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  1. Mr.Miner Says:

    I think that the “candidates” are all there for specific purposes, but that there really is only one actual candidate: Jack.

    ^ I agree. In the end, it will be Jack who is in charge of keeping MILocke on the Island…the whole show boils down to fate vs. free will / Jack v. Locke (with 180% philosophical role reversal from season 1)

  2. Mr.Miner Says:

    @Week. no.

  3. HoJo Says:

    @Type III: Thanks for the Latin lesson. Knowledge is power!

    What I would like to see is more of the connection between the Jacob/MIB story and the Dharma initiative. How are they connected: ie how did they find the island? Did Jacob bring them there? Were they candidates? …the hatch, the numbers keeping the hatch from imploding. They may have explained some of this but its been so long and so much has changed since the first couple seasons. What was the Dharma initiatives purpose via the MIB?

  4. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    the whole show boils down to fate vs. free will

    I think this is accurate, but in your mind who represents fate and who represents free will between Jacob and MiB?

    I really think that up until this point they wanted us all to believe that Jacob represents fate and MiB free will but last night’s episode kind of turns that notion on its head.

    Jacob clearly wants people to choose to do good, going so far as to institute Ricardo as the “Mouth of Jacob” so that he (Jacob) is not directly influencing their decisions. MiB, on the other hand, believes that given the choice everyone will eventually do evil which is in effect a form of fatalism, right?

  5. HoJo Says:

    also… first episode of the season w/ no sideways reality scenes.

  6. Wilson8or Says:

    @type III: I think you got it right. Their positions had role reversals after last night. MIB thinks that by promising these people anything they want, that they’ll do whatever he wants. He’s banking on Fate.

    However, I also think that Jacob has always had that element of free will on his side. I think that he always knew it’s up to the candidates to act on their own; but the candidates have always felt an element of fate with the plane crash, going back to LA, re-crashing, etc. Now they are starting to realize it’s their choice, but that the choice is now a matter of life and death. (Back to fate?) I’m going in circles!

  7. Wilson8or Says:

    @HOJO: Amen! I think the Dharma involvement is, in general, lacking explanation. After last night we now know that Alvar Hanso, who started the Dharma initiative, is the great whatever son of Captain Hanso of the Black Rock. I assume he found out about it through that ship log, then found the island. (Which is why widmore bid on that ship log a few seasons back)
    Remember: We didn’t land on Black Rock. Black Rock landed on us!

  8. cwc Says:

    With the island as the cork, does the sunken island mean the cork has been removed and evil has escaped? No end of mankind in the flash sideways.

    Didn’t someone on here predict the last scene would be jack and MIB/Locke on the island talking about how they wanted to kill each other.

  9. Wilson8or Says:

    @CWC: I think someone did. I think it was Lycanthropist. I’m actually surprised he hasn’t posted anything today!

    And I think that the sideways’ flashes may somehow represent that world in which MIB is escaped. Sort of a “Wool over their eyes” world ala Matrix.

  10. Snigglebeach Says:

    I think folks are reading to much into the Bible references last night.

    The reason MIB told Ricardus he was in hell, because it was the easiest way to manipulate him. He was obviously a very religious man. And when we see Isabella, clearly MIB. Just really a quick con. There only seems to be one entity that is being held prisoner on the island, MIB. every one else is free to leave (if they can figure out how).

    I have to rewatch now to see what else jumps out.

    The scene with the wine bottle and the cork. i think i will be reading many a theory on that. Classic writing, telling us something while leaving so much left to be speculized.

  11. Mr.Miner Says:

    The reason MIB told Ricardus he was in hell, because it was the easiest way to manipulate him. He was obviously a very religious man. And when we see Isabella, clearly MIB. Just really a quick con.

    ^ agreed s.beach

  12. Wilson8or Says:

    Something that needs clarity: Does Hurley seeing Isabella imply that he’s seeing smokey, or does he see dead people’s actual spirits? I think it’s the latter, but you never know with this show! It also makes you wonder about MIB/Flocke seeing the ghost jacob (and sawyer seeing him). Was that him leaking a fake spirit that was on his conscience, or was it jacob’s ghost actually showing up? (Assuming the little boy was Jacob…because we definitely found out it wasn’t Richard)

  13. Aldo Says:

    I also think the latter.

    The MiB used to be able to turn into dead people (Ilana said Locke can’t do this anymore) and have them seen to everyone.

    Hurley actually sees them.

  14. bob Says:

    I think Hurley saw the actual spirit of Isabella. Ilana said earlier this season that Smokey is now “stuck” as Locke.

  15. jay Says:

    All the Christian allegories are ours. It’s how many of us as humans try and explain the unexplainable. It’s also a means of control. This show is not about judeo-Christian belief systems (good vs evil etc.) It’s about Fate and free will. The only mention of the devil and god are from devout Christians in this episode (mostly Ricardo) and the entities (MiB and jacob) as a means of control.

  16. Mr.Miner Says:

    I believe that when Richard saw Isabella on the Black Rock she was was DEF the smoke monster…all part of MiB’s manipulation of Richard…..he promises him he will see her wife again.

  17. Mr.Miner Says:

    Yet, at the end, Isabella didn’t “appear” to anyone…Hurley can communicate with the dead, so then I believe he was communing with her real spirit

  18. Wilson8or Says:

    Good point, Jay. I bet the Lost writers laugh and laugh (and fall apart) over the “deeper meaning” guesses by their fans.

    Miner: I agree, but I’m just wondering about the MIB seeing the little boy ghost, and what that means.

    Tangent: How great would it be if they opened an episode with Ghost playing in the background? Or better yet: Trey’s digital loops going on in the background anytime a ghost appears

  19. Snigglebeach Says:


    That would have to be when Horace Goodspeed drops by his sons hospital smoking a doobie blasting some Phish in his VW bus in a flash-sideways

  20. Aldo Says:

    I always wanted to hear some 1970s Phish

  21. Mr.Miner Says:


  22. Wilson8or Says:

    @Sniggs: that sounds like something I’D like to do!

    @Miner: I was waiting for Doc Jenssen to post his review. Excellent!

    here’s a cool site, too:


  23. Snigglebeach Says:

    Oh yeah,

    And wasn’t Illana supposed to be protecting Hugo???

    Nobody noticed the 350 lb curly haired guy left the the beach?? she is the worst protector ever.

  24. ohhphee Says:

    Afternoon gents! Just thought I’d share an earworm moment with you all.

    I can’t get the lyrics to “Shafty” out of my head after watching last night’s episode.

    “The terrible thing about Hell….”

    Now, I don’t think the island is actually Hell, but that song seemed so fitting, nonetheless.

    “You’ll just go on an oblivious fool…”

    Great episode!

  25. Aquaman Says:


    Big statement I know. But it seemed to tie up so much for me.

    Jack has got to be the new CORK in the Wine Bottle. He just needs to decide to be the cork.



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