Going Greek?

The Greek Theatre - Berkeley, CA

On the heels of the Telluride Town Council’s approval for the Phish shows for August 9-10, another gorgeous rumor rolled into the community – a four-night stand a Berkeley, California’s Greek Theatre.¬† Phish hasn’t visited this west coast, live music icon since their blistering tour closer in the summer of ’93. The rumored dates for this next dream-like scenario fall within the first week of August, just before Telluride.

The dates I initially heard, August 5-8, wouldn’t seem to make sense due to the necessary overnight commute to Telluride. Or perhaps these dates are real, and they are an attempt to keep excess fans out of Telluride. But the last time the band played a six-night run was some time in the early-’90s, and that just doesn’t seem feasible – at all. Needless to say, regardless of the actual dates, Phish may be visiting the Bay Area and not playing Bill Graham’s outdated and overcrowded Shoreline Amphitheatre for the first time in over a decade, and even the chance of that is great news!

The Greek Theatre - Berkeley, CA

Once again, the immediate mission becomes tickets. If you thought Telluride’s 9000 person limit was small, slice off another 500, and you’ve got the Greek Theatre’s 8,500 capacity. (But considering that 1,500 tickets per night will be set aside for “locals” in Telluride, it seems that Colorado would be the harder ticket.) An aesthetically gorgeous, general admission, locale atop a hill on the campus of University of California, The Greek Theatre is designed after an actual Greek amphitheatre; rounded and made of stone. There are no seats, just stone bleachers and lawn seating somewhere up in the stratosphere, though the lawn is coupled with a stunning vista of San Francisco Bay.

Shoreline '98

It’s about time the band made a stop in the Bay Area, proper. Not since 1996’s visit to Daly City’s Cow Palace, has Phish played anywhere besides Shoreline, (aside from one special night at The Fillmore). But a multi-night return to The Greek would make up for all those empty years in droves. This run should remain “in theory” for a while, because once Mike wraps up his solo tour, Phish will drop their June dates, leaving us guessing about August for quite a while. But as long as we are guessing, How about two or three nights at The Gorge to open the west coast swing? Then head down for four in Berkeley and then out to Telluride. What year is this again?

These intimate settings continue one of the best trends of Phish 3.0, the “we’ll play wherever the fuck we want” factor. From the Fox Theatre to Fenway, and from Asheville to Indio, and from the band’s current focus is clearly on quality of experience, rather than maximizing financial gain. With four nights at The Greek, the band would sell 34,000 tickets; with two nights at Shoreline they would swarf that with 44,000. The bottom line is that Phish doesn’t care about getting bigger anymore. Their fanbase is here to stay for as long as they will playing music, so they might as well make their concert environs ideal as possible for everyone¬† involved. So far, so good, and with a potential return to The Greek, it’s getting better all the time.


Jam of the Day:

Halley’s > Tweezer > Bug” 10.8.99 II

The beginning of the Nassau’s fourth set in Fall of ’99.

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3.13.93 Balch Fieldhouse – UC, Boulder,CO < Torrent

3.13.93 Balch Fieldhouse – UC, Boulder CO < Megaupload

3.13.93 Boulder,CO Poster

This one goes out to Justino!

I: The Landlady, Funky Bitch, Bouncing Around the Room, Maze, Fee, All Things Reconsidered, Split Open and Melt, Contact, Llama, Wilson, Run Like an Antelope

II: Suzy Greenberg, Tweezer, The Lizards, It’s Ice, Glide, Uncle Pen, Big Ball Jam, Mike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Fast Enough for You, Hold Your Head Up > Love You > Hold Your Head Up, Tweezer Reprise

E: My Sweet One, Amazing Grace, Big Black Furry Creature from Mars

Note: Fishman wore a suit and tie for this show

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  1. neemor Says:


    The orange comes from linking a site to your name.

  2. neemor Says:

    Principles, schminicples…

    Make sure your gravatar pic is set to ‘G’ rating and refresh.
    Takes a few minutes..

  3. jdub Says:

    @Angry, orange handle means a website has been attached. Gravatar.com for picture. Meetups have been happening with great success and will probably become bigger this summer.

  4. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    For avatars:

    go to gravatar.com and follow the directions. use the email addy you use here and make sure you set the rating to “G” or “PG”. it takes about 10-15 minutes to show up, and you’ll need to clear your cache (ctrl-f5 on pc).

    For orange names:

    add a website address to the “Website” box right above the comment field when you submit a comment. the orange name is then a hyperlink to whatever url you input.

  5. voopa Says:

    “People will think we are sober.”

    Not likely!

  6. pagesidehighschool Says:

    wish i had known about miners ticket exchange previously, craigs list is full of scam artists, and stubhub has ridiculous service charges, stubhubbas!

  7. neemor Says:


    And true.

  8. neemor Says:

    Miner’s ticket exchange, like I said…worked wonders for me.
    If you post over face, social website ridicule ensues…
    Same if you don’t come through with the tickets.

    And we usually cover every show and help one another get in via trade or face.

  9. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    since Neemor brought it up, I had never had much/any interaction with the Phellowship prior to Portland this fall.

    A friend of a friend came to the show with us and (from what I learned later) she has been sober for a while. we were rocking it pretty heavy on the floor and some time during the second set she started to have thoughts creeping about her past demons. she ended up going out and finding someone from the Phellowship who talked with her and got her into a good space again.

    It’s really awesome that there are resources out there for pholk who need a little help making it through. Go Phish!

  10. neemor Says:

    If you’re still lurking:
    I’m curious if another PHCompanion is in the works anytime soon…
    My copy is well-worn and of course ends with the Shoreline setlists of 2000…
    At least an addendum or does that not make sense with the band in full swing?

  11. pagesidehighschool Says:

    i tried explaining the concept of “face value” to some db on craigs list last fall, he didn’t get it. he was trying to sell two tickets for $250 and said he needed to cover his expences, i guess he has a problem, stubhubbas!

  12. neemor Says:

    Phellowship will be on my list of places to visit this summer, for sure….
    Look for the (yellow?) balloon?

  13. AintNoTele Says:

    Proof of heads at youtube

    its a straight up documentary with no music inside, but the title says it all. this is youtubes featured video of the day

  14. neemor Says:

    You can cover expenses but those expenses certainly shouldn’t include your car payment or airfare…

  15. jdub Says:

    Not to beat it into the ground but you guys on the other side of the mountains had a little band known as the Grateful Dead based in your neck of the woods. A balancing of psychedelic coastal energy. As for Midwest you got Jordan and Umphrey McGee. Maybe the next great thing comes from Chi town (don’t necesarrily mean UM).

  16. zzyzx Says:

    I already had a gravitar thingie but I used a different email address here.

    I can’t answer for the Foundation. Whenever I do that I get into trouble. However if you want a new PC, the best advice I’d give is to try to get some sort of pre-order momentum going.

  17. AintNoTele Says:

    this link was supposed to be attached


  18. Kaveh Says:

    I would say that the ticket exchange board is the first place you should check, as you know everyone is legit and that you are going to get a fair price, rather than going to eBay, craig’s list, etc.

    @neemor – I know that the new Phish book takes setlists from Hampton 2009 through Summer 2009.

  19. jdub Says:

    @ Neemor, there is a more current edition that includes 2.0 but stops before Coventry.

  20. zzyzx Says:

    “Not to beat it into the ground but you guys on the other side of the mountains had a little band known as the Grateful Dead based in your neck of the woods.”

    As a Deadhead who went to college on the east coast, other than Spring 1989, there never was a shortage of east coast GD shows. For that matter, have you looked at Phil’s recent schedules? NY and Philly get dozens of shows a year, Seattle hasn’t been played since 2000.

  21. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    nice. I dig the Rhombus avatar, zzyzx!

  22. jdub Says:

    Miner has a pretty complete Companion right here for all things 3.0

  23. zzyzx Says:

    If you’re going online, phish.net has a lot of the PC reviews and song histories up, along with the complete setlists.

  24. neemor Says:

    Thx for the advice…maybe I’ll try on the phish.net.
    Love the rhombus shot.

    I did see the updated setlists in the Puterbaugh book (although he left out Star Lake for some reason.)
    I never did get a new copy of the big companion, now I feel like waiting until the next hiatus. Mockingbird should get my cash, though..

  25. jay Says:

    yea, the Dead loved the east coast. Almost as many shows per year as the west coast.

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