Weekend Nuggets: Mike’s Songs


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As Mike wraps up his eight-show mini tour this weekend, let’s turn our attention to the few recordings that have been posted. Along with the tour opener, these are the only shows that have surfaced on line for now. I haven’t gotten a chance to listen to these yet, but reports from the road have been glowing. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Mike’s band, grab these for your weekend enjoyment! If you do get to see a show and would like to write a reader review, send your piece to mrminer@phishthoughts.com.


3.7.2010 Sherman Theatre, Stroudsburg, PA < Torrent

3.7.2010 Sherman Theatre, Stroudsburg, PA < Megaupload

I. Only A Dream, Can’t Stand Still > Pretend> Can’t Stand Still, 15 Step > Midnight*, Where the Soul Of Man Never Dies*, Cruel World, Soul Food Man

II. Dig Further Down, Hap Nappy > She Said, She Said, Crumbling Bones > Morphing Again, Meat > Another Door

E: Country Boy*

*With Danny Barnes on Banjo

Source: (FOB) Busman Bsc1 (Cardoid) > Fostex FR-2LE (Busman T-mod)


3.9.2010 Ram’s Head Live, Baltimore, MD < Torrent

3.9.2010 Ram’s Head Live, Baltimore, MD < Megaupload

I. Frame Jam > Can’t Stand Still, Couch Lady, Be Good*, I’m Deranged^ > Walls of Time ^ > I’m Deranged ^, Emotional Railroad > Voices

II. Andelmans’ Yard, Sugar Shack, Jones > Swamp Music, Nobody’s Home, The Grid, River Niger, She Said, She Said

E: Another Door

* Debut
^ with Danny Barnes, banjo

Source: AKG C460Bs/CK 63-ULS > Naiant LittleBox > Edirol R-09HR


Jam of the Weekend:

Mike’s > Simple > Contact > Weekapaug” 8.16.96 II

A fierce “Mike’s” from The Clifford Ball, with all of its accompanying accoutrements.




“Mike’s Song” – 12.4.09 MSG

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  1. garretc Says:


    Thanks for these Miner, I’ve been jonesing to hear what the tour’s sounded like so far!

    Also, for those who went, how was Phil’s 70th? Who were the “friends”? Any jedi in the house?

    And Mr. Miner, glad to hear Mrs. Miner turned put no worse for wear from the wook down incident! My best friends mom wasn’t so lucky… Someone (the same person?!?) fell into her on the stairs last night at the civic center, knocking her down and fracturing some ribs… 🙁

    Not to be a downer or anything though… Hope it was a great show!

    Good morning east coast! (And west coast too! You guys will no doubt me up before me as well…)

    A very merry unbirthday to all, and to all a good night…

  2. Gavinsdad Says:

    Woke up in the morning…..still baned from last nite

  3. Willowed Says:

    Good Morning everyone. Hey Sumo and TIIIPO, you guys must be excited for tonight!
    Hope Mike throws the bass in your face tonight!
    You know what they sy about Phish and bad weather = great shows. I assume the same will apply for you and Gordon tonight!

  4. Willowed Says:

    Quinnipiac Hockey wins the longest game in NCAA history last night in the ECAC HockeyTourney.
    Had to throw that out there!

  5. Angryjoggerz Says:

    Stiiil waiting.

  6. Willowed Says:

    Nice guy!!

  7. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    Doing a little stuff round the house before getting bassed tonight.

    @g dad
    How was the e factory last night? I know a lot of people hate that place but I’ve got get memories from there

  8. Angryjoggerz Says:

    got get memories = awesome phrase

  9. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    Ha! Wish that was intentional. Sometimes my phone auto corrects in ways I don’t intend

  10. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    Okay, off to climb a ladder for a bit. Have a great, hippie speedball filled morning, everyone!

  11. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Morning all, JOTW is oof the hook. One on the many hioghlights of the Ball. The Mike’s video is just plain. nasty. Both of these deserve your attention and shall be turned up to 11!

  12. Mr. Palmer Says:

    off the hook. (oof- llfa)

  13. Marshall Says:

    @ Beep – if you are out there – where is “Close-by”? I always stayed at Glo-wood, which had a sweet area that was full of trees and shade, which was pretty nice in the mid-summer afternoons. It is/was east of Deer Creek, a little less than a mile away, out E 146th St (aka W 700 S), which was not far from the Travel Pilot Center at Exit 14.

    Did you ever stay there?

  14. neemor Says:

    Morning all.

    I’m sure it was fun, Thunter…review stat, please….
    Sumo and TIIIP.O., enjoy Mike this evening, make sure you’ve got a hold of something solid that’s screwed down.
    Thanks for the video, Miner, this was the elusive Mike’s for HHood, the thought that this one busted MSG wide open is an understatement.

    Robear, the Seth & May disc ‘Copper County'(?) is great and Ella was a great choice, can’t wait to pass them on to the little neemette, she’s going to love ’em. Rainy, grey day got me smilin’ from Seth and May…Smiling in the face of raindrops…
    Can’t thank you enough.

    Still waiting.

  15. Gavinsdad Says:

    @TIII – gordo was actually at the TLA last nite. I really can’t stand the electric factory but that’s mostly due to overcrowding. The TLA is more intimate. The back of the floor has a gentle rise and it wasn’t terribly packed in there. Kayatosh, his friend, and I were right in the center. I thought the mix was decent tho Scott M was a little low in the mix. I’m used to lead gutarists, and their leads, being a little more forward in the mix.

    That was my 2nd gordo show (first was at the vibes 2 summers ago) and it was a totally different feel from a big outdoor show…obvs. Thought the playing was pretty damn polished. The piano/keys player is one to look out for. They brought out a guy (vox/borrowed guitar) and woman (fiddle) from th cheiftains along with a group of 3 Irish dancers all of whom threw down.

    Andlemans Yard has some really nice sections. Since I’m such a Gordo band noob I can’t really review or comment properly but it was really fun. I mentioned that my sitter texted me a little too early about when I would be getting home so that was a sign that I had to leave, which was beat but Id gotten in a really solid set of music. I mentioed to Kayatosh that I’d definitely see mike again. Might not chase him as far as phish but I’d definitely go again. Other highlights include security taking our joint away and crushing it under his boot but in the grand scheme of things that wasn’t really that bad. He didn’t say a word and just kept moving. It wasn’t totally Gestapo in there….it was just weird timing. All in all, good times. Nice to meet another kind person from this board 🙂

    everyone going to get bassed tonite….have a blast

  16. Gavinsdad Says:

    One last thing…baned as hell on my ride hope I listened to the Clifford ball Disease. I got really in deep with it and anyone hippie speedballing should do the same. What a gem!!

  17. neemor Says:

    LLFA, Thunter…
    That was Mike’s personal ‘Smoking Security’.
    He prefers that people enjoy his music without the aid of anything besides amplification devices.
    That’s Mike for you…
    Glad it was fun, I just thought it was cool to see him move around a bit from so close and intimate….he truly came to life on the stage in New Haven, I’m sure the same held true for last night.
    The added artists sounds pretty cool, glad you got at least a set.
    Sometimes, that’s all it takes…

  18. Robear Says:

    ought to be a good day. little man slept through the night.

    wook detector malfunction at the Bill Graham last night.

    enjoy Neemor. Daisy May’s the real deal. Her and Seth mesh so well on their music. Really inspiring.

  19. Marshall Says:

    Question: when a wook falls on you that early in a show, do you just let the wook-stink remain on you for the next couple of hours or do you head to the restroom to freshen up?

  20. The Mad Hatter Says:

    Just wanted to point out that Walls of Time in Baltimore had an instrument rotation jam with Danny Barnes, Scott, and Cactus all switching up. After the segue into the tune Mike takes the banjo, Danny the guitar, and Scott the bass. Then (I think after the first verse, trying to remember…) Mike and Danny switch. Then Mike and Scott switch. You’ll be able to tell by the crowd noise. Epicness. Also the end of that second set is insane.

  21. jdub Says:

    A blue morning in CT, glad to hear you enjoyed last nigh Gdad. Wish I could make it tonight for one more thumping. Knowing yours and Kaya’s propensity for the bane I’m sure you had another one on deck ready to go. Toad’s security was non existant. Always a fun to come home baned to the babysitter. I had to drive our sitter home after TAB, a bit awkward considering I stunk the stank. Time to put some jazz on and cut some wood, enjoy the day!

    Looking forward to hearing how our elder statesman threw down last night. Any Trey sightings?

  22. Gavinsdad Says:

    Wife out of town = 12/30/97 bag at volume during breakfast with the kids (see what u missed Mitch? Heh)

  23. Robear Says:

    To the wook that pulled a face plant, 1st song, 2nd verse at the Bill Graham:

    “You sir, are a waste of a ticket”

    Just think, fromthetub could have been there taking pictures.

  24. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    Right! Forgot that was at the TLA and not the nitrous factory. TLA is a nice room. Haven’t been there myself in years. The chieftains sit-in sounds cool.

    Nothing like a rainy day. Could either be nice and relaxing before the bass assault tonight or uber productive round the house… not sure which way this one’s gonna go for me

  25. (Formally Known As) BrandonKayda Says:

    Good morning BB

    How was Phil’s 70th? Curious to hear how that show was.

    Downloaded the Rams Head Mike Gordon show…im pretty sure there’s a 21min Jones, unless the Jones->Swamp Music was put into one track.

    Watched set I of 4.3.98 this morning, really great stuff.

    Anyways, just checkin’ in, we’re supposed to get like 4 inches of rain this weekend, so I am looking forward to watching Season 5 of Lost and staying on here.

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