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Season 6: Episode 1


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  1. Lycanthropist Says:

    yeh but Jin was planning on running away from his less then stellar life and obligation to Paik Industries.

    He had intentions of starting a new life with Sun

  2. jay Says:

    dont remember that lync. Intersting.

  3. jay Says:

    found this piece oftriva – Sayid’s passport, shown at LAX, is an Iranian passport instead of being Iraqi.

    Is this a continuity error or intentional?

  4. Mr. Palmer Says:

    I love this shit!

  5. jay Says:

    found another tidbit – Since the island wasn’t there (submerged), Desmond didn’t crash his boat on it but rather made it to Australia safely — and he is now on the plane ride home.

    This makes perfect sense.

  6. DBomb Says:

    In response to Jay about Desmond, his race was supposed to have been 2 years before the crash ( when he was pushing the button for all that time) so he should have been home 2 years before that. I read on another blog that if Juliette destroyed the island in 1977 that Whidmore and Farraday would have died and then there would be no Penny or Daniel in the future. Thus Desmond would not be racing around the world to win her back. This does not explain Miles though since he is still time traveling.

  7. Marshall Says:

    What up y’all?

    Things that struck me that I’m wondering about:

    — Juliette saying (through Miles) “It worked.” This implies that when she died, or was about to die, she knew that the H-Bomb had done its trick and instituted the “never-happened-verse” (or “never-ality” for short). Did her “death” on the Island make her “NeverAlity” a reality; did she fully inhabit her self back in the US with her sister as if he had never met Richard Alpert at that point. Maybe we’ll see.

    — It’s weird that Des was on the plane and then possibly off again. If the plane is existing in the NeverAlity, and the Island is under the ocean with Dharma houses on it, then Des wouldn’t have been trying to win back his honor in the round-the-world race. Why he’d be in Austrailia to board the plane is a mystery.

    — So, we had flashbacks, then flashfowards, now we have flashsplits?

    — Where does The Man in Black (now called “X”?) want to go “home” to?

    — I wish I could remember Shannon’s backstory from her flashbacks – there’s got to be a reason that in this NeverAlity that she didn’t board the flight. I remember in the flashback that at first she was mad that Boone came to Australia, but I can’t remember what made her actually get on the flight back that eventually crashed.

  8. DBomb Says:

    I was just informed that Whidmore and Eloise were banished from the island in 74 so they would still be alive, not sure how this would change the future yet… I will have to go back and watch that episode again.

    The blogs are calling X – Flocke (Fake Locke, I like that) or MIB.

    In the recap episode they showed the Oceanic 8 finding Penny’s boat but made no mention of the fact it was Penny that found them.

    It has turned into a battle for good and evil and it looks like the gang gets a chance to redeem themselves and choose sides before the final showdown. Ben is digging a very large hole for himself.
    Where has the crazy Asian guy and his hippie assistant been for the last 5 years of the show and why was Alpert in chains. Was he a slave on the Black rock?
    Why does the stewardess (Sawyer called her Amelia Earhardt) seems to have no problem killing the passengers from the plane. Did she get info from Eloise to be on Oceanic 815 to get back to the island, in her scenes with Jack she seems to know more than she is letting on. No Walt or Michael on the flight what happened to them? Maybe they couldnt get them to come back and Walt is now like 20 years old. I heard they filmed a bunch of parts with him years ago to use this season.

    No mention of Vincent the Yellow Lab my favorite character.

  9. DBomb Says:

    One more thing Christian (Jacks Dad) is dead in 2004 but his body disappeared from the plane which would explain why he is showing up in the forest to lead Clarie away and telling Sun that Jin is alive. Maybe Jacob found a loophole with Christian and is already back on the island It almost seems like there are 3 timelines going at once.

  10. Lycanthropist Says:

    Shannons backstory wasnt all that relevant.

    She changed her mind because she is petty and indecisive.

    Maybe this time round they didnt have an incestuous boinking session

  11. Marshall Says:

    I just think the producers would have a reason for leaving her off the plane. Something specific in this alternaverse changed that made her stay in Australia, or at least that’s what I think.

  12. Mr. Completely Says:

    any plotting decision that results in me not having to watch shannon any more is OK with me

  13. Marshall Says:

    Anyone think it’s sort of interesting that Lost has split into two threads …

    and so did the Blackboard?

    Coincidences don’t happen in Lost. What about on the BB?

  14. Mr. Completely Says:

    hahaha that’s a great observation Marshall!

    fwiw they’re calling it a “flash sideways” but I think that’s a stupid name

  15. Lycanthropist Says:

    we should call em flash dances

  16. Marshall Says:

    Yeah – I reject “flash sideways.” They aren’t really flashes in the same sense as the “flashbacks” and “flashforwards” were, because the timelines have diverged (supposedly).




  17. Marshall Says:

    Man, this Lost thread is keeping me from …

    being on the Blackboard, which keeps me from …


  18. Lycanthropist Says:

    i am enjoying this thread though.

    its nice to have some intelligent minds to discuss this with.

  19. DBomb Says:

    Just like Donnie Darko the alterverse only lasts for a short period of time.

  20. Marshall Says:

    I brought something up on another discussion board at the end of last season that I still think is important.

    When the man in black and Jacob were watching the Black Rock approach and discussing how its the same every time (MIB: “It always ends the same way.”). I’m pretty sure I heard Jacob say “If it only ends once, then everything that comes before is just progress.” Others didn’t hear the “If” and the closed-captioning doesn’t have the “If” either, but I listed to it over and over and over and swear I hear him.

    Anyway, it seemed significant that Jacob was continuing with these experiments if you will, in hopes that one day “it” would finally “end.”

    Pretty nit-picky I know, but it seemed important in May and seems important still today.

  21. Lycanthropist Says:

    definitely something worth thinkin about Marshall

    loving how they are throwin us for a loop with MiB.

    I mean every time we have seen the smoke monster and an apparition it has been the MiB \


  22. DBomb Says:

    Marshall I think you may be right. I noticed they repeated it several times in the recap and the intro to the premier. IS there some biblical refference to a Jacob (good) and Flocke or whatever his name is (possibly Satan, evil)?

  23. Marshall Says:

    This would be way to easy, but I almost thought MiB was going to give his name. Once he does, then we can dispense with the “Jacob/Esau” possibility.

  24. ohhphee Says:


    I think that line, whether it has an “if” or not, is very significant to the plot

    as well. That scene implies that this has been happening for a very long

    time. Over and over again. Did anyone else come to a similar conclusion?

  25. DBomb Says:

    Where are the Tailies (Ecko, Anna and Libby etc..) and all the people that were kidnapped? Why do the hippie ninjas that live in the temple have children around, were these the kids they took from the beach? In the altverse on the plane Rose still has cancer and is going to die, but the only talie we saw was Bernard.

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