A Thursday In March

Red Rocks '09 (Photo:Jeff Kravitz)


Jam of the Day:

Split Open and Melt” 7.3.94 II

Some Summer ’94 face-meltage from Old Orchard Beach’s July “4th” celebration.




8.2.98 Deer Creek, Noblesville, IN < Torrent

8.2.98 Deer Creek, Noblesville, IN < Megaupload

Deer Creek (Unknown)

Continuing our virtual tour of this summer’s sheds, here we have the first night of Deer Creek ’98. This show is undoubtedly highlighted by the second set segment, “Ghost > Lifeboy, Bowie.”

I: Roggae, The Divided Sky, The Horse > Silent in the Morning,  Boogie On Reggae Woman, Reba, Weigh, Too Much of Everything, Birds of a Feather

II: Possum, Ghost > Lifeboy, David Bowie, I Get a Kick Out of You*, Loving Cup

E: Harry Hood, Bittersweet Motel


Source: Schoeps CMC641 > Lunatec V2 > Apogee AD-1000 > D7 @ 48kHz

735 Responses to “A Thursday In March”

  1. Willowed Says:

    Hey KB,
    Thanks for the QU props. I jumped in late so I don’t have time to recap. If anyone is looking to pursue a Master’s Degree, drop me a line.
    jonathan dot bailey at quinnipiac dot edu

  2. Willowed Says:

    I meant KP
    I must have KB on the brain, mmmmmmm Kind Bud

  3. Mr. Completely Says:

    for awhile when the business I’m in was bottoming out I actually started on a radiology track, got through all the pre-reqs and was getting ready to apply to the programs when I got the job I have now

    great field to be in I think

    nothing but growth, interesting work and you help people out

    some of those programs are pretty competitive…

    I’m real happy I got this job, but I would have been happy that way too I think

  4. Mr. Completely Says:

    its funny as hell reading kenny talk all health care professional with that fuckin avatar he’s got

  5. voopa Says:

    Mr C

    Chris Haugen news

    The server at the drive-thru today? Her hair was a bird! I was speechless…

  6. Mr. Completely Says:

    huh yeah

    Chris has played with that TLG guy some before


  7. (Formally Known As) BrandonKayda Says:

    Hey BB

    Happy Birthday Lycan!!!!

    What’s up with y’all?

  8. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    Maybe I misread, but if you stayed at the hilton garden in saratoga springs you were closer to the venue than the downtowner. Maybe you were at the hampton inn downtown?
    I was at a wedding there last weekend and stayed at the hilton garden. Closest to venue would be the gideon putnam which is in the park but I think it is super spendy what with the springs and baths and what not.

  9. Lycanthropist Says:

    hey BK

    bout to crack open the bottle of tequila!

  10. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    Good Stuff I hope Birthday Boy!

  11. Lycanthropist Says:


    my wife placed in her Art Show that opened today!

    just wanna give her some props!

  12. (Formally Known As) BrandonKayda Says:

    Lycan – hit me up

    did you hear about the Phish 3d release? Looking forward to it

  13. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    I had xrays on my left toe, well the whole foot/ankle array.

    The techs were hotties.

  14. neemor Says:

    I agree with this statement:

    ” Peyote is a spiritual medicine. It can bring us in touch with the God within us, our Heavenly Father and our Earthly Mother. Peyote puts us in balance again with the Earth underneath our feet… Peyote is a plant sacrament. It is a plant teacher. It is a way of life. Our time in these bodies is brief. When we eat the Peyote we experience time and eternity, and it is from that vantage that, the next day, we can live our life in a very positive and non-trivial way, realizing that this day could be the last and everyone around us is our brother and sister and we need each other.”
    —Rabbi Matthew S. Kent

    Well done.
    So, who’s coming with me?

  15. Mr.Palmer Says:

    @TIII- your right i think. I stayed at another Hilton resort, not the garden Inn. I think the downtowner is only a couple miles away. The one i stayed at last year was much further

  16. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    it is a neat place, that is for certain

  17. sumodie Says:

    Let’s hope it opens at IMAX…

    Re: Phish 3D

    IMO, an all digital theater is the way to go. I’ve been disappointed at each Hollywood film I’ve seen on the giant screen (last Batman and Avatar 3D). Not sure if there’s an all digital IMAX out there…..

  18. sumodie Says:

    The Navajo family I was staying with during the summer of ’93 gave me two tablespoons of powdered peyote to cure my unending Montezuma’s revenge. Several hours later I was back to normal. Wouldn’t say it heals everything of course.

  19. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    was it in the middle of town off of the main drag (Broadway)? newer hotel? that would be the Hampton which is the same company.

    I know a bit about Saratoga because my sister lives there and my wife’s good friend (the one who got married) lived there for a number of years after college working for Skidmore College. Unfortunately, we won’t be around for the shows this year but it may mean we can catch Camden instead.

  20. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    I’d say this article sheds a little light as to why the Phish 3D movie price is so high…

  21. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Could be TIII, i’m probably just confused, wouldn’t be the 1st time. Last year my friends did all the legwork. I just showed up and did my thing. Thats why i don’t remember well. Not sure why i had Hilton in my head.

  22. SillyWilly Says:

    Howdy, all.

    hope everyone’s day is going well.

    So, I hopped on the blackboard in October, so I have been on here for 6 mos. more or less. Thats 1/56th of my life.

    I think to say you guys are my favorite pass time.

  23. Lycanthropist Says:

    howdy Silly

    let me know when that package gets there…

  24. Mr. Completely Says:

    “I think to say you guys are my favorite pass time.”

    appreciate the compliment man, but you really need to spend more time with your GF if that’s true 😮

    just sayin’

  25. SillyWilly Says:

    For sure, Lycan.

    Our spring break is starting tomorrow and I might not be able to check for a few days, but I’ll let you know.

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