Trey @ The House of Blues, Boston

2.12.10 - Boston (Balaji Mani)

2.12.10 - Boston (Balaji Mani)

I: Shine, Cayman Review, Push On Til The Day, What’s Done, The Birdwatcher, Mozambique, Night Speaks to a Woman, Alaska, Let Me Lie, Plasma, Tuesday

II: Drifting, All That Almost Was, Sand, Goodbye Head > Gotta Jibboo, Small Axe, Valentine, Money Love and Change, Show of Life, Dragonfly

E: Sultans of Swing, First Tube


Money, Love and Change” 2.12 II

The peak of Boston’s second set.



2.12.10 The House of Blues, Boston, MA < Torrent

2.12.10 The House of Blues, Boston, MA < Megaupload asap

Source: (FOB) Schoeps MK22>KC5>CMC6>Sonosax SX-M2>Apogee Mini-me(aes out@24 bit/96khz)



2.12.10 - Boston (Balaji Mani)

In order to enhance coverage of side project shows I am unable to attend, I have decided to try out a new section of Phish Thoughts centered around side projects performances – Side Project Reader Reviews. For the rest of this Trey tour, and Mike’s upcoming tour, I invite you, the readers of Phish Thoughts, to craft your own reviews of shows you attend. These reviews will be posted on a separate page of the site, exclusively reserved for your reviews. However, I am not interested in posting silly narratives about one person’s evening or experiences, rather, I’m looking for astute musical observations and analysis. Try to make these reviews between 500-1000 words, though I reserve the rights to edit down your pieces if necessary. (I will always edit for grammar and flow.) Also, please don’t be offended if your review is not posted. I do not necessarily intend to post every single submission. I will only post well-written reviews that focus primarily on the music. (Try to keep the first person out of things as much as possible, as that will help you stay on topic.) Anyhow, have at it! The only show I’ll be at is Kansas City, so I’ll be welcoming contributions for all other shows, including Mike’s tour. For now, I present to you the inaugural reader review by BogHog2001 about Trey’s show in Boston last night.

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  1. avid phishthoughts reader Says:

    BogHog2001 just gave me serious goose bumbs. You better watch out Mr. Miner, this site may end up “BogHog’s Phishthoughts” if you’re not careful.

  2. Weekapaug Says:

    Great idea Miner! You’re creating even more work for yourself, and for that, i thank you for your time.

  3. Mr.Miner Says:

    Uh oh…. 😉

  4. halcyon Says:

    Great idea Miner and Great review Boghog! Could feel the passion of the band, your writing in the review. I am downloading last nights show after reading this.


  5. sumodie Says:

    ct blkbrders represent!

    jdub, mr. fergie, neemor, type3, willow, & sumodie.

    were chowing now & will be primed to go big with the Red.

  6. flarrdogg Says:

    Bog Hog- Well written, thoughtful review. Thanks!

  7. butter Says:

    cool idea Miner

    this is like a literary reality show, where the better writers will get to shine

  8. Mr. Palmer Says:

    very good idea. Can’t wait to read neemor and willowed’s reviews of CT tomorrow. 🙂 .

  9. Mr. Palmer Says:

    oh yeah, that was great review BogHog- you’ve certainly set the bar quite high.

  10. garretc Says:

    Agreed on all the above, especially the kind words about BogHog’s review! Very impressive! Even, dare I say it, Miner-esque?

  11. joe Says:

    Your similar avatar as Miners in conjunction with your beautiful review is a bit creepy though.

    should change it to Bridget Fonda 🙂

  12. Boghog2001 Says:

    Thanks for the compliments on the review. It was a great show that was easy to review. As for the comparison to Miner, after reading his stellar reviews for a few years now, it’s only fitting that I would write in his image. While that was not my primary goal, it’s clear that I have been influenced. This site is the bomb! And now as the community gets to participate even more, it is growing brighter. Thanks Miner for sharing the pen.

  13. Weekapaug Says:

    The review was very well written Boghog. The things you paid attention to I often find myself examining. i only wish I could put my thoughts to paper as eloquently as you.

    Your similar avatar as Miners in conjunction with your beautiful review is a bit creepy though.

    @ Miner… Are we going to have the chance to directly comment on the reader’s review? I didn’t see a place to comment.

  14. Tba Says:

    Money, Love, and Change last night: why I love Phish/Trey more than any other band. The last time I saw a tempo/key break down/multiple change featuring the funk *that awesome* and *that tight* was 2001>Mikes at gorge 98′. It was that good.
    I was floored.

    That guy filling in for Miner did a great job, and captured the show 100%. I loved your comment about the cosmos, because as ML and C started I felt like I went through a vortex/black hole/whatever then was spit out after the first Tube. Completely blown away. I don’t know how to describe it other than words can’t do it justice. So Psyched for Tn.

    Thought the begining of the show had a 93ish rift type feel with a cleaner tone, and more acid jazz than funk. Then of course the vortex changed that.

    ps How great is it that Trey’s band is so ecclectic in that no one is the hollywood/MTV look, actually the opposite. From Tony to a 18 year old or so Trombone playing girl. Certainly a diverse group.

  15. (Formally Known As) BrandonKayda Says:

    Fantastic review Boghog!

  16. Mr.Miner Says:

    @ Miner… Are we going to have the chance to directly comment on the reader’s review? I didn’t see a place to comment.

    ^This is where you’d do that….the reviews will be compiled in one long page….

  17. butter Says:

    nice write up @boghog2001

    you set the bar pretty high for the first review

  18. Mr.Miner Says:

    fyi. that was much longer than 500-1000 words….for those looking to do a write up. Feel free to go over, but try to stay within 1000 please.

  19. butter Says:

    yea, i wasn’t going to count the words there, but that seemed like < 1000 words

  20. Mr.Miner Says:


  21. butter Says:


  22. Mr. Palmer Says:
  23. Boghog2001 Says:

    My avatar is actually a creation I made myself. I am a member of the Llama Initiative. For a higher Rez view check out my Twitter site.

    Clearly the Lost / Phish connection is strong on this site and in the cosmos.

  24. sumodie Says:

    xcellent set, better than yesterday set i.

    odd, however the dude’s show tune whackd

  25. Patterson Says:

    Red Rocks Tweezer. That’s when it really all happened again.

    God I can’t wait for “Opening Day” at Wrigley.

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