L O S T: “Sundown” Discussion Thread

Season 6, Episode 5


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  1. cwc Says:

    Think they will ever explain the ratcheting noise of the smoke monster?

    One thing I have noticed this season is the fake looking scenery. Some of the stuff in the temple is really bad. Almost like it is intentionally bad. I haven’t rewatched any previous seasons to see if it has always been like that. Probably just because they have conditioned us to scrutinize every second.

  2. Mr.Miner Says:

    i think smoke is good.

  3. Lycanthropist Says:


    i am going to have to disagree.

    while i know this is LOST and all is possible, and the lines of morality are blurred… but I just gotta go with factual history.

    the man in black has killed over and over and over.
    he speaks with the tongue of the archetype devil.
    he offers wild promises for even more dubious tasks.

    These all tend to push the realm of evil.

    I think the writers are trying to draw the lines clearly for us for this last season, and sometimes we miss the most obvious stuff because we are over analyzing as we have been conditioned to do.

    I could be wrong, but I am stickin with what my gut tells me and sayin that MiB is definitely a force of destruction, if not evil.

    Still wondering about Jacob’s alignment though

  4. The Light Between Says:

    It seems like everything is sort of rushing toward an ending. It’s actually hard, given the current pace, to imagine how they are going to fill twelve more episodes. At the beginning of the season, I thought there was no way they would be able to fit everything in.
    Instead, it kind of seems like they’ve sort of just blurred everything to the point that I can’t even remember most of the questions I came into the season with anymore, or they have already been answered.
    I guess the main ones at this point are: Walt? Aaron? Libby? Faraday? Desmond?
    At least one of these people has to come back into play I would think. I’m pretty sure Desmond will be back soon. But Walt just seems gone at this point, since he has aged too visibly to logically return under their time-frame. Which is too bad and sort of messes with the show as a whole since he was so important the first few seasons and seemingly had some sort of relationship with the island.
    Aaron doesn’t seem like he will return either, except probably in the alt timeline. As the only child born on the island (since Nathan I guess) he was also really significant, now not really except as a prop between Kate and Claire.
    And Libby was in the asylum with Hurley, they still haven’t told us what was up with that.
    I’m really curious when this is all done, if I will be able to go back to the first season, and even see anything which has any bearing on the eventual climax at all.

  5. The Light Between Says:

    Everything from the alt time-frame last night seemed pretty insignificant to me, if not bordering on boring. I guess they were just trying to show that not everything is all roses for everyone when they get back, or if they had gotten back, or whatever the alt time-frame represents. But I’m about to rewatch the episode, after watching it the first time on grainy webfeed, so maybe that will change.

  6. griff Says:

    interesting tidbit from wikipedia

    Flocke (German pronunciation: [ˈflɔkə]) is a female polar bear who was born in captivity at the Nuremberg Zoo in Nuremberg, Germany on 11 December 2007.

    not related, but funny

  7. Mr. Completely Says:

    “But Walt just seems gone at this point, since he has aged too visibly to logically return under their time-frame. Which is too bad and sort of messes with the show as a whole since he was so important the first few seasons and seemingly had some sort of relationship with the island.”

    yes, that’s unfortunate. I think they tried to show that basically Michael’s sacrifice combined with Walt’s power somehow freed Walt from the Island. I don’t expect to see him, though if they could somehow tie him back in, that’s be a huge bonus.

    We will see more of Desmond, Libby and Aaron for sure. Faraday, I certainly hope so, though they could say that his story was a closed loop and ended with the reset/flash.

  8. Mr. Completely Says:

    The point of the Alt Timeline last night seemed very clear to me

    Sayid is Sayid regardless of circumstance

    he may have more or less regret and angst about his actions, depending

    but he still takes those actions

    key difference is that he seemed more in control of his choices in the Alt line.

  9. Mr.Miner Says:

    The point of the Alt Timeline last night seemed very clear to me

    Sayid is Sayid regardless of circumstance

    ^ yup.

    @Lycan…but MIB is the one leaving the island and freeing everyone, though what freeing means remains to be seen. Jacob is the one controlling everyone and bringing them to their eventual death on the island. Im not sure that I am going with traditional lines of morality here 🙂

    Its interesting though, bc asie from good/evil, Jacob’s side definitely represents fate/destiny while MIB is all about free will….

  10. Mr.Miner Says:

    Sayid is basically my favorite character. Hi episodes are always the best. Sayid or Locke….

    And i loved last nights alt timeline. Watching Sayid and Keamy fight another epic battle (whatever happened happened, right?) and how Keamy….watching Keamy get killed again…all great stuff. And obviously everyone thought Sayid would be with Nadia, another interesting twist which represents another parallel in the 2007 timeline where Sayid cannot be with her b/c she is killed

  11. bright light Says:

    re sayid in the alt timeline – i can’t help but see his actions as personal growth. killing not for sport or money, but to protect the people he loved most of all. and his decision not to get together with nadia showed that he was willing to make the most supreme sacrifice possible. yes, he is still a killer. but he seemed more like a killer with a clear (and clean – at least as clean as can be) conscience.

    i have always liked the locke and sayid episodes best. last night was a potent combo of juicy ambiguity, intense action, trickery and lingering questions. was sayid pushed over the edge by flocke’s words? was it from having died and being invaded? or did he just really, really want to get to see nadia again, consequences be damned? love episodes like these!

    and that song claire was singing in the pit – have we heard it before?

  12. Mr.Miner Says:

    ^ yes. kate sang it to aaron when she was raising him off island…eerie shit

  13. marker Says:

    Gotta say…Miner, I’ve been reading your site since the come back,and thanks for all you do. Thanks also to your regulars (mr completely, lycan, etc). This LOST thread, though, is what made me realize that we really do have a lot in common, not just this band we love. let’s keep itup and see where Jacob (i still believein him) takes us. Thanks everyone for the stimulating convo…

  14. marker Says:

    Miner, what’s up with the moderation? I love your site, love phish,and have been reading for nearly a year. jest want to be part of the convorsation.

    Mark, head since Alpine ’98, Ramble On opener

  15. Mr. Completely Says:

    very nice post there @light! well said

  16. The Light Between Says:

    Re Jacob as fate/predestination and MIB/flocke as choice/free will, it is interesting to note that those aligning with Flocke had little or no choice in their return to the island, if they ever even left (Sawyer, Sayid, presumably Jin). Those aligned with Jacob came back of their own accord (Kate remains somewhat up in the air.)

  17. bright light Says:

    A few thoughts on FLocke/Phish as we start the new day (apologies for the length of the post):

    First, I just wanted to mention that I think the actor who plays FLocke is doing an incredible job this season. Locke was always one of my favorite characters, but if you told me a while ago that basically a new character would be inhabiting his body for the entire season, and that he would still play one of the key roles, AND THAT IT WOULD WORK BEAUTIFULLY – well, I just don’t think I would have believed you. But when I watch FLocke, I am absolutely convinced that I’m watching Smokey and not the Locke of old. For Locke to be one of my old favorites and my new favorite – while really playing two different, unique characters – well, that’s a top notch acting job.

    As for the Phishiness of FLocke…

    My holy grail of Phish moments is when the boys (and I) are way into a jam and I suddenly realize I have no idea what song the jam started from. All I know is that I’m blissed out from the incredible journey that brought me to that point. Now if someone just started listening to the show from that point only, they might dig the jam but be completely lost as to how [song] led to [jam]. And while that moment may sound sublime to all listeners, it would be extra special to those who were on the train from the start. Which brings me to FLocke. I had a moment near the end of the last episode (when the escapees met FLocke outside the temple) that brought me back to those epic Phishy highlights, when I was completely into FLocke and his sinister expressions and ambiguity and all that other good stuff, and then suddenly remembered that he wasn’t always like this. Yet this was the same wheelchair bound guy who raised his arms in triumph on the beach at the start of season one – or at least the same actor – and he was was, still right in the middle of everything but for very, very different reasons. And as good as he’s been until now, I cannot wait to see where he’s going. Just like those feel good moments at a show, all I could do was shake my head in awe and appreciation, my soul filled with delight and feeling blessed for sharing in FLocke’s groove.

    One final thought…

    A few episodes back someone asked about what Phish songs each character would be. After the last episode, it looks to me like Jin is our new Uncle Ebenezer 🙂

  18. Billy88 Says:

    I would like to second Markers thanx! great inspiring thoughts on lost and phish. I’d like to throw a few ideas into the mix.

    I like the Flocke reference best because i’m not positive that the Bsmoke isn’t another tool of/on the island. It seems that the island might be like a game board, allowing the players to use what/when needed. Ben and Locke spun the wheel, same result. True the bsmoke is in Flockes hands now, but Ben also said he new how to summon??? Also, the island seems to have a large energy source, which might be why Dharma is there, a space ship/Lost island of Atlantis/game board/prison/time machine……..which is probably why they try and protect it.

    The Walt/children were snatched by the others to protect the young from…….and now that they are off Island, they may not be in danger therefore not involved the story???

    Do you think Sayid is talking about Shannon??? He seemed to love her and she did die on the island, where the ghosts seem to show up for everyone, but Hurley. Can’t recall if Shannon died in his arms….

    And speaking of Hurley, what do you think he’s going to say to Claire after Charlie died to save her and Arron??

    The Kate and Sawyer/Jin meeting should be interesting. if Sawyer is actually with Jin or dong something for Flocke….

    Flocke and Jacob both manipulate. Flocke is much more direct about it, choice for reward, while Jacob seems to move circumstance so the choice is, or seems, done by the individual.

    Great show hope they give the ending it’s worthy finish…

  19. The Light Between Says:

    It’s been a couple years since I watched the first season, but I remember I couple of times where they would zoom in on John Locke and make the camera spin around and play the spooky Lost music like he was somebody we should watch out for. It’s kind of hard to believe they were foreshadowing Flocke at the time, but it never really made sense to me because he seemed like a cool guy who could hunt, and was friends with Walt and also had some special relationship with the island.

  20. 2dogphish Says:


    Shannon did indeed die in Sayid’s arms so I wondered the same thing-is he wanting her back, not Nadia?

  21. Mr.Miner Says:

    gotta assume he’s talking about Nadia

  22. Mr. Palmer Says:

    The only thing that bothers me about this episode is the whole Nadia marrying Sayid’s brother. “I don’t deserve you”. Come, on. So instead, marry my brother! Maybe i’m missing something. This has annoyed me since watching the episode.

  23. Mr.Miner Says:

    So he could still be close to her… He has an
    incredibly guilty conscience…

  24. Lycanthropist Says:

    nice thoughts bright light!

    loving seeing all these new faces over here..

    wish i could have been more active like usual, but it has been a hell week for me.

  25. Mr.Miner Says:

    Willowed screwed Mitch royally in the main thread mentioning “Smoke Monster Locke” wow…..

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