that is enough. You know where my allegiances lie.

    Enjoy the show!

    Your friend,


  6. Willowed Says:

    One more:

    In kindergarten, Jack Bauer killed a terrorist for Show and Tell

  7. Mr. Palmer Says:

    well played Willowed, well played.

  8. Chuck D Says:

    Aye, Mountain Lyon is good, my brothers favorite as he lives across the street.

  9. whole tour! Says:


  10. Willowed Says:

    Emjoy the show tonight Mr. P.

  11. Willowed Says:

    I am not going to lie. I am pretty pissed my avatar changed back to Willow. How the hell did that happen?
    Jack Bauer must have gotten word and pulled the plug on himself.

  12. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Willowed, hopefully we get that SPAC confirm shortly so we can tear that 2 bit motel to its crappy foundation.

  13. Chuck D Says:

    I don’t spend much time in Frisco, pretty much either passin’ through or getting beef jerky from the 1984 world grandmaster. He’s got a smoker set up in front of the Wal-Mart; I could live on that shit… ‘cept its more expensive than gold.

  14. Chuck D Says:

    Jack Bauer once stared at a woman for 30 seconds and got her pregnant

    what took so long?

  15. BingosBrother Says:

    Jack Bauer = best gov propaganda in a long time. kudos to Dick and George. well played.

  16. Robear Says:


    I’m hungry

  17. Willowed Says:

    I am hoping for that, we will no doubt meet up. World Cup Soccer then a Phish show. How sweet that would be.

    If the US doesn’t beat England, let’s burn down that shit hole!

  18. Willowed Says:

    Jack is back. He found out Willow took his spot, then killed him.

  19. Willowed Says:

    Good night all. Enjoy your show tonight!

    I will be watching American Idol.

    Ok, I am puting myself in time out. I am such a loser.

  20. BingosBrother Says:

    I love watching Idol with my kids, but tonight is a night I’ve been waiting 5 years for. LOST

  21. BTB Says:

    Had breakfast in Frisco, CO this summer.

  22. Willowed Says:

    That’s why I watch it. I have a 7 Keegan, 4 Brendan, and a 2 Casidy year old.
    They love Idol.
    Don’t get married when you 24 boys. Enjoy your life.
    I joke, my kids are the balls!
    My wife is pretty cool too

  23. Mr. Completely Says:

    nice work rewriting chuck norris jokes there!

    the rest of the pro-torture lobby applauds your efforts!


  24. BingosBrother Says:

    Hey all, if you get a few minutes I’d like you to check out my brothers video and let me know what you think. It’s a dope ass song from his new record “12 Billion Feet in the Air”. If you like it and think you might want to hear the whole thing(I wrote the lyrics to a few songs on their, not this one though) I’ll send you the CD free of charge. Thanks in advance.


  25. Willowed Says:

    If Jack Bauer was gay, his name would be Chuck Norris

    Chuck Norris told Jack Bauer that he only killed 15 people cause he ran out of bullets. Jack told him he only killed 93 people cause he ran out of people. Then Jack snapped Chuck Norris’ neck into 24 pieces.

    OK, really that’s it.

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