The Middle of the Week

The Gorge 8.8.09 (Photo: Wendy Rogell)


LOST Discussion Thread:

In order to preserve everyone’s personal journey through the six seasons of LOST, I have created a specific post/thread to discuss this week’s episode. Keeping LOST discussion to this location will keep people who are behind from reading spoilers – because that is the worst. Please respect this and keep all show commentary in the previous post.


Jam of the Day:

2001 > Simple” 11.18.96 II

This is one of the first jammed out “2001’s,” coming before Trey began playing ’97 funk licks – a psychedelic combination. And the “Simple,” included on the extra disc of “Vegas ’96,” is simply sublime.




6.24.2000 Lakewood Amp. Atlanta, GA < Torrent

6.24.2000 Lakewood Amp. Atlanta, GA < Megaupload

While this defining “Tweezer” dominates the evening, the “Moma” and “Antelope” provide further highlights. This reader request goes out to Henry!

I: The Moma Dance > Runaway Jim, Bouncing Around the Room, Tweezer > Strange Design, Cavern

II: Birds of a Feather, Bug, My Sweet One, Run Like an Antelope, Frankie Says, Carini, The Squirming Coil, Prince Caspian

E: Guyute, The Inlaw Josie Wales, Driver, Tweezer Reprise

Source: Unknown

705 Responses to “The Middle of the Week”

  1. Luther Justice Says:

    It sounds like you might have an advanced w00k tribe in your area Silly.

  2. Leo Weaver Says:

    “I actually love seeing wooks on tour.
    Makes me feel like there are still some true free spirits out there.”

    Agreed…there’s a sense of comfort or peace or something when I see them at shows…something about their auras maybe…but the googly-eyed ones with smiles, not the sketched out ones.

  3. BTB Says:

    W00ks with history degrees. Post-modern arguments tiboot.

  4. SillyWilly Says:

    Madison definitely has some wooks, some real cute lil’ ones too.

    Perhaps, I need to get on this caterwooks good side, so when she emerges a beautiful monarch wookerfly she’ll remember me.

    its also tough to find free spirits at the law school even just for general friendship purposes.

  5. Mr. Completely Says:

    i never went dready but otherwise I was basically one of the googly-eyed ones for awhile, so yeah

  6. Leo Weaver Says:

    @silly…I’ve got a friend who’s one of those, tho she’s lost the dreads now. she was kinda jekyll and hyde, could go either way easily or combine the two, depended on her setting. really awesome girl I randomly ran into at MPP after not having seen her in 7-8 years.

  7. Mr. Completely Says:

    basically when I bust on wooks I am making fun of my former self

    few things I find funnier, really

  8. SillyWilly Says:

    Im jealous of w00ks, because I usually I wish I had wooked out for a few years instead of coming to law school.

    which brings me to a new idea…They’re selling 100ft by 25ft tracts of land on the shores of lake michigan in the UP for 315 dollars. I want to buy one, and call myself a land baron. Maybe I could offer it as living quarters for wooks i meet on tour?

  9. Luther Justice Says:

    My only bad experiences w/w00ks have had to do w/lice. I got to where I could spot lice on dreads very quickly. I think that’s a zen-like power.

  10. BTB Says:

    Don’t go to the darkside SW – stay in school.

    serious about land tracks in UP? Wow. can you say “commune”.lol

  11. ChefBradford Says:

    I want in on THAT land deal

  12. SillyWilly Says:

    thanks, BTB…yeah, Im serious. let me see if i can find a link.

  13. Luther Justice Says:

    But I love them w00ks. If they were down, I’d help them up.

  14. SillyWilly Says:

    apparently my buddy knows a realtor in the UP so he’s working on getting me the email address.

    also, ebay and craigslist have crazy land deals all the time.

  15. SillyWilly Says:

    I just think it’d be cool to own a plot of land in the UP. like your own little campground. or harvest patch….

  16. Luther Justice Says:

    If you find out that’s legit, please let me know. There’s just something about owning shorline property.

  17. Mr. Completely Says:

    is it really outdoor growing terrain there?

    i have no idea, curious

  18. Mr. Completely Says:

    climate more than terrain…well both i guess

  19. neemor Says:

    “I just think it’d be cool to own a plot of land in the UP. like your own little campground.”

    ^Yes. I’d spend weekends.

  20. Luther Justice Says:

    If we got plots together – how about a BB gathering? I’m sure we could get Phish to come.

  21. Luther Justice Says:

    Not good growing conditions in the UP.

  22. SillyWilly Says:

    im def. not an expert Mr. C….i know the north woods of WI has pretty good yields. I just assumed they were growing at remote indoor locations. no idea though.

    @Luther: I’ll let you know if it is. My buddy is serious about buying a tract, but I just texted him and he said there might only be a couple of properties. Earlier today he made it sound like there was a lot of places.


    it’d be a great place to relax. maybe fish a little. or even just row on the water.

  23. SillyWilly Says:

    that would be so cool to have blackboard gathering in the UP!?

    giving the blackboard a physical location (besides the mr. and mrs. miners’ home (respect)) would be wild.

  24. SillyWilly Says:

    alright, im gonna go to bed…ive got a long day ahead of me.

    driving to cleveland late tomorrow night.

    have a good evening and a good day tomorrow.

    remember when you wake up tomorrow its only 117/118 days til tour starts.

  25. voopa Says:

    Wait…Neemor hasn’t heard 7-2-97 yet?

    Standby for implosions, people!

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