A Thursday In March

Red Rocks '09 (Photo:Jeff Kravitz)


Jam of the Day:

Split Open and Melt” 7.3.94 II

Some Summer ’94 face-meltage from Old Orchard Beach’s July “4th” celebration.




8.2.98 Deer Creek, Noblesville, IN < Torrent

8.2.98 Deer Creek, Noblesville, IN < Megaupload

Deer Creek (Unknown)

Continuing our virtual tour of this summer’s sheds, here we have the first night of Deer Creek ’98. This show is undoubtedly highlighted by the second set segment, “Ghost > Lifeboy, Bowie.”

I: Roggae, The Divided Sky, The Horse > Silent in the Morning,  Boogie On Reggae Woman, Reba, Weigh, Too Much of Everything, Birds of a Feather

II: Possum, Ghost > Lifeboy, David Bowie, I Get a Kick Out of You*, Loving Cup

E: Harry Hood, Bittersweet Motel


Source: Schoeps CMC641 > Lunatec V2 > Apogee AD-1000 > D7 @ 48kHz

735 Responses to “A Thursday In March”

  1. marcoesq Says:

    “The Gamehendge Backwards Down the Tela-lope” show?? I heard about that sheet

  2. halcyon Says:

    Chuck D…

    The Movie Tavern in Aurora is playing the 3d movie….full dining and full service bar for movies shown there.


  3. zzyzx Says:

    It’s reached the point where I saw the list of preview theatres and thought it was the full list. I’ll believe this isn’t showing in the northwest at this point 😉

    20 years ago yesterday, btw, was one of the best jams I ever saw the Dead do, the Mind Left Body jam out of Terrapin from the Knickerbocker Arena. If you have Dozing at the Knick, check out the drum roll at 4:29. I love that and actually prefer my audience tape to some degree because it’s muted on the board.

  4. SillyWilly Says:


    I think I found the article online.

    You forgot to mention they played the entire Rift and YEM>Tweezer>YEM>Tweezer Reprise Vocal Jam>YEM

  5. neemor Says:

    Holy friking Melt!
    Face-melt is a good way to describe it!

    Say, that’s a funny word:
    de – scribe.

  6. KWL Says:

    what up y’all?

    thanks for the trailer link. looking forward to that one, even though I probably can’t make it up to Denver on 4/20.

    wonder if i can score a hetty goo ball on theater lot?

  7. Stupendous Says:

    Love that DOZIN second set….for a while that was the only thing I’d go to bed listening to. That MLB Jam is beautiful. I Agree, very hot moment from the latter Dead days… Love that Drums too!

  8. neemor Says:

    Good call, zzyzx…the jam out of Terrapin is a classic.
    I’ll have to check back on the drum-roll.

    Facebook buddy?

  9. SillyWilly Says:


    I thought the same thing about Liam Neeson

    when I wrote about it I was listening to the song he was narrating.

    and when I saw the Chieftains in Milwaukee they made it sound like he was more prevalent.

    bummer. sorry, for the false sense of excitement.

  10. halcyon Says:


    It’s Denver…..you probably will score a hetty goo ball

  11. carleethian Says:

    Hey, is there a non-torrent source for the Big Cypress FOB auds that Miner was talking about yesterday?

  12. EL Duderino Says:


  13. Kaveh Says:

    Thanks El Dude…I got myself that 12.31.99 last night too, along with the sweet ’74 Dead show. Thanks for sharing those links.

  14. lastwaltzer Says:

    so im hearing the chicago screening is actually at the rosemont theater. I see on the rosemont website there is movie theater and the actual theater, wonder what the deal is.

  15. halcyon Says:

    Have a great day friends. Computer is about to die, and we are off for coffee and breakfast.

  16. lastwaltzer Says:

    @silly no worries, the music was really good I just need more time to digest it.

  17. Chuck D Says:

    halycon, i think I’ve been there before with my mother… did you find a list of theaters showing the Phish movie?

    As far as Denver munchables go, I prefer the Cheesecake Lady to h3tty goo balls any day.

  18. Mr. Completely Says:

    Catching that whole Knick run was a highlight of my tour life

    The spring ’90 run as a whole was the best tour back to front that I did and the Knick was the peak of the run

    running through a ton of 20th anniversaries of shows I loved this spring…

    25th anniversary of my first show was last weekend…I was only 15 but still, holy crap


    big thanks going out to Verno and Gavinsdad today…you know what you did…much love to both of you

  19. lastwaltzer Says:

    Preview Screening Locations:

    National Amusements Revere Revere, MA
    Majestic 10 Williston, VT
    Rave Motion Pictures 18, Los Angeles, CA
    Aurora Movie Tavern 10, Aurora, CO
    Rosemont Theatre, Rosemont, IL
    Wynnsong 15, Durham, NC
    Pavilion Theatre, Brooklyn, NY
    Studio Movie Grill, Houston, TX
    Fairfax Corner 14, Fairfax, VA

  20. Mr.Miner Says:

    Question about the audio archive – I see that today’s show is not listed. Are all the downloads of the day eventually included in the audio archive or no? I had been assuming it was automatic that if you posted something it’d be in the archive but I guess it’s a manual add? Thanks.

    ^^ its a manual add. I am about 3 months behind moving them over. Will have to take a day or two off of posting to get em all in there. They will get there…..eventually.

    And fwiw, downloading from the archive doesn’t cost me per/download…..pretty much a free service

  21. Corey Says:


    The information that many seek…

  22. halcyon Says:

    Chuck D….

    Is that the Cheesecake lady that hangs out at Broken Arrow, Quixote’s, and Cervantes? Scored something tasty from this lady a few years ago…don’t bane often, and it sent me into a trace that night

    Don’t know any times for certain….We might miss it if its in the evening. We are supposed to go to The Avetts in Boulder that night…We’ll see

  23. voopa Says:

    I still get spam from putting my all of my full email addys on the Phil & Friends 4/15/99 review I posted back in the day. *brilliant*

  24. Stupendous Says:

    Wait –
    is the screener the whole movie or an extended trailer?

  25. lastwaltzer Says:

    i would imagine its the real deal hoylfeild

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