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The Final Season


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  1. bob Says:

    @ Miner
    Locke is taking about backgammon. Watch it here:
    There’s more going on in that scene than a simple game.

  2. Billy88 Says:

    I noticed that the black smoke always seems to manifest itself into the person that the observer has the most conflict in there lives….
    Echo-Demy Ben-Alex Jack-Christian maybe the JohnL/Sawyer-Mr. Sawyer(who was killed by Sawyer) And that the incarnates never seem to react like there original characters should be???

  3. joe Says:

    I like the entertainment weekly recaps, but they take longer to get through and are even more confusing than the actual show itself.

  4. The Light Between Says:

    For the first time this season, I won’t be able to catch LOST when it airs tomorrow. For those into Phish/LOST comparisons, I now have to try not to find out what happened until I can watch it on Hulu.
    Kind of like trying not to see the setlist until I can hear Miner’s no-spoilers download the next morning (which never actually happens.)

  5. famousmockingbird tim Says:

    dudes, sorry to drop a bomb like this, but AARON IS SMOKEY.

    last episode wasn’t all for nothing. the part where flocke tells kate about how he has mommy issues and now how aaron has a crazy mother is setting the stage for what will be one more colossal shift in the show’s story line and over all chronology. consider the following:

    1. why do we still not know smokey’s real name?

    2. remember in season 1 all the hubub about if claire doesn’t raise the baby very bad things will happen?

    3. why did claire wander off in the end of season 3 abandoning aaron? this in one of the most significant and annoying loose threads in the story line. it seems to me, since there is no reasonable explanation, that she was lead off, possibly by christian, who we can only assume was smokey in christian form (as he has taken to the dead bodies of many other on the island).

    4. finally, consider the implications of smokey, leading claire astray, away from aaron, being the agent of his own demise or misery. this parallels the story line of eloise hawking- how she raised her son to be a scientist because she knew he would travel through time and come back to that earlier point where she would have to shoot him as a grown man. Is it any coincidence that we get Charlotte thrown into this episode?

    No, it’s not. Aaron will become smokey, mark my words.

  6. RobD Says:

    Mock, last season I would say you are F’n nuts. Now, I think you are really onto something. Maybe on something too.

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