The Bearsville Sessions

Bearsville Studios - Bearville, NY

Over the span of two years, Phish spent three different chunks of time at Bearsville Studios, in Bearsville, NY, recording music that would eventually be used for The Story of the Ghost. After The Island Run, Phish’s surprise four-night extravaganza in the spring of ’98, the band returned to Bearsville to record on their forthcoming album with the daunting task of whittling down a list upwards of 40 songs. A particularly creative period in the band’s history, The Bearsville Sessions finally resulted in two albums. Not only did Phish release The Story of the Ghost in the Fall of ’98, but later Page went through the tapes, selecting his favorite instrumental outtakes for what would become the ’99 release, The Siket Disc.

Famous for their improvisational nature, the band went into the studio and jammed, later selecting their favorite segments and creating songs out of them. Much like “The Blob” process used to create Billy Breathes, Phish was left with much more music than they could use at the time. Below are the complete studio outtakes from the band’s Story of the Ghost sessions from April – June 1998. Some songs emerged later, some not until 2009, and some haven’t. So enjoy this portrait of an experimental era in Phish history.


The Bearsville Sessions, Spring ’98- The Complete Outtakes < Torrent

The Bearsville Sessions, Spring ’98 – The Complete Outtakes < Mega

Disc #1  1. Fishman Tune (possibly Tooth and Nail or Knock You From Your Shrine), 2. Gordon Tune/bass riff, 3. Unknown (possibly Turbo Kicking In), 4. Roggae, 5. What’s The Use? (with lyrics), 6. In A Misty Glade, 7. Meatstick (On A String), 8. Unknown Fishman tune (possibly Say The Same For Me), 9. The Cataract Song, 10. My Left Toe, 11. The Happy Whip And Dung Song, 12. Black Eyed Katy/Moma Dance, 13. Rebirth, 14. End Of Session, 15. Never

Disc #2  1. Sleep, 2. Farmhouse, 3. Bittersweet Motel, 4. What’s the Use?, 5. Limb by Limb, 6. NICU (no lyrics), 7. Water In The Sky, 8. Wading In A Velvet Sea, 9. Brian And Robert, 10. Somanatin, 11. Vultures, 12. I Saw It Again, 13. Ha Ha Ha, 14. Tube, 15. Guyute, 16. Dirt, 17. NICU (with lyrics), 18. Limb By Limb

Disc #3  1. Ghost, 2. Samson Variation, 3. Frankie Says, 4. Roggae, 5. Shafty, 6. What’s The Use?, 7. Fikus, 8. In A Misty Glade, 9. Meat, 10. Meatstick (On A String)

Source:  DSBD, (5.7.98)


Jam of the Day:

Stash > Cities” 6.30 I

Just getting warmed up in Christiana’s first set of Summer ’98.



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  1. lastwaltzer Says:

    @ sumo

    “what if i look at you with that look? then im probably spun, or i just got my mind jibboo’ed by the band, or im debating metaphysics w/ myself, or anything but playing those kind of icky headgames with you.”

    too funny.

  2. Mr. Completely Says:

    I got too many close gay, lesbian and amorphously sexual friends to put up with any nonsense in that regard

    homophobia enrages me

    this site rules and you people are good people

  3. lastwaltzer Says:

    As for the Olympics you can’t be doing the nationalistic crap

  4. Marshall Says:

    @ Sumo – any response to your statement feels inadequate. I’ve just always wanted to be able to live my life without others’ interference. I try to treat everyone else with the same due respect.

    One’s sexual orientation doesn’t change anything on this board, IMO. But props to you for saying your piece.

  5. Mr. Completely Says:

    great little post by @silly there

    you’re a hell of a good young man

    proud to have you on the team

  6. lastwaltzer Says:

    @ Mr. C

    I was so happy when I found an alternative to the Green Board, cause i love phish but those people are whack. There is so much sexist/racist/homophoic shit on there that if I was in Phish i’d be embarrassed to know these were my fans.

    YMBAWI……………..your a homophoic/sexist/racist who spends their whole day on the green board.

  7. ChefBradford Says:

    Popping in from work

    Sumodie- well said, and good on ya

  8. Marshall Says:

    Crack is whack!

  9. Selector J Says:

    @ KP got into reggae the same way, dude. Rockers, Spear, Marley… When I moved to Austin I got back into it real heavy due to the radio show and have never really come up for air since.
    It’s funny I had a conversation with this dude the other night about reggae and he basically said the same thing about the synth heavy stuff (in JA parlance it’s known as the Digital era). I’m actually just starting to get the Digital stuff.

    I still prefer pre-digital stuff but I am finally getting how it evolved to that… and why it seemed like a good idea at the time. Reggae really started sucking in ’84. Things were getting stale and in ’85 along came digital. Totally different crazy new sound. I like to think of it along the lines of No Limit Soldier getting really popular during the Puff Daddy years. It needed a change, for better or worse.

    Two 7s Clash is brilliant. The title track is about the prophecies of Marcus Garvey and how he predicted Armageddon “when the two sevens clash.” At the time when Culture cut that record, it was thought in the Rastafarian communities that July, 7 1977 was the day the world would end “by lightning and thunder.” The inner city areas of Kingston were like ghost towns that day. Lots of people stayed indoors just waiting for the judgment to come. So when you hear that track think of all the people seriously fearing the end of days. Kinda crazy. Really powerful track. The whole album is amazing, too.

  10. Mr. Completely Says:

    any lawyer or future lawyer that understand that cops actually do murder people is alright with me

  11. Marshall Says:

    Have to ask … are we being insensitive to Wooks? Where’s the line?

    YMBAWI … you need to wear a diaper to a show.

  12. SillyWilly Says:

    @Mr. C.

    thanks a lot. you’ve said that to me before and it really makes me feel good about being in law school.

    The response to sumodie highlights the general support that everyone on the board displays. whether its my career path, sumodie’s sexuality, HH’s fatherhood, or Robear’s lil man….it’s definitely an affirmation and statement of the good will of people i guess.

    just really cool. a real phenomenon.

  13. gus Says:

    whatever happened to greyhound rising? i’m listening to a show from last year, and i realized how awesome this song is.

  14. garretc Says:

    Gasp! Marshall! You aren’t joining their side are you?!?

    You might as well be a wook yourself after that!


  15. Jon Says:

    You forget to mention in today’s writings that some of the leftover material from the SOTG sessions not only was used for The Siket Disc but also Farmhouse.

  16. Halden Says:


    I am also very anxious for the US V CAN game. I am afraid that the result may not be the one you are hoping for however.

  17. Mr. Completely Says:

    I know what hate is all about.

    Close friends of my family were murdered by the Klan in the late 70s, with the collusion of the Greensboro NC police department. Gunned down in broad daylight:

    It left me with no “tolerance” for people who hate based on the differences between us.

    I’ve seen where that leads. not a joke to me. never funny. doesn’t matter if it’s race, gender or anything else.

  18. lastwaltzer Says:

    Alright guys although I’m having a great time, work is over its time to go home and turn on the black board. See you all tomorrow.

    @marshall maybe your right……………….nah

  19. Marshall Says:

    @ Silly – I know you’ve probably heard this from many people already, but practicing law is nothing like law school. Don’t confuse education with preparation. I gave up the practice after three years. But that’s just me. Best of luck to ya!

  20. Mr. Completely Says:

    sorry to be a debbie downer. wow, I really took the whole thing down a level. Sorry I posted that.

  21. SillyWilly Says:

    I wore a diaper to a bar on Super Bowl Sunday on dare.


    and @Mr. C.

    the best part about being a head before being a lawyer is I knew cops could murder before, now I KNOW the case citations, names, and supreme court language that can be used to regulate policing power.

    along with all the other useful information like the discretion of a prosecutor to press charges for something like i dont know…possession.

  22. garretc Says:

    Possession? Come on Silly, I can’t see THAT ever coming in handy…

  23. SillyWilly Says:


    this is great to hear because sometimes i feel like people don’t understand why parts of law school make me unhappy.

    Everyones like youre in! youre here! youre gonna get rich!

    and it just doesnt click for me.

    so thanks for sharing.

  24. (Formally Known As) BrandonKayda Says:

    What is “YMBAWI”?

    Also, props to Sumodie. I personally don’t put up with the homophobic tough-guy male persona either, which gets pretty annoying since a lot of people I know do that shit. It’s pretty shallow if you ask me.

  25. Marshall Says:


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