Trey @ Terminal 5, NYC

2.11.10 - Philadelphia (

2.11.10 - Philadelphia (

I: Shine, Cayman Review, Push On ‘Til the Day, Alaska, Mozambique, Gotta Jibboo, All That Almost Was, Drifting, Liquid Time, The Birdwatcher, Night Speaks to a Woman, Tuesday, Brian and Robert*, Strange Design*, Sample in a Jar*, Chalkdust Torture*, Wilson*

II: Sand, Alive Again, Last Tube > Show of Life, Sultans of Swing, Ether Sunday, Black Dog

E: Magilla, First Tube

* solo, acoustic

2.16.10 Terminal 5, NYC < Torrent

2.16.10 Terminal 5, NYC < Megaupload

Source: Microtech Gefell M210’s>Oade M248>SBM-1>D8, D8>Tascam CDRW2000

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34 Responses to “Trey @ Terminal 5, NYC”

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  1. Treys Tennis Pro Says:

    Wow, Kuroda blew this venue up! Push on till the day was soo good it hurt….Now I know what John Cougar Mellencamp was talking about. Did that acoustic set really happen last night? bc I woke up with a smile on my face, and a stain on my underpants. LOVED THAT SHOW LAST NIGHT!

    Keep up the great work on this awesome website!

  2. HarryHood Says:

    I know that no one else will read this, but I just wanted to be the first post……. I also feel very much like I’m in a dark room talking to myself…… What was that sound!? That’s it, I’m outta here.

  3. SillyWilly Says:

    its scary in here…..

  4. willowed Says:

    The NYC show looks killer. Looks like he gave us east coasters a huge thank you hug while mind f#&king us at the same itme!

    Love it!

  5. pabalive Says:

    Damn! Wish I went to this show. I stayed away because I heard so many awful things about Terminal 5 and it always being oversold etc. But, now I wish I had gone after reading this setlist. On paper, looks to be the show of the tour, will have to listen.

  6. Taboot_Or_Not_Taboot Says:

    Definitely killer. The acoustic-mini set was an incredibly refreshing twist to the tour, and a little 8 deja vu, sans donuts. Jen absolutely wailed on Black Dog.

  7. Treys Tennis Pro Says:

    Terminal 5 was just the right size! Jenn Hartswick stole the show with Black Dog!

  8. (Formally Known As) BrandonKayda Says:

    Just from the setlist it looks like the second set had a lot of jamming

  9. GreasyFizeek Says:

    Wow, what a setlist!

  10. Mr. Palmer Says:

    The whole show was groovy, funkfest. Jibboo went places, and took me with it .

  11. Rich Says:

    Show was excellent but Terminal 5 is the worst. Way over crowded. Like being on the subway at rush hour.

  12. B-Rad Says:

    Show was def! So def I got to hear Phish via Trey solo acoustic – just like TAB 1.0 – ’99 style baby! Black Dog was so def too!

  13. WSP Says:

    Great show…VENUE SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS…Bowery Presents is LAME LAME LAME…worst venue in NYC…LAME LAME LAME venue…T5 sucks

  14. Steven Says:

    This show was freakin unreal. TAB came in and tore the roof off the place. Anyone that didn’t go for whatever reason made a huge mistake. It was one of those magical nights of music with Trey leading the charge. The energy was great from the very beginning. Probably the show of the tour!!!

  15. Brian Roberts Says:

    Just wanted to share a killer pic I got during the acoustic set:

  16. WSP Says:


  17. nowhere Says:

    unbelievable show
    2nd set was freaking unreal
    no complaints about the venue, either
    found myself a corner all the way up top where I had room to spin
    I’m being spoiled, greedy, and impatient but can we get a link for me to download already?!?!?
    I’m nervous because I definitely didn’t see a whole lot of tapers there
    and I’m so hopeful because boston, CT, and red bank all sound so good
    I hope we don’t get stuck with crap quality like DC
    Oh man talk about a need for instant gratification!!!!

  18. Mogily Says:

    The show was amazing live, but LOUD. My ears can still hear the end of First Tube

  19. nowhere Says:

    sorry I meant Philly had the crappy sound
    but I guess beggars can’t be choosers

  20. Stevemeister74 Says:

    Sooo good, can’t wait to give it a listen.

  21. Mr.Miner Says:

    will get a source up asap. Nothing has been posted on etree yet.

    Anyone want to write a short review? Mail it to

  22. Beth Says:

    You couldn’t ask for more from last night’s NYC show. Trey was amazing and the prominence given to the featured women added tremendous vibe, texture and style. The Zep cover brought the house down & Natalie Cressman is surely a shining talent to watch closely. Her confident presence and adept trombone & vocal contribution, while enhanced by beautiful lighting and staging, created a timeless aura. TAB’s tenacious & tight jams were elevated by the breadth of the horn section and the experience was magic. I am left enraptured, waiting for next time.

  23. nowhere Says:

    you see, you’ve spoiled us rotten, mr. miner
    so used to getting these shows quickly and quality
    that this delay is making us frantic
    okay, that plus the reality that the show positively blew my mind
    especially second set

    shine and cayman were quite predictable but so tight and so sweet
    I remember wondering why so many reviews of terminal 5 put down the sound
    (okay so I was pretty close to the suspended speakers at the ceiling)
    push on was on my top request list and man did it deliver even though it was embedded early in the first set so my expectations weren’t all that high for any exploration (I’ll have to revisit that thought on our impending relisten)
    alaska was raging as it gets –
    you gotta love the audience getting revved up over that jam
    trey sure does love his rock and roll (like when he played kill devil or chalkdust this past fall)
    really sweet little intro of natalie before she completely kicked everyone’s ass during mozambique (with her mom watching!)
    jibboo got serious for many of us before destroying the vibe with almost was which (no offense dude of life and I hate to be negative) is just straight up a song that’s only good for having a smoke or taking some pictures
    drifting killed which was a nice surprise since I’d just about gotten tired of that tune until seeing it again – there’s something about the energy behind trey’s playing (perhaps since he’s got sue on his mind?)
    okay then liquid time. shit. unreal.
    except all the hype about having this evolve into a phish staple
    not so sure how hot it would be now that it’s been developed with horns
    jennifer said that they had to rewrite the horn parts because dropping to three horns would seem like it was missing something with the old arrangements
    how do you drop horns altogether from a jam like that?!?!?
    ok I’ll relisten to the festival 8 sndck…
    birdwatcher is one of those tunes (like julius) that looks like so much fun to actually play but not-quite-as-much fun to spin to but that’s just me
    night speaks got all tough and I was psyched because I really was expecting a tuesday there to close the set and remember thinking “sweet, I’d rather rock this to close the set” and then they played tuesday on top of it!!!
    during tuesday I texted my wife and said that first set was ending now
    BOY was I wrong
    the band left the stage and trey picked up his martin and went to town with 5 extremely well-recieved phish tunes
    and by the way for all the comments about people needing to quiet down during this acoustic stint – this isn’t the old school accapella stuff we all used to shshsh!! each other for, these are running through the sound system so as far as I’m concerned who the f needs to be quiet (it’s like wanting soundboards instead of audience recordings – do you want a real show or some artificially induced quiet where it doesn’t really belong) – (speaking of soundboards, where the heck are the official livephish releases of this trey tour?!?!?!?!?)
    props to trey for seriously singing page’s strange design
    he mentioned something about being self conscious but it was perfect
    and on through wilson
    WILSON!!! twenty minutes after I decided the set was over
    man oh man
    and for trey to then say that they’ll be back in 15 –
    wow. incredible. another set AND we still get a break even though set 1 was at the 2 hour mark.
    have to give a thumbs up to private individual valet-operated blue-lit bathroom stalls during halftime that was an experience in and of itself
    okay so second set could not have started any more fiercely
    sand was pumping so tough (hail tony) that you could literally feel the groove in the floor and I’m sorry but there’s never been a moment in sand before that I remember things sounding so perfect and here’s also where I have to thank chriskuroda who somehow got these yellow and red shared light designs on the inside back wall of the third floor deck I can’t even imagine how that was possible but certainly unforgettable and man that jam was chunky
    alive again was easily the most impressive version I’ve ever heard (explanation points all over the setlist I was keeping!!!!!!!!!)
    last tube crept up so smoothly I remember thanking all the gods that I decided to come to this show in spite of all the crappy descriptions of this venue (of which I developed a COMPLETELY different opinion of up in my corner)
    show of life sounded hot and was a nice break to sipe away some sweat and take a breath and sultans was a true treat and you can’t help but give serious kudos to the horns – all three of which completely nailed their parts and the interplay with trey during Knopfler’s solo section were straight up inspirational
    ether sunday – a song I’ve never thought much of – was one of the most solid numbers I think I could have ever hoped for – what’s the line
    “life is just a funny dream
    and someday I’ll share this dream with you
    just to be with you
    this much I pray
    it’s true it’s true”
    how many of us were getting emotional at that point?!? jenn’s trumpet seriously defies explanation (this is where mr. miner gets good at descriptions but me not so much)
    and I’m not even a fan of most cover tunes (Golden Age being the most glaring exemption to that paradigm since I listen to it over and over and over – is it possible to wear out an ipod?) but black dog may have been the highlight of the night
    seriously – how does jenn sing like that
    and the entire band jammed that song tighter than any attempt by any cover band ever.
    magilla was a nice encore
    and it was cool when trey reminded us that Russ was an original giant country horn – not that we forget but to remember that there’s so much history
    and first tube is still echoing in my head
    how do jams even get that fierce?!?!?
    it really sucks that nothing’s been posted yet to give us all a listen
    but isn’t that how legends are made?
    all the hype over this show
    and they’ll be like one or two hand held cell phone recordings so it’ll just slide into infamy…
    okay please tell me that someone out there recorded this as sweetly as was done for the last three nights because the sound’s been hot and I really need to hear this show again…

  24. Jonathan Says:

    Hey! The show at Terminal 5 isn’t linked? Fixable? I’m trying to dig on that set!

  25. pages_sandwich Says:

    ummm, still no source for T5, what is the deal?

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