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  1. cwc Says:

    Was it just me or was that somewhat lackluster? Guess I was thinking more about upcoming tour than lost. Maybe I will rewatch.

  2. The Sloth Says:

    I like this episode. But after the new preview, the bar for next week has been set high.

  3. cwc Says:

    I try to not watch the previews. That way I can go in with no spoilers or any expectations.

  4. lyleismo Says:

    The episode itself wasn’t bad, but the ending probably left me the least on the tips of my toes of any episode in a long time.

  5. Billy88 Says:

    I agree that episode was weak, and i think that looking forward to Richard’s episode is needed after that. Did anyone else hear the Mib clicking noise when Sawyer reached Haydra Island? The Kate and Claire interaction was interesting only because it showed Sayid and Mib reactions.

  6. Lycanthropist Says:

    yeh this was one of those transistional episodes

    wasnt terrible but it wasnt all that great either

    i thought it was pretty funny how overdramatic they tried to make the LOST moment. Like it was such a huge twist that Sawyer was going to use the sub rather than the plane.

    I mean come on… 🙂

  7. cwc Says:

    One thing that I realized last night, although very obvious. It must have been the under the direction of Jacob that the others were building the runway for the Ajira flight.

    My wife and I were both saying “punch it, punch it” when he was standing in front of the mirror. She told me she read on another site that everyone has looked at themselves in a mirror in the flash sideways.

  8. Lycanthropist Says:

    most everyones reflection has been seen one way or the other…

    only a few have actually contemplated themselves in the mirror I think though.

    something I noticed that I think may put Mr. C’s concerns at ease was Sawyer’s line, “God has nothing to do with it.”

    This could possibly be the writers quelling some concern that this is yet another Christ story. What do you think Mr. C? You think they were consciously addressing these concerns?

  9. Chonz Says:

    Yeah, I raelly need to watch this again, becuase my mind kept running over Summer Tour and I know I spaced on a lot.

  10. HoJo Says:

    I noticed the “God has nothing to do with it” line as well. That was my favorite part of the episode. Definitely the writers making a statement.

  11. bright light Says:

    I took the point of the god line to be less purely religious and more putting Sawyer in the “free will” camp (as opposed to destiny/fate/strings being pulled by a higher power). He feels he’s in control of his actions, so he’s going to do what he’s always done – play everyone to get what he wants.

    Was Sawyer’s reaction to seeing Kate in the alt-world one of recognition from having met her before, or just excitement for having tackled a pretty lady? As I think about it, he probably saw her on the flight back from Australia a few days earlier, right? Should be interesting to see where that goes…

    Nice to see Charlotte back in the mix. And my guess is that Widmore has Mr. Echo locked in the closet 🙂

  12. HoJo Says:

    Sawyer saw her in the elevator escaping w/ handcuffs on. He let her run and now we know that he’s a cop!

  13. bright light Says:

    oh yeah! totally forgot about that. thanks for the refresher.

  14. HoJo Says:

    No prob. Now the question is…why did he let her go in the first place?

  15. The Light Between Says:

    Yeah kind of a blah episode for me. It’s always kind of weird when things are only advancing on a physical plane, instead of a spiritual or metaphysical, or whatever it is we have become used to on LOST. Instead it was more like — go to that island, ok, great, now find older Tina Fey, cool, now come back. Ok cool. And how are you gonna get away? An old sub? Woah, trippy.
    Next week’s Richard episode will offer a lot I’m sure, but last night’s seemed like they did a Sawyer one because it was time for them to do a Sawyer one. Sometimes focusing an episode on one person can backfire a little in my book….

  16. The Light Between Says:

    Oh, and
    @ HoJo, I think he didn’t arrest her at the airport because he wasn’t supposed to be there, and didn’t want to answer a bunch of questions to his department and/or Miles.

  17. Mr.Miner Says:


    There is A LOT to this episode actually.

  18. HoJo Says:

    Wow! Talk about going deep w/ the show… I love the layers… 8:42 on the clock in Sawyer’s room? I also really like the Fisher King theory… Good stufff!

  19. sgt pepper Says:

    hehe older tina fey, i totally picked up that vibe from the sub girl too

  20. Mr. Completely Says:

    I liked the episode a lot. Not an obvious OMG WTF mindblower but very good. The MiB/Kate chat was super interesting. The initial reveal that Sawyer was a cop and Miles his partner was fantastic – all it needed was a theme song and logo (“LaFleur!”) and it’d be a solid buddy-cop show on its own 😮

  21. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    Miles could fit right in to an episode of Barney Miller with his one-liners too.

  22. bright light Says:

    I got the feeling that the MiB was trying to convince Kate to kill Claire (just like what he did with Ben). Not exactly sure why he would want that, but that was the vibe I picked up. And man did Claire freek me out, esp. when she held Kate’s hand.

    My first thought when the MiB talked about his mom was that he is Farraday’s brother. Not sure why though…

    And for some reason I really loved it when the MiB said “Well, nobody’s perfect” when Kate called him out on being dead.

    On the whole, I also enjoyed this episode a lot. Good to see Sawyer’s maturation in the alt-world, and I like how everyone is getting hooked back up there.

  23. Mr.Miner Says:

    My first thought when the MiB talked about his mom was that he is Farraday’s brother. Not sure why though…

    ^ or Faraday. I read this theory on another site….i don’t really follow, but dude seems convinced…OR that MiB is Aaron, and his allusion to his crazy mother was Claire….I don’t buy either…but one thing i read that i DO think may be true is that Jacob/MiB are two sides of the SAME entity.

    In the pilot, when they crashed Locke said to Walt something like “There are two sides to everything. A black and a white, a light and a dark.” I believe he was holding up an othello piece or something of the sort….I think the writers knew from episode one what this smoke/jacob thing was….

  24. Mr.Miner Says:

    Sawyer in the ALT world is his opposite of who he was in reality….same as Ben….something happens later in this season to redeem all the characters and give them new life?? But Kate still seems on the run as we saw last night when Sawyer accosted her. Do you think it was implied that Sawyer recognized her or was that not implied. Also, the whole Anthony Cooper saga in the ALT world was a big overlap of timelines….pretty cool…everything is beginning to blend, but where is Juliet? are we supposed to assume that Sawyer never met her in ALT world, or is she supposed to have died when jughead exploded in BOTH realities, leaving Sawyer alone and loveless?

  25. The Light Between Says:

    @ Miner: I just restarted watching the first season two days ago, to see if I could pick up anything in the first episodes.
    A couple things: in the fourth episode, I think, Jack stumbles across the bodies in the cave, which he is led to by Christian (Jacob?) One of the bodies has a white and a black stone in his pocket.
    In the fifth episode, Kate, Charlie, and Locke are boar hunting when the smoke monster comes on them. Locke is left alone with the monster, and later says he saw nothing. Shortly after, he says he knows exactly where to find Jack (hanging from a cliff after chasing Christian.)
    I need to keep watching to hesh all this out, but it would appear that MiB/Flocke/whatever might have had a relationship from the get-go.
    As I said, I’m still working this out, and it’s been years since I’ve seen the first episodes, but if anyone can help me work this out, I’m all ears.

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