Weekend Nuggets: Summer ’98


Lemonwheel Pollack Postcard - Summer '98This weekend we have two reader requests from the well-loved summer of ’98. Only ten days apart, these Alpine and Star Lake shows saw Phish stop at two classic venues on their way up to Limestone to end the summer. Alpine’s “Tweezer” is the crowning moment of this night with one of the more beautiful versions of the late ’90s, while Star Lake saw Phish take “Runaway Jim” out for a 35-minute affair. And plenty other highlights abound in each of these stellar shows. Shout outs to Frankie and Flarrdogg for these choices.


8.1.98 Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI < Torrent

8.1.98 Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI < Megaupload

I: Ramble On*, Mike’s Song > Esther > Weekapaug Groove, Guyute, Fikus, Birds of a Feather, Lawn Boy > Funky Bitch

II: Piper, Wilson > Also Sprach Zarathustra > Magilla > Also Sprach Zarathustra > Tweezer, Fluffhead, Brian and Robert, Albuquerque, Chalk Dust Torture, Frankenstein

E: Been Caught Stealin’*, Tweezer Reprise


Source: Schoeps MK41>KC5>CMC6>SX-M2>AD1000>DAP1 @ 48kHz (FOB/BTP/DFC/ORTF)


8.11.98 Star Lake Amphitheatre  Burgettstown, PA < Torrent

8.11.98 Star Lake Amphitheatre  Burgettstown, PA < Megaupload

I: Trench Town Rock*, Julius, Wolfman’s Brother > Time Loves a Hero, Bittersweet Motel, Reba, The Sloth, Ginseng Sullivan, Fee, Maze, Sample in a Jar

II: Runaway Jim, Meat, Limb By Limb, When the Circus Comes, Down with Disease

E: Wilson, Golgi Apparatus


Source: Schoeps CMK4 > Sonosax > DA-P1


Jam of the Weekend:

Tweezer” 8.15.93 II

A twenty-minute excursion from the same August ’93 show as yesterday’s “Stash.”




“Tweezer Jam > Izabella” 12.6.97 II (Very fun footage!)

(Video starts at :44 seconds)

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  1. Lycanthropist Says:


    to add further to this debacle

    it actually is supposed to be Denver..
    we messed up with Dencer… thats a typo lol!

  2. She Divides Says:

    @ Stitch–thanks. Things are going pretty well for me too.

    off to bed-night all!

  3. Lycanthropist Says:

    so decided to go back and listen to Shoreline

    man that Chalkdust is nasty.. everybody give that one a spin really great shit

  4. stitchstash Says:

    That sounds like it was so much fun whole tour!

    Lycan, you are too funny!

    Good night She Divides and everybody else. I’m off to sleep myself.

  5. whole tour! Says:

    it was soooo much fun!

    i have never ever heard a a better version of “black dog” either….trey tore that song a new one…jimi page would have fallen over!

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