The Middle of the Week

The Gorge 8.8.09 (Photo: Wendy Rogell)


LOST Discussion Thread:

In order to preserve everyone’s personal journey through the six seasons of LOST, I have created a specific post/thread to discuss this week’s episode. Keeping LOST discussion to this location will keep people who are behind from reading spoilers – because that is the worst. Please respect this and keep all show commentary in the previous post.


Jam of the Day:

2001 > Simple” 11.18.96 II

This is one of the first jammed out “2001’s,” coming before Trey began playing ’97 funk licks – a psychedelic combination. And the “Simple,” included on the extra disc of “Vegas ’96,” is simply sublime.




6.24.2000 Lakewood Amp. Atlanta, GA < Torrent

6.24.2000 Lakewood Amp. Atlanta, GA < Megaupload

While this defining “Tweezer” dominates the evening, the “Moma” and “Antelope” provide further highlights. This reader request goes out to Henry!

I: The Moma Dance > Runaway Jim, Bouncing Around the Room, Tweezer > Strange Design, Cavern

II: Birds of a Feather, Bug, My Sweet One, Run Like an Antelope, Frankie Says, Carini, The Squirming Coil, Prince Caspian

E: Guyute, The Inlaw Josie Wales, Driver, Tweezer Reprise

Source: Unknown

705 Responses to “The Middle of the Week”

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  1. garretc Says:

    I must admit, it’s definitely a little lonely seeing that people are commenting on the Lost thread… I feel so left out!

    If only people cared about Phish enough to comment on Phish posts late at night too… Llfa

  2. ATL 007 Says:

    Great show selection today.
    (night before great as well..sick 2nd set).Always a treat to get a daylight Moma opener. I can remember how loose that Moma got everyone. Super slick and a great start to another classic Lakewood show.

    Your ears will tell you that Lakewood is a top three outdoor venue based on show quality over the years.
    Set the place on fire every time.!….

  3. Willowed Says:

    I’m with you Garret. It looks like The Others (people posting on the lost thread) are creating another new family.

    This makes me sad!

  4. HarryHood Says:

    I keep thinking….. I wonder what’s going on over there. But I don’t want to look because I’m not caught up on this whole Lost thing……

  5. garretc Says:

    Ah, good morning east coast!

    And yeah, multiple times I paused my mouse over the lost thread, just wanting to see what was being discussed, but somehow I resisted! Probably because I convinced myself that Miner wasn’t planning on hiding all the super secret really awesome Phish downloads in there…

    Anyways, the blackboard graveyard shift is clocking out. Good night morning shift! See y’all in a few hours…

  6. Mr. Palmer Says:

    We still love you guys!

  7. Neemor Says:

    Aww, go look. It’s alright.
    Nothing scary is happening over there!
    Morning all.
    Great show today, Miner. Classic.
    You are a man of many talents. Aphishianado, pizza connoisseur, Lost geek. I’m impressed. There’s probably even more!
    Snowing in the Big Cee Tee this morning…makes for a nice drive to work.

  8. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    you getting dumped on down there, neemor? we got a covering dusting up here in MA. a bit of a tease…

  9. Neemor Says:

    About an inch or so, no biggie.
    Speaking of ‘getting dumped on’.
    There must have been something wrong with me yesterday. Originally I tried to seamlessly segue into Asshole Day and that went over like a fart in church.
    Late last night, I was more than punchy and my sarcasm was taken as over the top.
    I apologize to chef specifically and anyone else that got caught up in my shit storm of nonsense yesterday.
    Sometimes, like my spine, I need adjustment….
    Enjoy the morning all.

  10. SillyWilly Says:


    Big day for the Irish today. I hope ol’ Brian Kelly’s got some surprises for us this afternoon.

  11. Jim Says:

    dang. give this BUG a spin. one of my faves

  12. SillyWilly Says:


    a slow night on the blackboard makes everyone a little crabby.

  13. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    you know it, silly. I think this will be a solid class, but not too much of a “wow”. I don’t care how many stars the guys have. I just want players!

  14. gavinsdad Says:

    no worries neemor…

    i’m not even sweating the lost peeps…i’m one of them but i already lose so much work productivity on the phish side of the fence that i just have to stay over here.

    people really push the lakewood venue….i’ve never done any southern phish except for Virginia and Florida (dunno why those dont count to me) but i may have to figure out how to get down there if phish heads that way this summer.

    light dusting here this am…only 20 mins worth of phish in the car this am. i am slightly obsessed.

    Switching gears over to “indie rock”: i just got the Surfer Blood, new Yeasayer, new Vampire Weekend and the new Pantha du Prince albums imported and i will let you all know if there are any standouts. The first Yeasayer (all hour cymbals) was, IMO, the sleeper of 2008.

  15. HarryHood Says:

    Yea Neemor,

    I was highly offended by your comments as well and had to leave the board. I actually contemplated throwing in the towel on the site all together……. Seriously man, everyone has their days. I mean c’mon, SOAM has one of those days every day! llfa I don’t think anyone on here was really upset by anything you said and if they were they either don’t know you or they don’t have a sense of humor.

  16. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    I really need to listen to that DOTD. Looking at the setlist, the 1st set appears to pack the heat… but we all know setlists don’t tell the whole story. Four song encore? That’s a little odd too (in a good way).

  17. Brimley Says:

    Kelly had pulled 4 commits in the last week alone Willy…What I really love is they are recruiting “athletes”, who they project could play anywhere…One of these “athletes” is a four star out of Colorado who rivals rates as there no. 2 statewide prospect….Analysts are already impressed with B.K. and say that he can recruit em, and definitely coach em up!! He also has stolen 2 good recruits from Cincy already too!! Miner, can you start a College Football Signing Day thread for us sports geeks…

  18. gratefulcub Says:

    Neemor, anyone that takes you that seriously needs an adjustment themselves. I’ve been in the ‘this paper is due tomorrow and I really don’t want to write it’ frustration mode before, so there was probably some of that going on. Either that, or it was the worst night crew ever;)

    Backpackman, Vampire Weekend is one of my dirty little secrets. I knew that first time I heard it that I loved it, but would only be interested for a couple of weeks. Excited to hear they have something new that might interest me for a couple of more weeks.

  19. BrandonKyda Says:


    7-30-03 has great jamming

  20. SillyWilly Says:


    another Irish fan!?

    yeah I saw the Danny Spond commitment yesterday on ndnation.

    I think he signed the quarterback from Cincinnati – St. X just to get his buddy, Matt James. But either way we need linemen and physical ones at that.

    One of my buddies is #86 Bobby Burger (kind of a hybrid fulback/TE) and he says BK is great.

  21. Neemor Says:

    Fornicating the work day with the Grateful Dead’s ‘Reckoning’.
    One of my favorite albums.

  22. Lycanthropist Says:

    Hey everyone!

    I love this show so much..

    I was pimpin it a while back.

    This was my third show and that Tweezer is just the tits.

    I remember during the Antelope that it was such an overload of stimulus.

    You had Trey’s siren loop being visually represented by a CK5 rotating light extravaganza. There was an all out glowstick war. And fireworks going off from the lot.

    I remember losin my mind more than a couple times

  23. SillyWilly Says:


    how’d your gig go the other night?

    listened to CF 1-21 10 last night….Horse in the Forest (i think thats right) is great and your cover of It was a Good Day was genius. great show.

  24. Brimley Says:

    Willy- All we need now is Seantrel Henderson (No. 1 overall high school prospect in the country) to shock the world and commit to the Irish..! He has us listed among his 9 possible choices…

  25. Lycanthropist Says:


    we had a good time. it felt good to work out some of those new songs live.

    i should have it up by this evening

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