Trey @ The House of Blues, Boston

2.12.10 - Boston (Balaji Mani)

2.12.10 - Boston (Balaji Mani)

I: Shine, Cayman Review, Push On Til The Day, What’s Done, The Birdwatcher, Mozambique, Night Speaks to a Woman, Alaska, Let Me Lie, Plasma, Tuesday

II: Drifting, All That Almost Was, Sand, Goodbye Head > Gotta Jibboo, Small Axe, Valentine, Money Love and Change, Show of Life, Dragonfly

E: Sultans of Swing, First Tube


Money, Love and Change” 2.12 II

The peak of Boston’s second set.



2.12.10 The House of Blues, Boston, MA < Torrent

2.12.10 The House of Blues, Boston, MA < Megaupload asap

Source: (FOB) Schoeps MK22>KC5>CMC6>Sonosax SX-M2>Apogee Mini-me(aes out@24 bit/96khz)



2.12.10 - Boston (Balaji Mani)

In order to enhance coverage of side project shows I am unable to attend, I have decided to try out a new section of Phish Thoughts centered around side projects performances – Side Project Reader Reviews. For the rest of this Trey tour, and Mike’s upcoming tour, I invite you, the readers of Phish Thoughts, to craft your own reviews of shows you attend. These reviews will be posted on a separate page of the site, exclusively reserved for your reviews. However, I am not interested in posting silly narratives about one person’s evening or experiences, rather, I’m looking for astute musical observations and analysis. Try to make these reviews between 500-1000 words, though I reserve the rights to edit down your pieces if necessary. (I will always edit for grammar and flow.) Also, please don’t be offended if your review is not posted. I do not necessarily intend to post every single submission. I will only post well-written reviews that focus primarily on the music. (Try to keep the first person out of things as much as possible, as that will help you stay on topic.) Anyhow, have at it! The only show I’ll be at is Kansas City, so I’ll be welcoming contributions for all other shows, including Mike’s tour. For now, I present to you the inaugural reader review by BogHog2001 about Trey’s show in Boston last night.

186 Responses to “Trey @ The House of Blues, Boston”

  1. Willowed Says:

    OK boys. Just got back from the Oakdale show. 100% freakin’ heat
    Scorching jibbo
    Simple twist up dave
    Two of th best jams of the night
    It was great meeting all of you boys!!

  2. Willowed Says:

    It’s hard for me to type so be patient with me

  3. Willowed Says:

    Miner. you will be so pissed at me. I left my house to meet the boys at the bar. forgot my camera. drove all the way back home to get it. Left it in my car on the way into the show.
    I am so stupid

  4. Willowed Says:

    I guess no one is up. I’ll see you boys in the a.m.

  5. Mr.Miner Says:

    No worries wilowed. Thanks for trying!

  6. yesyes Says:

    i read a post somewhere when this tour started that said the days of trey hang signals and leading an improvised TAB were long gone…

    haha at that 🙂 can’t wait to hear this

  7. Foul_Domain Says:

    Morning all.

    Found this on YouTube…great footage of CK5 in action.

  8. Willowed Says:

    I think jdub had his camera. I hope he got some good shots. I took some with my phone. If I have any keepers I will e-mail them!

    Ok, I had last night to reflect on the show and let me tell you, check out the Jibboo and the Simple Twist Up Dave immediately. Both those jams went to some nice places! The Push On Till The Day in the first set was a chunky one too. Trey gave each member a little chance to shine. I think he let all of them have some solo time on that one.

    This band worked so well together, very crisp. At no point did anyone get in anyone’s way. Very smooth flow.

  9. Willowed Says:

    One other thing. I am not sure if Trey had Kuroda on the lights for previous TAB tours….I don’t think he did.

    What a difference. The light rig was sweet (not like a Phish rig) but really sweet. It makes such a difference.

    Oakdale is also one of the best venues around. If you ever get a chance to see a show here, jump on it.

  10. Willowed Says:

    Sorry guys, my thoughts are all over the place this a.m. Went to bed around 3:00 a.m. up at 7:30 a.m. You know the deal.

    The new horn player….she is unbelievable. She has a wonderful voice as well. Great addition to the team. You can tell Trey digs playing with her.

    Trey was really chatty last night with the crowd. Talked abut how he felt one with us etc… You can tell he is in a great place right now!

    Find this show, you won’t regret it!

  11. Willowed Says:

    Another great thing about last night was my chance to see a few songs live for the first time.
    Liquid Time
    Words to Wanda
    One song in the first set that I had no idea what the name was – It will transition well to Phish. I am waiting for the set list to post so I can remember the name
    Flock of Words
    Love is Freedom (I think) one of the best jams of the show

    The new material is great. Beautiful lyrics and beautiful arrangements. Most of the songs are a bit slow for my taste, but very nice songs. Sit home with a glass of wine and relax type music. Can’t wait for summer so I can sit on my deck and play these new jams. These are songs that “non Phish” fans would enjoy!

  12. Willowed Says:

    You guys need to wake up. I feel like I am talking to no one here.

    Miner, you would be proud. The Local 420 Chapter (New England Charter) had its first meet up before the show. Members in attendance:
    All great guys. Glad I met each and ever one of them. I had a few college friends in town for the show that I haven’t seen in 5+ years so I was trying to manage both crews. I wish I could have spent more time with you fellas but you know how that goes!
    I hope you all had fun visiting my local pub!
    I think we may have recruited a few new members. Look for a Pavel or a Cameron to be posting soon!

  13. Willowed Says:

    I completely forgot. Show of Life. Great tune. No doubt we will be seeing that one this summer with the “other” band!
    I think Miner called that. That song will transition quite nicely.
    The first set song that I didn’t know the name. I am hearing that was called All That Ever Was????? If I recall, I loved this one. Slow soft song with a nice build up. The words and the tones of these songs have a clean soft feel to them. Again, the new material is a little slower for my taste but great songs.

  14. ChefBradford Says:

    Nice work and words, willowed, if you’re still around. Getting ready for work, hope to see Pavel and Cameron soon

  15. Willowed Says:

    Have fun at work Chef!

  16. ChefBradford Says:

    Sounds like it was quite the meetup, and quite the show! Here’s to hoping any or all of the boys come a little closer to home next time!

    Speaking of home: awesome house (location, really), shitty roommate. What to do? Lease up in a couple of months, I think. Roommate’s parents own the house, so I would have to move.

    Suggestions welcome

    Assuming I don’t forget my phone like I did yesterday, I’ll probably check in with you guys later

    Willowed- get some sleep dude 🙂

  17. pabalive Says:

    Willow – last night was very good. I thought better than the E Factory show I saw. I don’t quite get the love for Show of Life, while a nice song, I just don’t think Phish needs another sentimental obvious metaphor tune with a typical Trey crescendo laid on top. Joy is about all I can handle. So, I am hoping this one stays with TAB.

    Highlights by far and away Jibboo>STUD and the jam on Love Is Freedom was beautiful. Really nice. Like most Trey shows, this one suffered from stops and starts but that is to be expected with so many new tunes in the mix.

  18. ChefBradford Says:

    Did I just ask a bunch of people I don’t personally know for advice on my living arrangements?


    Do I trust them more than most of the people I do personally know?


  19. Willowed Says:

    Show of Life is a powerful song. Lyrics are fantastic. I guess it’s one of those songs that fills me with emotion.
    He must really love singing it.
    Is it a kick ass jammer, not at all. I like those inward reflection type tunes. These songs let us know that these guys are human. That type of shit.

  20. The Sloth Says:

    With the new that trey was reworking the horns for TTE, I am a bit surprised that it has been played.

  21. gavinsdad Says:

    thanks for the input Willowed and Paba. glad you had good times. wondering how much TAB i’ll chase down to listen to other than the show i saw and the next i’m seeing? feel like i still have a mountain of phish music to climb.

    onward, upward.

  22. stitchstash Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Today always reminds me of the Beatles. They loved to sing about Love! I hope to trade in some of these Beatles songs that are going through my head for some Trey songs. The Love is Freedom from last night sounds like it will do the trick. Thanks for your thoughts Willowed and pabalive. I can’t wait to hear the show. It sounds like it was fun.

    Last night was the only show that I thought I’d be able to convince my husband to go to. No Deal. Oh well. Luckily, he has a much harder time saying no Phish shows.

  23. Willowed Says:

    Last night was fun! Let me say this again, if you have a chance to go to the Oakdale for a show….Do it. One of the best little secrets here in CT.

  24. jay Says:

    speaking of he Beatles, I am listening to Further play Here Comes Sunshine. All I can say is WOW! The Jam to open the show is fantastic. These guys are the shit. Flying under the radar. Only 5K in Hampton. Closed off a third of the arena for more intimacy. Energy is through the roof.

  25. jay Says:

    wait, is HCS a beatles song? Fdeeling quite the burnout this morning.

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