The Bearsville Sessions

Bearsville Studios - Bearville, NY

Over the span of two years, Phish spent three different chunks of time at Bearsville Studios, in Bearsville, NY, recording music that would eventually be used for The Story of the Ghost. After The Island Run, Phish’s surprise four-night extravaganza in the spring of ’98, the band returned to Bearsville to record on their forthcoming album with the daunting task of whittling down a list upwards of 40 songs. A particularly creative period in the band’s history, The Bearsville Sessions finally resulted in two albums. Not only did Phish release The Story of the Ghost in the Fall of ’98, but later Page went through the tapes, selecting his favorite instrumental outtakes for what would become the ’99 release, The Siket Disc.

Famous for their improvisational nature, the band went into the studio and jammed, later selecting their favorite segments and creating songs out of them. Much like “The Blob” process used to create Billy Breathes, Phish was left with much more music than they could use at the time. Below are the complete studio outtakes from the band’s Story of the Ghost sessions from April – June 1998. Some songs emerged later, some not until 2009, and some haven’t. So enjoy this portrait of an experimental era in Phish history.


The Bearsville Sessions, Spring ’98- The Complete Outtakes < Torrent

The Bearsville Sessions, Spring ’98 – The Complete Outtakes < Mega

Disc #1  1. Fishman Tune (possibly Tooth and Nail or Knock You From Your Shrine), 2. Gordon Tune/bass riff, 3. Unknown (possibly Turbo Kicking In), 4. Roggae, 5. What’s The Use? (with lyrics), 6. In A Misty Glade, 7. Meatstick (On A String), 8. Unknown Fishman tune (possibly Say The Same For Me), 9. The Cataract Song, 10. My Left Toe, 11. The Happy Whip And Dung Song, 12. Black Eyed Katy/Moma Dance, 13. Rebirth, 14. End Of Session, 15. Never

Disc #2  1. Sleep, 2. Farmhouse, 3. Bittersweet Motel, 4. What’s the Use?, 5. Limb by Limb, 6. NICU (no lyrics), 7. Water In The Sky, 8. Wading In A Velvet Sea, 9. Brian And Robert, 10. Somanatin, 11. Vultures, 12. I Saw It Again, 13. Ha Ha Ha, 14. Tube, 15. Guyute, 16. Dirt, 17. NICU (with lyrics), 18. Limb By Limb

Disc #3  1. Ghost, 2. Samson Variation, 3. Frankie Says, 4. Roggae, 5. Shafty, 6. What’s The Use?, 7. Fikus, 8. In A Misty Glade, 9. Meat, 10. Meatstick (On A String)

Source:  DSBD, (5.7.98)


Jam of the Day:

Stash > Cities” 6.30 I

Just getting warmed up in Christiana’s first set of Summer ’98.

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  1. SillyWilly Says:


    find a dog sitter yet!?

  2. Selector J Says:

    so wait…. sumo’s been gay this whole time??

    Just kidding, dude. I love how this place has nothing but positive things in response… what I love even more is that I knew there would be nothing but positive things in response.

  3. Mr. Completely Says:

    only time I ever got busted was a plant

    car was clean – like vacuumed and shampooed clean – and the yokel trooper planted some brown ditch in my tape box

    I lawyered up and got out of it easily, it was basically just a money shakedown

    I found it karmically amusing considering how many times I had not been pulled while carrying…um…well, more than nothing. *cough*

    just goes to show how deep the paranoia runs…I actually have consulted a lawyer re: statute of limitations and know I’m clear but still don’t feel comfortable talking about certain things…old reflexes die hard

  4. Mr. Completely Says:

    my point being that cops are fucking crooked ass liars

  5. Marshall Says:

    ^ The Down Low wasn’t invented for nothing.

  6. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    On The Olympics:

    I am a jingoist, not really because the human side of me says are the competitors real althetes. Then I look for the attractive features that make me want to breed them or with them. I have a thing for slavic gals so the Eastern Bloc gets me randy easily. I have contemplated morom fundamentalism to get a whole bevy of svetas, innas and katarinas all into my compound in rural utah.

    @ Sumodie
    Kudos for the open nature of your person. The folks here, as you may imagine, already don’t care because you have valid constructive contributions and most of us fairly open-minded to begin with. I know little of your personal situation but can imagine the trying times you must have passed through to get to where you are now.

    Like many others on this board, I look forward to meeting you in person.

    The biggest problem i have with the police is that they never seem to be around when you need them and you can’t get them to go away when you don’t need them.

    This place rocks and is worthy of greater studies.

    It rocks because we rock!


    For those about to rock, we salute you!

  7. VoidBoy Says:

    and here I thought all you people were just “random generated personality constructs” (RGPCs) managed by my future AI self sent back into the past to help guide me along the Golden Path (oops, mixing my Dune & Foundation series up a bit… what we call “mutt sci-fi” in the biz)

  8. SillyWilly Says:

    i’ve never had the pleasure of being arrested.

    its kind of imperative now that I avoid arrest.

    cops do have a lot of power.

    some changes are being made, but it will take a change in the attitudes of most people in this country for the biggest changes.

  9. kayatosh Says:

    Mr C.: I too have had hate crimes hit close to home. my grandparents were the only ones to survive from their respective families after the holocaust. that’s why I always come down on the side of peace.

    down with hatred

  10. SillyWilly Says:


    wait…I AM a RGPC.

    put your money on 3 42 15 17 21 5.

    trust me.

  11. Mr. Palmer Says:

    @Sumo- i’m glad to hear you made it home alright last night. That was a supreme effort my friend! Pleasure meeting you and the other blackboarders last night. It was like hanging w/ a group of friends i’ve been going to shows with for years. No joke.

    looking forward to summer ’10, to do it again.

  12. Halden Says:

    So just to drop a completely new thought in here .

    I convert the FLACs of the new Miller 7/8/78 to Apple Lossless instead of High Bitrate MP3 for my iPod and I don’t know if it just me but it sounds REALLY good.

    Anyone else use ALAC?

  13. SillyWilly Says:

    im pretty stoked with all these meet up stories. gonna have my own friday morning.

    looks like im going to get to meet AW and cal tomorrow night AND listen to the Jedi.

  14. pagesidehighschool Says:

    I’ve been arrested, damn proud of it! Every time! Hahahahaha! You’re not cool unless you’ve be damned by the man.

    Mr C you ever get that prince album?

  15. Chuck D Says:

    ALAC is quality that can’t be beat son.

  16. Marshall Says:

    Most ironic thing ever, Silly … having to sit in front of the Character & Fitness committee to discuss the DUI arrest (no conviction) I got in undergrad (10 years prior). Seriously, come on. Lawyers have more alcoholics as a percentage than any other profession on the plant. Was a Pot scolding the kettle for being black moment, if there ever was one.

    Not to mention, I had to dress up and drive 2 hours for that meeting, which lasted all of 15 minutes. They basically wanted to hear me say that I knew what I’d done was wrong. Pulease.

  17. VoidBoy Says:

    re: “put your money on 3 42 15 17 21 5.”

    I’ll split it with you.

  18. Marshall Says:

    Lossless is exactly that. no loss.

  19. Selector J Says:

    re: olympics

    on our college radio station we have an ‘activist’ talk show and they were airing all these reasons to boycott the olympics, one of which was the debt incurred by host cities.

    So… boycott because… they create debt. Interesting logic there, anarchist. Maybe it should have been just the top 9 reasons to boycott the Olympics.

  20. Marshall Says:

    ^ Silly – that was part of the Bar Admission process, btw, in case they don’t do it in Wisco.

  21. Mr. Completely Says:

    “The biggest problem i have with the police is that they never seem to be around when you need them and you can’t get them to go away when you don’t need them.”

    fucking word.

    Haven’t tried ALAC. I should!

    @pageside, I am still sunk nips-deep in a music project that absorbs close to 100% of my listening hours, but I am building up to a big Amazon purchase…for instance I just realized today I don’t have a single Jimmy Smith disk in my collection anymore after several poorly thought out lending decisions…will definitely grab that next time I order…in fact I should go ahead and drop it in the cart right now…

  22. SillyWilly Says:

    Yeah, Ive heard some crazy stories from Character and Fitness:

    so a girl a few years ago at UW smoked with a couple of her other friends at the law school. She’s doing her interview with the Bar, tells them she has smoked pot, AND tells them she smoked with two of her classmates.

    Her classmates: No I’ve never smoked pot.

    The Bar: Are you sure ?because your friend told on you.

    luckily everyone was admitted. but still

  23. albert walker Says:

    yeah Im on Silly

    looks like I’m going north of the border for a little TAB

    the girlfriend is pissed and jealous but she cant get out of work so fuck her

    very stoked to come up and see the show

  24. Marshall Says:

    When I convert FLACs, I keep the WAV files, but also downconvert a copy in VBR MP3. Just about every CD player made now can play an MP3 file, whether on disc or USB drive. But they won’t all play Apple’s lossless or AAC formats.

  25. Chuck D Says:

    If you rock an ipod daily, ALAC is the shit. Quality and Portability. File size remains the biggest issue.

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