Weekend Nuggets: March Madness


The Madness of March

In honor of the NCAA tournament, this edition of Weekend Nuggets features all facets from the month of March. These two shows provide a snapshot of Phish 365 days apart, on 3.12.92 and 3.12.93. You can hear the development of the band over the year as they prepared to shred apart America during an extensive Summer ’93 tour. Enjoy these as a soundtrack to some of this weekend’s second round games!


3.12.92 The Flynn Theatre, Burlington, VT < Torrent

3.12.92 The Flynn Theatre, Burlington, VT < Megaupload

I. Runaway Jim, Foam, Sparkle, Stash, I Didn’t Know, Reba, Buried Alive, Rift, Magilla, Llama, You Enjoy Myself

II: Golgi Apparatus, Tweezer, Eliza, It’s Ice, Bouncing Around the Room, The Squirming Coil, Uncle Pen, David Bowie*, Cold as Ice > Cracklin’ RosieCold as Ice, My Sweet One, Cavern

E: Sweet Adeline, Weigh, Tweezer Reprise

*Intro included Squirming Coil, It’s Ice, Eliza, Tweezer, Golgi, and YEM teases

Source: AKG 414


3.12.93 Dobson Arena, Vail, CO SBD < Torrent

3.12.93 Dobson Arena, Vail, CO SBD < Megaupload

Vail, Colorado

I: Buried Alive, Poor Heart, Cavern, Possum, Guelah Papyrus, Rift, Stash, Fluffhead, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, David Bowie

II: AC/DC Bag, My Friend, My Friend, Axilla, Sparkle, You Enjoy Myself, Mound, Big Ball Jam, Chalk Dust Torture, Hold Your Head Up > Lengthwise > Hold Your Head Up, Harry Hood, Golgi Apparatus

E: Sweet Adeline, Carolina, Rocky Top

Source: SBD


Jam of the Weekend: This Weekend in Phish History

Run Like an Antelope” 3.20.92 I


Split Open and Melt” 3.21.93 I


Tweezer” 3.21.93 II




“Sanity > Wilson” 3.8.09 I

“Tube” 3.8.09 I (In retrospect, one of the the year’s top versions.)


492 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: March Madness”

  1. Worthless Swampy Fool Says:

    “A massive overhaul of any multi-billion dollar industry should probably not be attempted in times of economic uncertainty, imho.”


    Re: edibles

    About the only way I do it anymore. Firecrackers beat brownies for us. You can make 1,2,3 at time and make different strengths for different folks. Gotta watch out though cause they can be a lot stronger and last longer than puffin. Gotta do a test dose at home first to get the amount right. Wife doesn’t like to smoke either, much prefers the effects of eating.

    Also to state the obvious: Miami BOTT is soooo tasty

  2. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Best thing about edibles is no worries about smuggling nugs, spliffs, glass, etc.. into show. Eat a cookie on the way in…presto

  3. Worthless Swampy Fool Says:

    I really think we are the brink of regulation and taxation of herb. Every public opinion poll that comes out seems to have more and more people in favor.

  4. Worthless Swampy Fool Says:

    Yeah Palmer so much more convenient to travel with. We went to disney with the free volunteer tickets this year and it was a blast with a couple firecrackers.

  5. Foul_Domain Says:

    Whats a firecracker?

  6. Mr.Palmer Says:

    ‘The Pacific”- HBO series on WWII is on now too. I watched last weeks first episode i liked it alot. If your into that stuff.

  7. Gavinsdad Says:

    @worthless: define “firecrackers” for this layman? From time to time I find myself way out of the loop on this board.

  8. Peaches_En_Regalia Says:

    Happy happy oh my friend
    Blow out candles once again
    Leave the presents all inside
    Take my hand and let´s take a ride

    Backwards down the number line
    You were eight and I was nine
    Do you know what happened then
    Do you know why we´re still friends

    Laughing all these many years
    We´ve pushed through hardships tasted tears
    We made a promise one to keep
    I can still recite it in my sleep

    Every time a birthday comes
    Call your friend and sing a song
    Or whisper it in to his ears
    Or write it down just don´t miss a year

    You decide what it contains
    How long it goes
    But this remains
    The only rule is it begins
    Happy happy oh my friend

    You decide what it contains
    How long it goes
    But this remains
    The only rule is it begins

    And all my friends come
    Backwards down the number line

    All my friends come
    Backwards down the number line

    All my friends come
    Backwards down the number line

    All my friends

    You decide what it contains
    How long it goes
    But this remains
    The only rule is it begins
    Happy happy oh my friend

    You decide what it contains
    How long it goes
    But this remains
    The only rule is it begins

    And all my friends come
    Backwards down the number line

  9. Worthless Swampy Fool Says:

    grahm cracker, peanut butter, bane. wrap in foil, bake. Eat. Not sure how detailed I should get. I can email specifics if anyone wants them.

  10. KWL Says:

    rocking Darien ’00.

    prepare for lift off.

  11. ChefBradford Says:

    Pebble toads are awesome!

  12. BingosBrother Says:

    yo swampy : d u m b o lives AT netzero.com
    made em last week, no results. what happened?

  13. gus Says:

    the only hartford show i’d be trying for is thursday night

    should i request tickets, or wait for the onsale? maybe i’ll do both.

    and also, i’m gonna try for both nights at jones beach, but i assume tickets will be difficult since it’s tour closer. what approach should i take for these?

  14. Worthless Swampy Fool Says:

    Bingo – email sent.

  15. Mr.Palmer Says:

    gus- my advice is always to try PTBM. Let the chips fall where they may. This place is a great resource for seeking extras and trading tix as well. good luck.

  16. cal Says:

    Wow, I’ve only ever heard the term “firecracker” from one other person before…kinda thought he made it up until now!

    I’m a lightweight, knocked on my ass too hard a couple times with baked goods, nothing serious but made the shows less enjoyable than they could’ve been.

  17. Mr. Completely Says:

    corporations are worse than the government

    you bet your ass

    if there was a third choice I’d take it, but corporations are the fucking enemy of humanity and giving them control over health care is evil and crazy

    only thing worse than corporations is organized religion – evil incarnate

    my $0.02

  18. Worthless Swampy Fool Says:

    @cal- yeah, getting knocked on your ass is a real possibility. Highly recommend anyone making edibles to try your recipe at home first to get the levels right before taking it out and about.

  19. albert walker Says:

    corporations can be brougth down and defeated

    once a government takes hold of something it does not give it back

    let’s hope this turns out good
    it will not go back no matter what happens

    I have my doubts on our government accomplishing anything

    we are assuming this can’t get much worse but I’m not sure
    let’s hope you are all right

    just my .02c

    laterz ya’ll

  20. neemor Says:

    Hope you guys can see this:


  21. neemor Says:

    If you guys can open that link:
    Go to the link that says: “Profile Pictures”

    Great shot of Cactus about to bust a beer bottle over Scott’s dome.

  22. Foul_Domain Says:

    ok, I finally give up…

    What does ‘llfa’ mean?

    Go ahead – call me a noob. I can take it.

  23. Mr. Completely Says:


  24. neemor Says:

    Funniest shite ever:


  25. neemor Says:


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