The Middle of the Week

The Gorge 8.8.09 (Photo: Wendy Rogell)


LOST Discussion Thread:

In order to preserve everyone’s personal journey through the six seasons of LOST, I have created a specific post/thread to discuss this week’s episode. Keeping LOST discussion to this location will keep people who are behind from reading spoilers – because that is the worst. Please respect this and keep all show commentary in the previous post.


Jam of the Day:

2001 > Simple” 11.18.96 II

This is one of the first jammed out “2001’s,” coming before Trey began playing ’97 funk licks – a psychedelic combination. And the “Simple,” included on the extra disc of “Vegas ’96,” is simply sublime.




6.24.2000 Lakewood Amp. Atlanta, GA < Torrent

6.24.2000 Lakewood Amp. Atlanta, GA < Megaupload

While this defining “Tweezer” dominates the evening, the “Moma” and “Antelope” provide further highlights. This reader request goes out to Henry!

I: The Moma Dance > Runaway Jim, Bouncing Around the Room, Tweezer > Strange Design, Cavern

II: Birds of a Feather, Bug, My Sweet One, Run Like an Antelope, Frankie Says, Carini, The Squirming Coil, Prince Caspian

E: Guyute, The Inlaw Josie Wales, Driver, Tweezer Reprise

Source: Unknown

705 Responses to “The Middle of the Week”

  1. voopa Says:

    NYE 00-01
    NYC Wetlands Preserve
    New Deal
    Uncle Sammy

    My second favorite New Year’s Eve ever.

    My NYE 00-01
    SF Warfield
    Galactic + Go Go Dancers
    Galactic + George Clinton

    Good times!

  2. HarryHood Says:

    Aw shit, I knew it. I gotta change this thing tomorrow

  3. neemor Says:

    Alright, kids.
    Sleep well.
    Visions of Fish in a leotard dancing in your heads…

  4. SillyWilly Says:

    Aint No Tele…I asked about the New Deal last week and most people said they were worth seeing.

    I didn’t end up seeing them, but the tickets were only 15 here in Madison.

  5. ChefBradford Says:

    I saw Ozomatli in Vegas a couple of years ago, and they really put on a fun show. Dancing through the audience and up into the halls. Very cool.

  6. BTB Says:

    Burning the Bonner Springs 98′ show for the TH-FRI drives to work.

  7. Foul_Domain Says:

    @ Luther – I’ll be going to Winnipeg at some point (which is about 24 hrs from my house) and might be picking up my car on the way through….I still dont know if its salvagable.

    That will be a couple of weeks though.

  8. AintNoTele Says:

    Silly, I just archived one of their shows and it seems pretty good, worth 15 bucks no doubt! Good electro free form-ish jamming

  9. SillyWilly Says:

    Yeah, I messed up by not going. just couldn’t find anyone to go with me. too bad the blackboard is a national (and international) friend base.

  10. neemor Says:

    That guy can play guitar.
    neemor with his prodigious apprentice.

  11. Luther Justice Says:

    I made the mistake of taking off my headphones and now I’ve been sucked into Steven Seagal Lawman. I can’t belive this is for real. BE CAREFUL CHEF! HE’S ENFORCING THE LAW IN YOUR STATE. And he appears to have zen powers that give him an edge over “bad guys”.

  12. neemor Says:

    neemor getting down in the front row.
    I’m the guy wearing the silver bracelet.

  13. neemor Says:

    Figured I’d share.

  14. neemor Says:

    What a motley looking crowd. lol

  15. Foul_Domain Says:

    lol @ Luther.

    Segal has a Chcuk Norris-like quality, noubt

  16. Foul_Domain Says:

    noubt=no doubt

  17. SillyWilly Says:

    neemor those pictures are geeting me all antsy for some live music.

  18. neemor Says:

    I know, right.

    Fun little factoid, for the test tomorrow:
    The guy in the bottom right corner in both pictures is the same.
    And….the bass being played by the young man in the first photo belongs to the man in the lower right corner of both shots.
    However, the bass he’s playing in the second photo is not the same bass being played by the young man….
    The man in the lower right hand corner sold the black bass for the wood-tone bass.

    Now you know a little more about my world.
    The End

  19. neemor Says:

    Notice how intently the man in the lower right hand corner is watching his bass being played by the young man?

    That’s cuz it’s his bass.

    And you don’t want to lose sight of the bass, man.

  20. Mr. Completely Says:

    ask and ye shall recieve – i had wook down t-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, coffee mugs, hats, messenger and tote bags, water bottles and dog shirts, but no onesies, however just for you I went through the entire 25 seconds of effort it took to present:

    ^ onesie


    a bib!

  21. BTB Says:

    Can you imagine having your face on some pavement with Steven Segal slappin’ cuffs on you?


  22. Luther Justice Says:

    Seagal just took a large bag of weed from a guy and smells it and says, “It’s marijuana!” As though he needed the smell test to confirm it. I guess Zen powers don’t help with drug identification.

  23. neemor Says:

    The jam from Cities is epically proportioned.

  24. BTB Says:

    Neemor, that bass guitar is also an ibanez. I only need half a pic.

  25. neemor Says:

    I’m watching Segal to “Back of the worm!”

    I’m losing my mind…………

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