The Middle of the Week

The Gorge 8.8.09 (Photo: Wendy Rogell)


LOST Discussion Thread:

In order to preserve everyone’s personal journey through the six seasons of LOST, I have created a specific post/thread to discuss this week’s episode. Keeping LOST discussion to this location will keep people who are behind from reading spoilers – because that is the worst. Please respect this and keep all show commentary in the previous post.


Jam of the Day:

2001 > Simple” 11.18.96 II

This is one of the first jammed out “2001’s,” coming before Trey began playing ’97 funk licks – a psychedelic combination. And the “Simple,” included on the extra disc of “Vegas ’96,” is simply sublime.




6.24.2000 Lakewood Amp. Atlanta, GA < Torrent

6.24.2000 Lakewood Amp. Atlanta, GA < Megaupload

While this defining “Tweezer” dominates the evening, the “Moma” and “Antelope” provide further highlights. This reader request goes out to Henry!

I: The Moma Dance > Runaway Jim, Bouncing Around the Room, Tweezer > Strange Design, Cavern

II: Birds of a Feather, Bug, My Sweet One, Run Like an Antelope, Frankie Says, Carini, The Squirming Coil, Prince Caspian

E: Guyute, The Inlaw Josie Wales, Driver, Tweezer Reprise

Source: Unknown

705 Responses to “The Middle of the Week”

  1. sumodie Says:

    Im likin the new Vampire Weekend album, Contra. never did hear their first album. nice afrobeat/world influences mixed w/indie dance pop. curious how they’d sound live, though.

  2. Neemor Says:

    Antelopes from 99-00 were totally an overload.
    Good terminology.
    I remember always, always getting lost running around the venue, no matter where I was, and not stopping running, jumping, scrambling and dancing around the place until they dropped into the bass jam…and just hit the rafters at that point.
    Antelope didn’t do that for me in ’03 or ’04.

    Then came Portland.
    Then Madison Square Garden.
    ’09 ‘lopes brought me back….

  3. BTB Says:

    Did I just see Notre Dame recruiting talk? Whoa.

    ND lands some studs every year and nothing ever happens. I think kelly has the best shot to turn things around there than the previous coaches dating back to Holtz. So in that respect things are looking up for Irish.

    I watched LOST last night, but had no idea what was going on. Looked OK though, but the set was looking kind of cheesy at times. Survivor-ish…

  4. BTB Says:

    Oh, and good luck to everyone and there CFB teams on signing day.

  5. sumodie Says:

    greenboard has rumors on at least 1 date at Lakewood this summer. no specifics listed.

  6. Neemor Says:

    We Are.
    Penn State.

  7. HarryHood Says:


    You keep hanging out on the greenboard and we may have to ban you from the island……. I’m afraid that you might catch something over there. That shit’s contagious. llfa

  8. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    neemor, when I was about 6 or 7 I had a t-shirt with a drawing of the Leprechaun strangling the Nittany Lion with the words “I Hate Penn State” inscribed below it. Nothing like starting the hate young…

  9. whole tour! Says:

    Lakewood and summer tour 2010….that’s all i needed to hear!!
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  10. BTB Says:

    I root for Penn State. Good school, would go there myself if I wasn’t born a buckeye.

  11. SillyWilly Says:


    Im excited to hear it. I heard you guys during the CF show talking about selling t-shirts and cds. How can I get a shirt? When you guys get famous and everyone is a Chancehead I’ll have a sweet vintage shirt.


    The re-emergence of Run Like an Antelope is one of my sentimental highlights. I always do the “run dance” when it comes on. Kinda like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber when he’s acting like he’s running in the front seat as the car is driving…In Cinci, my sister punched me when I was doing it and said “youre ruining this song.”

  12. willowed Says:

    Good morning boys!

    Hope everyone enjoys the day. I have my meeting with my accountant today…yeah!!

    Sometimes having three kids is a good thing:
    Tax Credit
    Tax Credit
    Tax Credit

  13. BTB Says:

    In looking at the set list, the Lakewood Tweezer must be 25+ minutes, no?

  14. SillyWilly Says:

    Joe Pa will be forever jealous that he couldn’t retain his independence.

  15. whole tour! Says:

    Antelope – Frankie SEz – Carini from that lakewood 2000 download of the day is some of the darkest pathways i’ve ever traversed at a phish show. It was straight up evil. Very dark and brooding portion of the set. I remember trey yelling like a mad man during the “carini.”

  16. Neemor Says:

    “In Cinci, my sister punched me when I was doing it and said β€œyoure ruining this song.””

    That’s kind of funny.

    TIII: I hate the Irish, too. Strange how that works…

    Hate is a learned behavior.
    It took me a long time to get rid of some of the hateful things that had been given to me when I was younger.

  17. Lycanthropist Says:


    yeah it definitely takes up the bulk of the set

    def listen now if you havent heard it

  18. Neemor Says:

    Joe pa is jealous of no man.

  19. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    I’ve had fun in Happy Valley, just don’t care for the football team or their zombie coach!

    phish has always seemed to play good shows there though. I love the It’s Ice from the 4.8.94 show

  20. whole tour! Says:

    just got a happy e-mail!

  21. Neemor Says:

    Oh, shit…I forgot.

    I was banging this chick the other night (I love opening a story that way!)
    and she’s like, “I have a bunch of your clothes that you’ve left here the last few times you’ve been over.”

    She whips out the ‘RELAX’ tee shirt that I bought off one dude at a Halloween Party in Queens in ’99.
    I know it’s from Frankie goes to Hollywood or whatever, but I consider it my Frankie Says tee shirt.
    I love it.
    And a naked woman handed it back to me.

    The End

  22. gratefulcub Says:


    VW sounds the same live as they do on their album. That would be fine if everyone in attendance would take that to mean that we should all bounce around for an hour and do our happiest of dances, which would fit the music. Instead, it is just me doing a happy dance while I dodge indie rock kids nodding their approval of the music while internally disapproving of me. Good times.

  23. Lycanthropist Says:


    shoot me an email and I will give you the merch rundown

    lycanthropist.kelly AT gmail DOT com

  24. Neemor Says:

    Chance Fisher:
    Shows should be called ‘Chance Encounters’.

  25. gratefulcub Says:

    ^But I did wear my wife’s jeans, because I don’t have my own pair of skinny jeans. I also used her eyeliner and mascara. I wore a large hoop earring in one ear, also my wife’s. I wore an old Culture Club T, extra small of course, because you can’t do indie without kitch (sp?). Topped it off with a fedora.

    Dancing was hard without being able to move my legs, but I pogo’d my way around the floor. My belly got cold, due to the extra small T, but we have to make sacrifices to be hip. You don’t just fall out of the bed hip, it takes work. And a ton of practice to not smile.

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