L O S T: “The Lighthouse” Discussion Thread

Season 6, Episode 4 "The Lighthouse"


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  1. Lycanthropist Says:

    Amazing episode.

    So much to reflect on.

    Plenty of answers.

  2. Marshall Says:

    Things are definitely picking up. Claire’s “friend” at the end – even though it wasn’t all that surprising – did make the hairs on my arms stand up.

    On the flipside – some of the scenes felt “fake” – especially the one where Hurley and Jack ran into Kate. “I almost shot you.” “It’s me Kate, Jack.” There’s been a slight loss in verisimilitude.

    But, I’m definitely looking forward to each coming week as the intensity heightens.

  3. Marshall Says:

    ^ Also – two things seemed very, very predictable: 1) I could tell for a good 30 seconds that Clarie was still going to kill that guy anyway, and 2) I could tell that Claire was going to say she would have killed Kate if it had turned out to be true that Kate had been caring for Aaron for 3 years.

    Not saying I could write the script, but they aren’t surprising me as much as they used to.

    This season feels like Episode III of Star Wars – where, all of a sudden, a whole bunch of things have got to happen fast in order to wrap it all up, and the producers now realize that they wasted time in past seasons. Thus, it has that “jumped the shark” feeling.

    I think I might feel this way because Feral Claire just doesn’t seem all that believable. Maybe she’s not that great of an actor.

    Similarly – Jack following Hurley araound – that’s never happened. Things are flipped around and it feels “bizarro.”

  4. Lycanthropist Says:


    i hear ya a bit.

    I just think that at this point we know the characters so well and they are playing into that a bit.

    And also I feel like time for surprise is over.

    The answers are always a little lacking.

    However, I think last nights episode was pretty good, especially the ALT scenes. Best Flash-sideways yet.

  5. InAMinute Says:

    Prediction. Now that Jacob knows that one of the candidates is truly ready in his eyes to take over for Jacob he had Jack destroy to lighthouse…perhaps so jacks “son” couldn’t find his way to the island.

  6. wilson8or Says:

    Kathy Bates Claire was a little stretch. I was waiting for her to say: “It’s for the best, Jin”. However, it’s nice when Damon and Carlton write the episode: the transitions between events in the episode are always clean and connected. Jack and Hurley were a nice pairing, too. Jack has changed so much just in 4 episodes this season.

    @InAminute: that’s a hell of an idea.

  7. bhizzle Says:

    Now if you just got done saying goiing to the island was supposed to fix you but it didn’t and then you see this lighthouse which can attract people, would you break the thing?!?!?!?!?!

  8. Lycanthropist Says:

    I liked crazy claire

    granted it was campy as hell, but i felt it was intentional.

    I think its providing a good landscape for Jin’s character to develop a little.

    And Claire has gone missing and gone crazy before, again the cyclic nature of this show prevails.

    She was a little off as far as acting goes… but I was able to look past it.

    The other she killed was pretty lame for an other though.

  9. Lycanthropist Says:


    jack is reactionary.

    to find out that he was brought here for a purpose just snapped him for a second. i don’t blame him. I think he knows deep down he cant leave again anyway.

    He was possibly acting heroic by making it impossible for jacob to interfere and ruin any body else’s lives.

  10. cwc Says:

    left no doubt that Jack is Jacob’s chosen one.

    I also get irritated that as they answer some questions, they continue to add stuff. Kind of like when Jack said I wonder why we never saw this giant lighthouse before. Small complaint

  11. Lycanthropist Says:

    it was a bit Stephen King-ish for sure though with Claire.

    all work and no play makes Claire a crazy bitch!

  12. Lycanthropist Says:

    The lighthouse makes me think that the Cave is all smokey

    I think that that list is his list of people he needs to kill.

    Jacobs list is obv in the lighthouse.

  13. cwc Says:

    Claire had the same test done on her as Sayid so I guess we can assume what Genghis (never can remember his name) said about Sayid will come true.

    That leave MIB with 3 recruits Claire, Sayid, Sawyer for now. I guess he will have to convince someone to kill him. Who do you count on jacob’s side? Hurley, Jack?

    My wife thought Jacob wanted them to turn the lighthouse so Widmore could find the island again.

  14. cwc Says:

    good thought lycan. I noticed in the first hour rewatch that he new exactly where that chalk was to mark out Locke. Wasn’t there a name for every degree. 360 names. Now we know the true source of the numbers.

  15. Agnog Says:

    Hurley’s instructions were to point the lighthouse to 108…

    No big revelation here, but 108 is the sum of the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42.

    My question, which I thought was pretty unbelievable that Hurley or Jack wouldn’t look at, is WHOSE NAME IS AT 108.



  16. bob Says:

    Something very important is happening in the ALT/flash-sideways reality. Locke learns to love, learns to laugh at himself and get over his anger. Jack connects to his son in a way he never did with his father (and appears to be able to better handle alcohol). That conversation he had with his son at the end of the show is a turning point in his life.

  17. Parker Says:

    What do you think happened to Sawyer? Do you think he is a recruit? Or possibly dead, and we only see the death in a flashback?

    I suppose he isn’t dead because we’ve yet to see his alternate existance, and I think we will at some point.

  18. bob Says:

    MIB/FLocke can’t be trusted, but I do believe him when he says Jacob has been manipulating the Losties. Jacob has been leading Hurley since last season, and he clearly manipulated him and Jack last night. But to what end?

  19. Parker Says:

    I don’t trust Jacob. Both Flocke and Jacob are manipulative and are acting in their best interest. I really don’t know what to expect to happen. I think it will come down to a lot of people dying.

  20. cwc Says:

    speaking of alcohol, did you notice the mccutheon scotch at Jack’s mom house. Same brand as widmore.

  21. boghog2001 Says:

    Can someone explain “inaminute’s” theory to me. it sounds good but I don’t get it.

  22. boghog2001 Says:

    In the sideways flash, i think we are seeing the lives of these people play out WITHOUT the influence of Jacob. In the sideways reality, Jasob fails at protecting the island and that is why it is under water. This would explain why people’s lives are better (Locke, Sawyer, and Hurley all happier, Kate not killing her father but rather some other dude). they are no longer consumed with the burden that Jacob has put on them. What woudl be unexplained is why Locke is friends with his father. Probably he did not throw him out the window if he is invited to the wedding. The pictures in Locke‚Äôs cubicle show a photo of Locke (with hair) with his father, Anthony Cooper; they looked to be hunting, There was also a photo of Locke with Helen in a tropical setting, presumably Hawaii. The curious thing about both photos: Locke appeared to be standing. So when and how did Locke become dependent on a wheelchair in the sideways reality? Not important.

    My basic theory is that in this sideways reality, the bomb goes offf, sets something into action that sinks the island, making Jacob’s need to protect and his need to find candidates an unnecessary quest. or a quest put on hold. So therefore Jacob does not go to the mainland to find these people. Somehow Ben Linus leaves the others, leaves the island, ends up a teacher, not a leader, and all this other stuff we are seeing happens.

    Ultimately the off-island stuff this season is kind of boring. Who cares about Jack and his relationship with his Son? it does not appear to have anything to do with the plight of the island. So help me figure this out please.

  23. Lycanthropist Says:


    thats just it.

    the alt reality is not really an ALTERNATIVE reality… it is directly related to the actions of the original reality.

    slowly but surely we are seeing more and more signs of this. These meetings of characters aren’t random. Jack’s scars causing him trouble, his inability to remember things.

    There is some sort of crossover happening here, albeit very subtle.

    I think that this related reality is Jacob’s loophole that perhaps the MiB didn’t plan for.

    It is very important that these characters are finding redemption on their OWN, without all the mystical mumbo jumbo of the island.

  24. bob Says:

    @ Lycan

    I agree on the importance of the sideways reality and their characters’ search for redemption. That’s why it is significant that Jack connected with his son.

    I think the 2 timelines will eventually converge and someone will have to make a choice about which becomes the real reality.

  25. boghog2001 Says:

    First of all, my impression on why there are two divergent realities. If the bomb goes off in ’77and they avoid the hatch being built, the plane never crashes in 2004 and thus lands at LAX.

    However, if the plane never crashes in 2004, they never go back to the island on Flight 316, never land in 1977, and thus never detonate the bomb to avoid the hatch being built. Consequently, they would still crash in 2004!

    This temporal catch 22 is what caused time to split into two divergent realities. Neither reality can exist by itself. Because they blow up the bomb and change the future and never crash, but need to be on the island (and in the past) to do that, they have split the space-time continuum in half.

    The only thing that doesn’t add up (and it doesn’t add up no matter what way you look at it) is when they wind up back in 2007 after the bomb goes off: Why do they go to the time in 2007 right after Dark Locke kills Jacob? It would have made more sense to me if they arrived at the same point in time that Sun/Ben/Ilanna/Locke’s body etc originally arrived, right after 316 crashes.

    Then it could have just been an alternate result of the 316 crash… instead of landing in 1977, they land in 2007 with everyone else. Anyways, that they are shuttled right back to 2007 at a seemingly random point in time, where all the action is, that’s where things get a little tricky for me. Why then?

    (possible answer) Because its the parent reality’s current temporal “present” time is all I can think of.

    (This begs a new question, could the island go forward in time like it can go backwards in time, meaning to time that hasn’t happened in whatever constitiutes the real world/real present? Or is it limited to just going back and re-treading over the past? Everything we saw during the island skipping stone section of S5 was various points in the past, never the future.

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